Hagee’s mega church has contributed tens of millions of dollars to Israeli and Zionist causes including paying for the immigrations of Russians of “dubious” Jewish origin.

This spring and summer there will be national governing conferences in which United Methodists and Presbyterians will debate what position those official church bodies will vote on whether or not church investments should be used to support Israel’s Occupation.

Not all is doom and gloom here in the UK. The North Norfolk Railway (Poppy Line) put on its Spring Steam Gala last weekend and a good time was had by young and old.

Now is the first day of a new beginning. Each one – Reach One- Each One – Teach One

The secret file, written by the Soviet Ambassador in Cairo, Vladimir M. Vinogradov describes the 1973 October War as a collusive enterprise between US, Egyptian and Israeli leaders, orchestrated by Henry Kissinger.

On March 24, Canada’s New Democratic Party will do more than elect a new leader; it will face a test of character.

“Both Judaism and Islam proceeded from the same fundamental premise, influenced by the same tribal culture and practically followed the same orthodox pattern”

Anyone unmoved by that isn’t human. No one could write it who didn’t experience war’s horrors firsthand, and scream Say NO! Say NO! No More.

Current news from Spain, France, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, England, the Malvinas and several other parts of the planet are serious and all foretell political and economic disaster due to the foolhardiness of the United States and its allies.

What are the big stories in the Arab world today?

The Murdoch papers are carrying a new version of the bin Laden saga. This one contains much of the fiction of the last 25, leaving out much as well.

“Who’s going to object to referring to the Sunni insurgency in post-war Iraq as yet another attack by al-Qaeda?” by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

The kairos moment places a demand not only on Christians, but on people of other religions or no religions, to pay attention to the message that Israeli occupation is “oppression” in the same way South African apartheid and Latin American economic oppression of the poor were oppressive. by James M. Wall

Mr. Foxman, your assertion that criticism of Israel is by definition a manifestation of anti-Semitism, is Zionist propaganda nonsense for a blackmail purpose, the purpose being to silence criticism and prevent informed and honest debate about Israel’s policies and actions. by Alan Hart

It is obviously NOT anti-Semitism, even though they have always called it that and, for decades it has successfully stilled a lot of legitimate criticism of Israel’s policies.