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Exclusive Videos

Could Trump redefine the presidency?

“It’s all fake news. It’s phony stuff. It didn’t happen, and it was gotten by opponents of ours, as you know..."

The US as a nation should now move past the NeoCon era, the warmonger era, and US politicians should start treating their counterparts in other nations with fairness and respect, if they expect to be treated with respect.

This is a video on NEWS FABRiCATiON and also about the powers that REALLY run the big media. It is no secret.

I am open minded... I'm somebody that gets it...other countries are eating our lunch...the great American people have been forgotten...millions of people have given up looking for work... I understand our country - Donald J Trump

President-elect Trump has outsmarted all the "Fake News' Political pundits in the Media.

This is a new era challenging the mainstream media 'fake news' narrative.

President-elect Donald Trump says he wants to improve relations with Russia.

The greater the battle the greater the victory - Bill Mitchell

To the Press. You all know in your heart, why Donald Trump won the Republican Nomination? You know it.

A historical milestone need not come at the expense of America.

Stephen Cohen, discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and those who call him “unpatriotic” for having a different viewpoint on US-Russia relations.

Even some of Putin’s harshest critics at home and abroard admit Russia’s military mission has been a success.

Is Turkey turning itself into a global pariah?

Obama administration announced new online initiatives to bolster its foreign policy narratives and as a means to counter others, for example, this network, RT.