Israeli-Palestine Conflict

Israeli-Palestine Conflict

One day after a U.S. congressional committee voted to send more U.S. tax dollars to bolster Israel’s Iron Dome shield, four Palestinian boys were killed on an open beach by Israeli shelling from a naval ship offshore.

The reality is that the Israeli regime has just given itself carte blanche to step up its genocide against the Palestinians - just as it was threatening to do so.

Waving placards which read ‘Gaza: End the Siege’ and ‘Freedom for Palestine’, demonstrators chanted and blocked the road as they protested against ‘Israeli aggression’ in the Middle East.

Norman Finkelstein: There'll be peace and tranquility in the land of Israel when Israel negotiates a settlement of the conflict according to International Law.

Algerian World Cup team has decided to donate their team prize money of $9 million to the people of Gaza, revealed striker Islam Slimani.

Here is an article of interest written by the award winning Israeli journalist Gideon Levy and published in the Israeli daily Haaretz. I think that the three young Israelis should be released in exchange for the 600 or so Palestinian youth that are being held captive by Israel.

France’s Foreign Ministry says West Bank settlements, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights are built on occupied land, which is illegal according to international law.

After staging a violent raid on RT's office and other media organizations in Ramallah, the Israeli Defense Forces have been asked to provide an explanation. But their vague and inconsistent response has raised more questions than it answers.

The Israel/Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is pleased to announce that the plenary of the 221st General Assembly has voted 310 to 303 to divest from three US companies that profit from Israel's military occupation of Palestinian lands.

All three powers call on international community to support Fatah-Hamas unity government, breaking ranks from Israel.

Legitimacy. It is what Syrians are seeking to establish with these elections, and what their adversaries are trying hard to deny.

He seemed so humble and compassionate, and his warm and sweet smile as I shook hands with him almost inspired me to give him a hug.

Those in the West who hesitate to boycott Israeli universities and academic institutions for fear of being accused of de-legitimizing Israel, need only remember this. The Israelis have no respect for other people's right to education and, in the Palestinians' case, do everything to obstruct it. They have de-legitimized themselves.

ECCP: The EU must …avoid contributing to Israeli violations of international law.

The Legion’s stance is in stark contrast to that of other veterans’ organizations. The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Disabled American Vets, The Retired Officers Association, and other veterans’ groups have placed wreaths on the Liberty graves at Arlington National Cemetery; the Legion has been conspicuously absent.[10] The VFW has at least seven resolutions on its books calling for an investigation of the attack, the most recent passed in July 2013.[11] The Legion has none.