Kaleidoscope of Power Games in the Middle-East

Kaleidoscope of Power Games in the Middle-East

So it is alright for the CIA to train anti- Assad terrorists, but not for Russia to fight them on behalf of a democratically elected leader of a sovereign country?


Stunning the Exceptional Nation – Lead-up to a US-Russia Proxi-War?

by Peter Koenig

Yesterday – 1 October – the New York Times reported that,

Russian aircraft carried out a bombing attack against Syrian opposition fighters on Wednesday, including at least one group trained by the CIA, eliciting angry protests from American officials and plunging the complex sectarian war there into dangerous new territory.” The article goes on in a silly state of surprise “American officials said the attack was not directed at the Islamic State but at other opposition groups fighting against the government of the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, whom Mr. Putin has vowed to support.”

So it is alright for the CIA to train anti- Assad terrorists, but not for Russia to fight them on behalf of a democratically elected leader of a sovereign country? – An election won some 15 months ago by President al-Assad by a landslide of almost 90% (88.7%), confirmed by a large delegation of international observers, representing more than 30 countries – obviously not Washington and its European puppets, who barked the election was a farce. Nobody barked at George Bush’s two farce elections, the results of which by now are proven were fraudulent and brought us the endless ‘war on terror’ – and so far an estimated 10 to 12 million deaths.

NEOCONED johnny come lately

How dare the Syrians elect a President whom a foreign nation – the US of A– wants to remove by it’s traditional ‘regime change’ approach for reasons of (US) ‘national security’ – what an outright BS! – It is no longer a secret that the PNAC (Plan for A New American Century) needs Syria to fall into equal disarray and chaos as did Iraq and Libya – and Sudan, Somalia, Central Africa; Lebanon and of course Iran – and on goes the list – for the ultimate goal: America’s absolute hegemony.

Western Powers and Iran Agree on a Nuclear Deal: Now the Political Drama Begins | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization
Western Powers and Iran Agree on a Nuclear Deal: Now the Political Drama Begins | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

The Iran nuclear ‘deal’ is a great achievement especially for Iran. No matter what Obama’s successor or a right-wing Israel influenced Congress will do with it, Iran has ‘reestablished’ itself in the international arena, even though there was effectively never a reason to accuse and sanction Iran for the pursuit of nuclear arms – which was never in her plans. Washington knows it very well, as it was reported in 2012 by the 15 most important US intelligence agencies; a fact of course, quickly silenced by the western media. The Iran nuclear arms threat was a mere monster-propaganda item to put Iran under pressure by sanctions and – what else – to provoke a ‘regime change’. It failed miserably.

An abrogation of the deal initiated by the United States in the face of the P5+1 agreement, would no doubt displease ever more of Washington’s fading group of ‘allies’ – let’s call them allies of fear. One day the fear will evaporate and convert into self-assertion and opposition. We can only hope that day will come soon. Every day lost on the way to empire’s demise claims thousands of lives by guns, bombs and weapons of mass destruction directly applied by the empire and NATO or supplied by it to its minions in the Middle East and Europe.Regardless of the ‘deal’ per se, an increasing number of fearless allies of Iran will eventually bring Iran back to where it belongs, into the world arena of free, respected and sovereign nations with strong social values for their people.

Back to the NYT article: What an almost unbelievably asinine arrogance it displays on behalf of the exceptional nation, even shamelessly admitting US interference in Syria by the CIA, long before Russia’s consideration to put an end to this atrocious and endless killing by American forces and its bowing servants.


What’s wrong with you guys at the NYT; with the MSM at large? – What is it that not even now, you the media, let alone Washington-Pentagon-NATO in their final throe scan cannot see the light – and join an effort of peace? Wouldn’t history be kinder when at least before the bitter end the empire would show some grace with a conscious effort to bring about a different world – one where people can trust each other again and where marriages of all races and creeds would re-emerge as happy family events?

Instead, as reported by Robert Parry, the Saudi air force was bombing last Monday a wedding party on Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, killing more than 130 people, including women and children. An event hardly reported on, just drowned by the steady rumbling of guns and bombs across a devastated Middle East. The Saudi’s acting with more than a tacit nod from Washington, rather as empire’s proxies, are massacring a population that has had enough of Washington imposed dictators over the last 40 years, wanting to choose as a sovereign nation their own sovereign government – which happens to be a moderate group of Moslems, the Houthis, a socially and religiously conscious movement of the 1990s, preaching tolerance and peace, eventually seeking more social justice by the Sana’a Government.  The White House sledge-hammer approach to democracy could indeed not tolerate a movement of independence – and that with a socialist leaning – in one of the most strategic locations of the Middle-East, the Gulf of Aden.

One surviving relative of the wedding party said, it was difficult to determine the exact number of dead because the bodies were blasted into so many bloody pieces. “I saw no body intact,” said the uncle of one of the victims.

Such abject slaughter is what Russia intends to avoid, first for Syria, and hopefully eventually for the entire Middle-East. Mr. Putin is not seeking ‘regime change’, nor expansion of territory, as western pundits would like you to believe, but stability in a part of the world that has suffered over the last sixty years endless atrocities at the bloody hands of the Anglo-Zionist empire.

Yes, it is also a region awash in energy- hydrocarbons that today’s world still depends on, and with neoliberal values, he who controls energy, controls the flows of money and ultimately the people – the world – and who shall live and who shall die.

obama-putin UN

When comparing Obama’s and Putin’s recent speeches before the UN General Assembly, it is sickening to listen to Obama’s pathetic almost pity invoking lies-upon- lies-upon lies which he must deliver by orders of his military corporate and Wall Street financial masters. By contrast President Putin laid down the hard facts. Without mentioning names referring to the’western colleagues’ interfering in other sovereign nations – Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq – to name just a few, creating chaos, devastating them to rubble, causing uncountable dead and misery; and ultimately responsible for the current flood of refugees – now used by the US-think-tankers (sic)  strategists as a weapon to destabilize Europe, to make it more vulnerable, moldable, easier to control and subdue – just in case one or the other of the puppet governments may wake up and change sides (http://www.globalresearch.ca/refugees-as-weapon-and-germany-shifting-alliances/5476544).

