Afghanistan War

Afghanistan War

US accusations are like Pot calling the Kettle black, or like the aggressor who accuses its intended victim of aggression.

Another thing Donald Trump and Dr Paul Craig Roberts have in common - they are both former “insiders” who turned against the Establishment...

The resolution is a sign of the “political degradation” of the western “idea of democracy” - Putin

WE, YOUR Brothers and Sisters of “Veterans For Trump/Veterans For America” SALUTE YOU and THANK YOU For Your Service from a Grateful Nation.

It is a green light for a coup d’état by the Deep State forces who found that they could not win through the “normal” rigging methods.

Boo! Boo! Boo! But that power of deception is no longer working.

"This incident does not have the hallmarks of a military coup. It's almost like a mutiny."

Hopefully, a result of the Brexit will be the breakup of the European Union and NATO

In both countries there is anger about immigration and lingering fury about the financial crisis.

Post-Brexit realities and challenges

Britain’s exit from EU deals a body blow to the US’ trans-Atlantic leadership.

The Iraq war has brought the issue of impeachment back to life.

The Iraq debacle, the ten-year futile crusade in Afghanistan, and the Libyan disaster have discredited the neoconservatives and their dogma of perpetual war.

For the Mideast, this is not the time to pick the ‘devil we know.’ We know how that story ends every single time: destabilization, chaos, terrorism.

A national dispersal scheme for unaccompanied child asylum seekers in Britain is to get under way in July...