Get ready, because the thick of the action starts now.

Sinophobia? Not really; hardcore geopolitics.

Is there the danger he will surround himself with neocons like Obama did?

A reflection of how disconnected the political class are from their own people.

How Putin’s example might inspire Trump

by Peter Lavelle RT Shows - Crosstalk Explosive mix – when sports are used as a political tool. Also, why is Vladimir Putin being dragged into the...

Putsch in Kiev on Feb. 22, 2014, “really the most blatant coup in history.”

Brexit is a game-changing event. Now Euro-sceptics all over Europe has got fresh wind in their sails.

Brexit may be a death knell for the European Union, yet ultimately a saving grace for the European people.

How US foreign policy is now a political football.

So the die is cast. We will know for sure by the time there’s a new US President — and arguably a new, unelected Brazilian President — in early 2017.

In Washington’s view, any country with an independent policy is outside Washington’s umbrella and, therefore, is a threat.

On the surface there may be talk about ceasefires and political solutions, but make no mistake the jihadist mercenaries and the neo-Nazi Kiev regime are nonetheless American military assets ever-poised to attack Russia’s geo-strategic interests.

The United States is for all intents and purposes a plutocracy, run by the money-mullahs of finance capitalism.

End NATO Now. Before it’s too late.