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MCS wishes to acknowledge the generous support for its contributors, its goals and objectives by the following blogs and websites.

We are delighted to see our material used widely.

MCS would also like to extend its thanks and appreciation to the Opinion editors of Khaleej Times, Arab News, Middle East Online, Press Tv, Al Jazeera Magazine, Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad, Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth, Phil Tourney’s The Liberty Hour and all the solidarity groups and individual activists, who have been cooperating and working hard for a just peace in the region.

Australians for Palestine seeks to dispel the myths and disinformation about Palestine in Australia by actively engaging with the media, academic institutions, Federal and State Parliaments, governmental bodies, NGOs, and the community at large. It seeks to communicate the Palestinian narrative from a historical perspective, as well as through the current political developments impacting on Palestinians wherever they are, the Middle East region, and the world at large. Australians for Palestine is committed to using media production and distribution and public relations as a tool for promoting Palestinian social justice issues in Australia. It is our goal to give voice to those issues falsely and/or not represented in the mainstream media or by our parliamentary representatives. Hence, its mission is to generate true and constructive alternatives to the current biases that have been allowed to dominate in Australian society.

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Sabbah Report is a pro-Peace international news website and aggregated blog founded by Haitham Sabbah, featuring various news sources and columnists.

The site offers coverage of politics, media, business, Middle East, Palestine, Israel, Zionism, world news, and is a top destination for news, blogs, and original content related to Middle East conflict. Sabbah Report was launched in 1999, It is highly regarded as a commentary outlet and alternative to conservative news websites.

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Salem-News.com exists to recreate and redesignate the way news is interpreted and delivered in the United States and beyond. Working with a large list of both contributing writers and allied blogs and Websites, Salem-News.com’s goal is to deliver the most unfiltered and honest information possible. We believe that it is far more important to give a voice to writers in places like Iran, than to hear the biased reports on the nightly news that historically always favor Israel’s oppressive politics toward Palestinian people, millions of whom survive in refugee camps and in concentration camp settings, denied almost everything that a human being needs to exist. We believe that the root of all of the world’s problems is found in this particular Mideast conflict.Salem-News.com covers world, national and local news; the team consists of writers that specialize in areas like environmental contamination, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, government corruption, medical marijuana and GM foods, just to name a few examples. We even have two poets and a writer who studies and photographs birds in Patagonia, Argentina. By working with allied sites like MyCatBirdSeat.com and Intifada-Palestine.com, Salem-News remains very fresh and diverse. Writers in places like Vietnam, England, Turkey, Palestine, Iran and many more nations, are the framework of Salem-News.com.

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As you are aware, we are now in the fight of our lives with Mainstream Media and their Corporate Zionist owners and controllers, to bring you the truth about the Palestine-Israeli conflict.

The goal is to provide a solid Alternative platform to dissect, highlight and broadcast all stories of Palestinian global resistance movements, and struggles for freedom and justice in the Occupied Palestine territories and also those complicit in the crimes against the Palestinian people, that are underplayed or ignored by Mainstream Media. We cover US-Middle East foreign policy issues and the on-going wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Intifada Palestine has also begun to trend series of themed articles and exclusive Op-Ed’s from our prominent contributors from around the world who dedicate their time to providing readers with further insights into the workings of the Zionists, AIPAC and the Israel Lobbies in the US and other countries often hidden by the main stream media.

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Veterans Today is the only independent, unaligned voice of its kind in America, accepting no financial support from any organization or individual.Spanning the political spectrum, we support the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. We believe the majority of the members of our government, elected and appointed including our Supreme Court, currently serve agendas absent loyalty to the American people and the Constitution.

Veterans Today (VT) is the voice of the Veterans Today Network, over 60 sites serving the U.S. Military-Veterans Community.

VT’s writers and editors are veterans or proven veterans’ advocates.

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Opinion Maker is hosted by me, Raja Mujtaba. It was launched in 2007, when the Pakistan newspapers in Pakistan found it difficult to publish my dissenting voice. The objective of Opinion Maker is the most urgent regional task to find “a just solution” to the decades-old AFPAK- US-ISRAEL-INDO conflict and confront the US-Israeli-Indo collaboration in the ongoing conflict, in an international framework.

