Foreign Policy & Israeli Lobby

Foreign Policy & Israeli Lobby

Bill Kristol and John McCain have replaced Robert Novak and Pat Buchanan in Republican foreign policy influence.

The April 10 conference “The Israel Lobby: Is It Good for the US?

With the facades gone, Americans must decide if they will embrace this apartheid system or not...

Newly-elected Senator Cotton and neocon leader Bill Kristol are now doing the work of AIPAC...

AIPAC is only one part of the octopus like Israel Lobby but it might well be regarded as the most effective component.

It turns out that Jewish establishment behavior can be just as nauseating as that of the Rockefeller establishment in its day.

Some members may decide to put principal over politics...

For Netanyahu, the specter of Iran and its nuclear program has been central to this political strategy.

“Do not seek the treasure. It's an ambush.”

The Disraeli case is illuminating because the questions raised about him are the same as those that arise today on the relationship between the United States and the Zionist network, questions which divide even the most respected observers.

The US has kept mum about this issue for several years.

The slickly made video begs a few questions. Who produces IS’s videos for them?

Washington’s primacy in the relationship with both the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships is unraveling at astonishing speed.

Truth cannot prevail so long as the Neocon-Zionist clique which usurped the Bush administration and instigated the calamitous ‘war of civilizations’ by way of monstrous lies and deceit is running the show in Washington and other epicenters of power that effectively dominate the world at the present time.