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World News

Just as much of Europe is stagnant German economic ties with Asia are growing rapidly. Eventually politcs has to catch up with economics

Obama’s decision to provoke China on multiple fronts reflects the overwhelming influence of the militarist power configurations in Washington: the Pentagon, the NSA and the Zionist –militarist ideologues.

There are high hopes that Corbyn, who is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, vice-chair of CND and national chairman of the Stop the War Coalition, will eventually break Britain out of the cycle of servitude to US neo-con and Zionist diktats.

Once again, the West - displaying trademark cultural/historical insensitivity - has blown it.

Latest polls give Corbyn as much as 57% of first preference votes – miles ahead of his nearest rival, Andy Burnham.

The Masters of the Universe seem to believe that the “pivot to Asia” won’t work if Iran is not part, as a vassal state, of the imperial design for Southwest Asia.

Dear Reader, this is as far as we have fallen since the ascent of neoliberalism in the last twenty-some years. No ethics, no moral, no law, just coercion for greed and ultimate hegemony – enslavement of the people while and after they are lulled and dulled with lies 24/7.

Obama is having to tread carefully while engaging with African leaders – because his “tough love” cuts both ways.

Here is a recent snapshot of the disturbing trend.

By signing a memorandum of agreement, Tsipras offered the vultures of Europe, Washington and Wall Street a sell-out of his country.

Tsipras Government could propose the idea of a Swiss Marshall Plan -

US-led NATO protection? More like US-led NATO protection racket.

At least EU citizens now start to get the picture on who their enemy is: TROIKA

President Putin speaks softly.

Peter Koenig – on behalf of The Delphi Initiative