Clashes in London Ahead of Netanyahu’s Visit, 1000s Call for Bibi’s Arrest

Clashes in London Ahead of Netanyahu’s Visit, 1000s Call for Bibi’s Arrest

Punch-ups and arrests ahead of Netanyahu's visit to London

Protest rallies held over Israeli policies ahead of Israeli PM's visit to London

Punch-ups and arrests ahead of Netanyahu’s visit to London


Published on Sep 9, 2015

Pro-Palestine & pro-Israel supporters proved a handful for riot police at Whitehall ahead of Netanyahu’s visit.

Protest rallies held over Israeli Policies ahead of Israeli PM’s visit to London

Editor’s note : This video and song pays tribute to the incredible resilience and steadfastness of the Palestinians in their struggle for justice and end to apartheid and occupation of their homeland.

SOMEDAY by Finian Cunningham, political analyst, singer-songwriter, originally from Belfast Ireland.

Mix – Someday (Song for Palestine)


  1. Achtung JDL fuckers! Touch one single Human Being protesting against your leader’s war crimes and genocide against the Semitic people of Palestine, and The Gentile Defense League will engage you in a gun fight on the streets of London. We’re locked and loaded and ready to take you to the “other world” where you shall be judged and then sent into the Abyss. Bring it on and get ready to fucking die! The world is now going to adopt a NO-TOLERANCE policy against your little terrorist state. The end of Jewish power on this planet is about to come to a final end.

    • It occurred to me when I saw the Israeli revelers, drinks in hand, cameras ready, relaxing in lawn chairs and high fiving each other as they watched the last carnage taking place in Gaza, that they had no security concerns for their own safety from the Gaza rockets as Netanyahu declared was the rationale for his invasion and leveling of Palestinian homes, schools, mosques, water plants, electricity and all things that might make life livable. