The Chinese know the future belongs to them, and they are beginning to flaunt it.

China concentrating on itself is now as important as China spreading its tentacles across the world.

Just what is China buying with all these stealthy USD-denominated liquidations, and how much gold does the PBOC really have as of this moment.

For every dollar the US spends in the IMF, four dollars are leveraged from other members...

An internationalized yuan established as a global reserve currency implies a "market-determined" exchange rate policy.

So why is this happening?

When even the staunchest stooges of empire seek alliances in the East, the writing is on the wall, that the economic winds are shifting, that a tectonic sea-change is in the offing and that the Iran nuclear deal, one way or another, doesn’t really matter in the foreseeable future.

The latest threats from Syriza to the EU don't bode well for Europe. But, how long before the potential outfall spreads across the world?

The whole point is to inflict as much pain as possible, so Putin has no choice but to hand over Syria.

China is one of the world’s largest oil buyers. Nearly 60 percent of its oil consumption comes from imports.

Billion, Five Guilty of Market Rigging

The reality of London's delusional calling is like getting hit by high-speed train.

To corral China and Russia (and Iran) is a massive undertaking for a country that is financially busted. With wars and bankster bailouts, Bush and Obama have doubled the US national debt while failing to address the disintegration of the US economy and rising hardships of US citizens.

The public subsidies provided to miners, loggers, and ranchers are as extravagant and as harmful to the public interest as the subsidies that the Federal Reserve and Treasury provide to the "banks too big to fail."