Foreign Policy & Israeli Lobby

Foreign Policy & Israeli Lobby

When it comes to foreign policy it makes little difference which political party controls the Congress.

Ray McGovern was arrested while attempting to attend an event featuring former CIA head General David Petraeus, former right-wing Center for a New American Security president Lt. Col. John Nagl, and neocon foreign policy commentator Max Boot.

We must degrade the empire to rebuild the republic. We must turn from intervening against democracy abroad to building a democratic welfare republic at home.

To discover the deepest truth of the JFK assassination, one has to tear up not one, but many lies stacked on top of each other.

I have no regrets - in fact, I am pleased to have expelled the US ambassador. Now, without a US ambassador, there is less conspiracy, and more political stability and social stability. Without the International Monetary Fund, we are better off economically.

It is only Iran that could provide that non-existent political element kickstarting a political settlement in Syria — not Turkey, not Saudi Arabia, not even Russia. The recent Iranian statements at different levels of leadership (Irna, FNA) would suggest that Tehran is positioning itself to play such a role in Syria.

No wonder Obama warned his war council in Washington that this would be a «long campaign». For the arsonists have become the fireman, the poachers have become gamekeepers, and the deluded have become the therapists.

The long overdue visit to Kiev this week by Victoria Nuland – Washington’s Ukraine hawk – carries the foreboding imprimatur of US-backed war escalation.

The United States’ airstrikes in Syria often target militants with “no military value” and actually aim at the country’s infrastructure, says a US Marine Corps veteran.

Which is “the cancer of violent extremism”--ISIS which cut off the heads of four journalists, or Washington which has bombed seven countries in the 21st century murdering hundreds of thousands of civilians and displacing millions?

US officials who are loyal to Israel should be put on trial for treason by the American people – Mike Harris

The question is this: are these shocking executions, with their highly stylised graphic videos, being used to manipulate public consent for Western military intervention in Syria? In that case, ISIS is not acting in some apparent rogue fashion, turning on its Western intelligence masters, but rather it is obeying orders as usual as part of a macabre charade to facilitate Western military intervention.

An informed visitor from another planet who listened to Obama would scratch his head and say, “Has the president not heard about the occupied and oppressed Palestinians and their long struggle for freedom, justice and dignity?”

I would suggest that this organization is a fraud being perpetrated on the innocent who rely on “self-proclaimed” ministers of the church, allegedly “Christian institutions,” to deceitfully support a nation that has undertaken genocide against the people of Gaza as the above statistics demonstrate.

Is her Atlantic interview her second pro-war stumble that could derail her 2016 road to the White House the way her 2003 Iraq pro-war vote helped Obama defeat her…