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World News

Tsipras Government could propose the idea of a Swiss Marshall Plan -

US-led NATO protection? More like US-led NATO protection racket.

At least EU citizens now start to get the picture on who their enemy is: TROIKA

President Putin speaks softly.

Peter Koenig – on behalf of The Delphi Initiative

So, who is rattling sabres here? Obviously, the NATO alliance is on a dangerous, threatening roll toward Russia’s borders.

G1 plus junior partners? Bilderberg? Get a job; you’re not the only show in town, any town.

Obama spouts stupid propaganda stuff that is ultimately damaging to the American Republic.

The view from London and Washington and New York is we have to go to war...

We are showing FIFA the red card...

Beijing and Washington are not mere ships passing each other in the South China Sea – they are the two countries vying to play the commanding role in Asia.

The blocked document included a plan to establish a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East.

There is probably a combination of factors.

The UK's dysfunctional democracy has enabled a mere 37% of voters to give Cameron a clear majority of seats.

The British people have given the Zionist tool Cameron another 5 years