Opinion Maker aims to create an awareness and reflect on the above mentioned issues and provide a platform for those voices of conscience, calling for a just peace around the world.

Opinon Maker is not affiliated to any political party or organization. It is solely owned and financed by me, Raja Mujtaba.

Our tag line is Foresight with Insight and Where truth is the News and the readers are the opinion makers.

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www.countercurrents.org is an alternative news site. “We bring out what the mainstream media fails to tell you, or hides from you. These are the things that really matter. The things which may determine the fate of planet earth! The future of our children! In a word, the survival of the species!”

Countercurrents.org stands for peace and justice. Our sympathies are with all those who are engaged in struggles for economic, political, social, cultural, gender, environmental justice and more….

This is a non profit and educational initiative.


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This is a blog charting the influence of the powerful Israeli Lobby in American domestic and foreign policy, public life and the election process, and American military interventions overseas since the end of World War II.

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Redress Information & Analysis is an independent, privately-funded, non-profit-making website dedicated to exposing injustice, disinformation and bigotry, and to providing thought-provoking interpretations of current affairs.”Our modus operandi is international solidarity: it is only by standing shoulder to shoulder with like-minded progressive activists the world over will any of us stand any chance of achieving our goals. From Palestine to Latin America, our struggle is one and our enemies are often the same enemies, albeit in different guises. We therefore salute My Catbird Seat and its owner, Debbie Menon, whose tireless, selfless dedication and determination are unparalleled.”

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We are Italian, Irish, Canadian, Greek, Tunisian, German, Australian, American, English, Scottish, Danish, Israeli, and Palestinian. We are of all ages and backgrounds. We have years of experience volunteering in Gaza and the West Bank at the invitation of Palestinians. But now, because of the increasing stranglehold of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, many of us find it almost impossible to enter Gaza, and an increasing number have been refused entry to Israel and the West Bank as well.

We want to break the siege of Gaza. We want to raise international awareness about the prison-like closure of the Gaza Strip and pressure the international community to review its sanctions policy and end its support for continued Israeli occupation. We want to uphold Palestine’s right to welcome internationals as visitors, human rights observers, humanitarian aid workers, journalists, or otherwise.

We have not and will not ask for Israel’s permission. It is our intent to overcome this brutal siege through civil resistance and non-violent direct action, and establish a permanent sea lane between Gaza and the rest of the world.

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The mission of If Americans Knew is to inform and educate the American public on issues of major significance that are unreported, underreported, or misreported in the American media.It is our belief that when Americans know the facts on a subject, they will, in the final analysis, act in accordance with morality, justice, and the best interests of their nation, and of the world. With insufficient information, or distorted information, they may do the precise opposite.

It is the mission of If Americans Knew to ensure that this does not happen – that the information on which Americans base their actions is complete, accurate, and undistorted by conscious or unconscious bias, by lies of either commission or omission, or by pressures exerted by powerful special interest groups. It is our goal to supply the information essential to those responsible for the actions of the strongest nation on earth – the American people.

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The mission of AF Press is simple: to dig out nuggets of truth from the slag-heap of lies, ignorance and witless diversion that has buried public discourse today. AF Press provides a new venue for disseminating hard news and insightful, fact-based analysis of the harsh realities too often ignored or distorted by the mainstream press.

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Contains articles about a number of conspiracies, with a focus on the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and the ensuing “War on Terrorism”.

WRH creed: America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third.

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people.

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This site is devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and is read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, “greens,” and independents alike, as well as many on the Right who agree with our opposition to imperialism. Our initial project was to fight against intervention in the Balkans under the Clinton presidency. We applied the same principles to Clinton’s campaigns in Haiti and Kosovo and bombings of Sudan and Afghanistan. Our politics are libertarian: our opposition to war is rooted in Randolph Bourne’s concept that “War is the health of the State.” With every war, America has made a “great leap” into statism, and as Bourne emphasized, “it is during war that one best understands the nature of that institution [the State].” At its core, that nature includes an ever increasing threat to individual liberty and the centralization of political power.

