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World News

China’s immensely ambitious New Silk Road project will keep intersecting with the Russia-led Eurasia Economic Union (EEC).

It is not hard to imagine how the Western-dominated IAEA could very well write unhelpful reports over the next three months — and indeed years...

Intentional chaos or preserving Western global dominance?

This idea that we can run an Empire with military threats, missiles, and economic sanctions is a fallacy.

Left politics will be lost for an entire generation, at least in Brazil, France and Greece.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reprimand last week to Japanese leaders to «face up to their wartime past» had an ironic twist that went scarcely noticed. The irony is that it is the German leader who actually stands accused of not facing up to her country’s wartime past.

Russia can perceive, rightly, the continuum of aggression.

Berlin and the rest of Europe need to move fast to underpin diplomacy with Russia and to head off Washington’s death-wish plunge into the abyss.

The gross interference by Washington in Britain’s forthcoming election on the vital issue of budgetary priorities ...

China concentrating on itself is now as important as China spreading its tentacles across the world.

U.S. AID apparently found nothing suspicious about these tangled business relationships...

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Kiev and the rebels to do whatever they can to resolve the issue without loss of life.

Putin has gotten Crimea back and Ukraine is in confusion.

Sooner or later European politicians will have to wake up and smell the coffee; the notion of a German-French-Russian pan-European peace/trade partnership is way more popular than reflected in failed corporate media.

Many questions remain, such as the status of autonomy in the eastern Donbas region and will the Kiev forces honour this truce unlike previous ones?