The truth is Washington and its European allies have no real alternative to resurrect their economies or that of the world.

When up against an irrational, arrogant bully, the only language he understands is in-your-face force.

Kiev’s incorrigible lying always leads eventually to the truth.

All in all, the Republican dominance emerging this week in Congress spells a hardening of Washington’s foreign policy – or, more accurately, an even more reckless American militarism riding roughshod over diplomacy and international law.

More fundamentally, therefore, the plain truth is that Delhi should put its house in order first. Our strategic discourses regarding regional politics are hopelessly pedestrian, especially the rubbish churned out by the pundits associated with the BJP — be it as Vietnam being the centre of the universe or Bibi being a world class leader descended from Mars.

President Obama should call our country’s history of supporting insurgents abroad for what it is:U.S.-backed terrorism.

Absent from the War against the Islamic State: Israel’s Status as an American Ally and the Example It Provides for U.S. Foreign Policy

"Ukraine needs a government that will think how the nation should regain unity. It needs a government to guarantee an equal status to all Ukrainian citizens irrespective of the language they speak and political convictions they have."-- Sergey Lavrov

Despite some erosion of support, most electoral results indicate that the region’s leftist evolution over the past 15 years is being validated, not repudiated.

And the loser is…neoliberalism...Unlike the US and Europe, neoliberalism in Brazil has been repeatedly knocked out at the ballot box since 2002, when Lula was first elected President.

China and India are backing a 21 country $100 billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to challenge to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

Brand exposes corrupt governments, corporations, media and even delving into 9/11 WTC B7 being a controlled demolition which he writes about in his book.

Over two thousand Brazilian political activists, intellectuals, people of art and culture signed a manifest on October 26 highlighting the hostile actions of Washington aimed at prevention of Dilma Rousseff election victory.

Washington is even more circumspect than Brussels on the matter of providing hard cash to Kiev, as opposed to lots of hot-air promises of nebulous aid. One gets the feeling that the Western sponsors know full well that this regime is a basket case. Nevertheless, these Western sponsors are liable for the basket case that they created.

Prior to his departure from Moscow, Putin made some scathing references to the US policies toward Russia calling them “blackmail” and warning that the global “strategic stability” will be imperiled unless the West made amends.