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Uprooted Palestinians holds the tragedy of Palestine, the dispossessing of Palestinians of their own ancestry’s land dear at its heart.Through our collection of articles, visual media and poetry we aim to keep the Palestinian issue alive, give clear understanding of what happened and still happening in Palestine, and to help draw a strategy of liberation of Palestine.

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Alarabonline.org is a London Sw2 5ua, United Kingdom-based website owned by Houni Ltd. The domain name alarabonline.org was first registered on January 05, 2002. This website has an estimated 1,043,900 monthly visits. According to Alexa, and has 429 external websites linking to it.Alarabonline is an English and Arabic News service. Alarab Online provides up-to-the-minute news, breaking news, and feature stories about the Middle East and North Africa. Also entertainment, business, science, technology and health news from around the world.

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Aletho News seeks to provide informative current news and analysis which challenges the establishment narrative without being tied to ideological preconceptions. There is no presumption of having preset answers or solutions for issues.

The editorial selection is heavily influenced by the recognition of media indoctrination campaigns. Information from international sources which undermines pro-war themes put forward by the Western press is featured.

It is not the intention of Aletho News to promote any particular moral tenets but rather to present less publicized facts and perspectives so that the reader may apply their own values and convictions to an issue on a more fully informed basis.

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This website does not suggest that it contains the “truth”. The truth is a combination of all information and all facts relating to a topic. It is therefore unachievable (in my opinion) for anyone to say “I know the truth.”If you came to this site in search of “the truth” you will be disappointed. That is also true of CNN, FOX , ABC etc. If you came to gather information you may find it a useful resource.

Gibran says in the “Prophet”  Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.”

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To inform the public about news and information, often missing from the corporate media.To provide people with a way of expressing their views publicly concerning issues that effect; the quality of life, our freedoms, and our environment. Some other areas of interest include: politics, human rights, economic, democratic, scientific, and social justice issues.

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Operating from San Francisco Bay Area, Payvand.com is dedicated to Iranian-American issues.Payvand’s mission is to open a window into Iran through which it can promote understanding, dialogue and peace and to counter mainstream media which has been offering a negative stereotype perspective of Iran over the last few decades.

Payvand also strives to promote through dissemination of information and critical analysis, social, economic, political and gender equality, freedom and democracy in Iran.

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Today’s wars are catalyzed with false beliefs, manipulated impressions and half-truths. On that battlefield (the shared field of consciousness), the power of association is often deployed as a weapon—either to accredit or to discredit. In either case, the goal is the same: to influence behavior inconsistent with the real facts.

Thus the first book in the Criminal State series is titled Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. Please read it. The only modern aspect of this manipulation is the technological means with which to wage war by way of deceit on a global scale.

Criminal State provides the “tools of perception” so that you can see for yourself “the people in between”—those between you and the facts. With those tools, you will see who is complicit in the criminality chronicled in this account. And you will understand why those responsible can only operate with impunity so long as their operations remain non-transparent.

– Jeff Gates

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While we would never expect anyone dropping by to believe in or support everything we say or post, we hope you come with an open mind, read what interests you, comment on what makes you passionate to do so, and affirm your own beliefs because you disagree with us. Don’t be like our aunt who blindly follows, that’s another story, just be our friend, even if you only agree with 10% of what is here. After all it may just be that 10% that gives us all we need to say we have something in common, and at least we can fight together for that.

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CNI seeks to encourage and promote a U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East that is consistent with American values, protects our national interests, and contributes to a just solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is CNI’s goal to restore a political environment in America in which voters and their elected officials are free from the undue influence and pressure of foreign countries and their partisans.

The Council for the National Interest Foundation (CNIF) is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides information and analysis on the Middle East, its relationship to the United States, and about policy formation regarding this region. Its primary focus is on Israel-Palestine.

– Alison Weir

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The Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) is a Washington-based nonprofit organization that studies US-Middle East policy formulation. Founded in 2002, the Institute became an independent private non-profit tax-exempt organization in 2003.
IRmep’s Center for Policy & Law Enforcement examines how balanced and vigorous law enforcement can improve trade, economic development and America’s international standing. IRmep’s Israel Lobby Archive documents and provides citizen access to initiatives of one of the key driving forces of policy formulation in the US political process.

– Grant F. Smith

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