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World News

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Kiev and the rebels to do whatever they can to resolve the issue without loss of life.

Putin has gotten Crimea back and Ukraine is in confusion.

Sooner or later European politicians will have to wake up and smell the coffee; the notion of a German-French-Russian pan-European peace/trade partnership is way more popular than reflected in failed corporate media.

Many questions remain, such as the status of autonomy in the eastern Donbas region and will the Kiev forces honour this truce unlike previous ones?

Germany, France and even American lapdog ally Britain have all voiced opposition to sending more military hardware to Ukraine, fearful that such a move would escalate the conflict and antagonize Russia into a wider war.

The most dangerous violation of journalistic principles has occurred in the Ukraine crisis, which has the potential of a nuclear war.

The Europeans seem to be waking up to the fact that they stand to lose far more than Washington if the latter’s agenda for escalating violence in Ukraine continues.

America’s neocons might have some explaining to do about why they have carried water not just for the Israelis but for Israel’s de facto allies in Saudi Arabia.

Russia is being placed under intense aggressive pressure – and all based on total propaganda.

The Saudi House of Cards has a lot of wild cards in play in regard to its power structure. And, uncomfortably for the West, this comes at a time when conflicts across the Middle East – due in large part to Western-backed Saudi machinations - are on the boil.

The Obama administration continues to drag its feet on releasing U.S. intelligence evidence on who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 six months ago

How many insults does the European Union expect Russia to bear without consequences?

A true friend of Israel should be able to send a message about what Australians think.

Poor Tim Willcox, now terrorised for doing a professional job at the Paris anti-terror march.

With the flip of a coin, it seems, all this grave anti-Russian bombast is suddenly redundant, with the US-led NATO alliance, through its European civilian cypher Stoltenberg, apparently stretching out the hand of co-operation to Russia.