The NYT infers that it is OK for the exceptional nation to organize Color Revolutions, a euphemism for ‘regime change’, but not for Russia to help an ally to defend itself against proven US – Saudi – NATO armed, trained and financed ISIS/L – Daesh terrorists. – What planet are you living on?

70th session of the UN General Assembly.
70th session of the UN General Assembly.

Mr. Putin has clearly defined the two legal options to interfere in an independent sovereign country, (i) with a UN Security Council Mandate, or (ii) at the request of the official and legal Government.

The Syrian Government asked the Russian Federation for support against the foreign sustained terrorist insurgency.The Duma, Russian Parliament, gave green light to its government to help Syria fight against this western created terror, called at times ISIS/L or Daesh, al-Nusra or even Al Qaeda, you name it, whatever suits best the moment, when confusion is needed and shades of lesser or stronger terror are defined to justify US intervention. An intervention never, but never with the objective of bringing about peace and stop the killing, but always-always to produce chaos, disaster, destruction, massive death – and ultimately regime change – in the case of Syria to unseat the elected President Bashar al-Assad, who still today – after the western sponsored ‘civil war’ claimed more than 300,000 dead and more than 3 million refugees and mounting – enjoys a popularity among Syrians of more than 75%.

None of the western interferences meet the international criteria of legality, as defined by the Charter of the UN and cited by Mr. Putin – the request of an officially elected sovereign government, and / or the mandate of the UN Security Council. None, absolutely none, of the countless US war-mongering intrusions in sovereign contraries around the globe correspond to these principles.

Mr. Putin has called for an international coalition to join Russia to fight and eliminate the destructive and destabilizing terror forces that are threatening not only Syria, but the entire Middle-East, and make no mistake, ultimately these nefarious killing organizations may also threaten Russia, especially acting as well-armed and funded front-army for Washington. Nobody will blame Russia for defending her national interests.

The coalition so far includes Iraq, which hosts an international intelligence center, Iran, Syria and Russia – and lately, to the detriment of and as a serious set-back to the empire, it looks like China may also join the alliance to protect the region and stop the expansion of western-made atrocities carried out by the extremist Islamic State movements. Washington and its European vassals would, of course, never join an alliance that is bound to defend the livelihoods of populations of sovereign nations – and less so when the idea of such a coalition comes from and is led by Russia.

France’s Hollande supported Syrian rebels
France’s Hollande supported Syrian rebels

Enters the ultimate spineless non-character, France’s François Hollande, the epitome of Washington boot-licking. France’s air force is bombing Mr. Assad’s ground troops, so that the ‘moderates’ – aka, the different shades of the Islamic State, can advance towards Damascus. They may have a tough time. Mr. Putin has warned them – all the western ‘colleagues’- tobe careful and not to interfere in the paths of Russian fighter planes, lest to risk a clash among ‘colleagues’.

The kaleidoscope of shades looks at the outset like a mosaic of western and Mid-Eastern belligerent forces – all pursuing their own interests to the detriment of millions of lives and livelihoods – and all – Washington Gulf cronies, the European spineless marionettes, the hosts of NATO – with the ultimate goal to help the emperor achieve Full Spectrum Dominance, a buzz word of the PNAC – and maybe, just maybe earn a few kudos, some meager crumbs of the spoil, for having been good boys.

What becomes increasingly likely –as the western media’s mass propaganda aredemolishing Putin and his peace seeking mission – is the emergence of a proxy-war between the two super powers. The US needs war to sustain its economy, as it did before entering the two WWs. We can just hope that common sense and Mr. Putin’s wisdom will prevent Washington’s aggression from turning the world into rubble.

BRICS Nations – 2015
BRICS Nations – 2015

It may not happen. The Russia-China alliance, expanded by the other BRICS states (Brazil, India, South Africa) and the SCO nations (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) are demonstrating an alternative more peaceful co-habitation among sovereign countries. After all, they comprise at least half of the world’s population and about one third of our globe’s economic output – and their door is open for any country to join – not by force, but by free will – as the dawn on the eastern horizon demarks clearly a new socioeconomic and political future; a new all-encompassing Eastern Silk Road.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. 

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  1. Blind Freddie can see the game in progress here, pushed along and scripted by the unrepresentative swill that Obama has allowed himself to be surrounded by over his reign in the feckless management of the #1 terrorist country in the world today, the good old USA. “Regime change” heaven.
    Why? Why not says the neocons.
    Bait Obama to shirt-front Putin. The point is obvious to get Obama to escalate tensions in Ukraine and maybe start shooting down Russian planes in Syria.

    It is so obvious to anyone who even partially understands the mindset of Iraelis. They are driving it and Obama is dancing as always to their tune.
    Yes. What’s next, Bibi baby?

    Will Obama last to take his pension? I doubt it. Just look at the creative minds against him….MI6, Mossad, CIA, FBI, Republicans and who knows how many others. They got Kennedy. Then they had their well-planned Academy Award 9/11, lies in Ukraine, Jews under every rock, fifth columnists on every street corner, most on the national payroll as well the Israeli payroll to boot. Not even Mandrake could fight those odds.

    You’ve got nowhere to go. America. We all know you’ll make the wrong decision.
    You’ve made so many.