Israeli-Palestine Conflict

Israeli-Palestine Conflict

We are showing FIFA the red card...

The blocked document included a plan to establish a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East.

Intentional chaos or preserving Western global dominance?

China concentrating on itself is now as important as China spreading its tentacles across the world.

The blood of the thousands of Palestinians who have been killed by the so-called Israel Defence Forces since the beginning of the siege of Gaza, stains the hands of each and every politician who has done nothing to censure Israel for this cruel and illegal act of virtual imprisonment...

American leadership and its allies, lackey leaders are not doing anything to help Palestinians.

It's time. Long past time. The best strategy to end the increasingly bloody occupation is for Israel to become the target of the kind of global movement that put an end to apartheid in South Africa

One day after a U.S. congressional committee voted to send more U.S. tax dollars to bolster Israel’s Iron Dome shield, four Palestinian boys were killed on an open beach by Israeli shelling from a naval ship offshore.

The reality is that the Israeli regime has just given itself carte blanche to step up its genocide against the Palestinians - just as it was threatening to do so.

Waving placards which read ‘Gaza: End the Siege’ and ‘Freedom for Palestine’, demonstrators chanted and blocked the road as they protested against ‘Israeli aggression’ in the Middle East.

Norman Finkelstein: There'll be peace and tranquility in the land of Israel when Israel negotiates a settlement of the conflict according to International Law.

Algerian World Cup team has decided to donate their team prize money of $9 million to the people of Gaza, revealed striker Islam Slimani.

Here is an article of interest written by the award winning Israeli journalist Gideon Levy and published in the Israeli daily Haaretz. I think that the three young Israelis should be released in exchange for the 600 or so Palestinian youth that are being held captive by Israel.

France’s Foreign Ministry says West Bank settlements, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights are built on occupied land, which is illegal according to international law.

After staging a violent raid on RT's office and other media organizations in Ramallah, the Israeli Defense Forces have been asked to provide an explanation. But their vague and inconsistent response has raised more questions than it answers.