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World News

The Obama administration continues to drag its feet on releasing U.S. intelligence evidence on who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 six months ago

How many insults does the European Union expect Russia to bear without consequences?

A true friend of Israel should be able to send a message about what Australians think.

Poor Tim Willcox, now terrorised for doing a professional job at the Paris anti-terror march.

With the flip of a coin, it seems, all this grave anti-Russian bombast is suddenly redundant, with the US-led NATO alliance, through its European civilian cypher Stoltenberg, apparently stretching out the hand of co-operation to Russia.

The State Department seems stuffed to the gunwales with people like him and the consequences are worrying.

"If Israel doesn't get onboard, and treat indigenous people with dignity and respect...ISRAEL will be crushed by the WEIGHT of humanity."

The prognosis for 2015 is not promising.…

So has the State Department anything intelligent to say? Apparently not.

The estimates are that the total value of the deals signed during President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India last week could work out to a whopping amount of a hundred billion dollars.

"They will always try to chain the bear," he said. "And once it's chained, they'll rip out its teeth and claws."

The mood in Tehran bazaar is “bullish”, according to New York Times, sensing that a deal with the US is in the works.

Putin has declared that he is highly satisfied with his visit and its results, while Modi has stated that the summit had reinforced his conviction in the extraordinary value and strength of the India-Russia partnership.

Contrary to the spin, the American handlers didn’t underestimate anything. Baghdadi and his future IS role went to plan.

The heart of the matter is that Russia is the big stumbling block in the way of the US’ global hegemony.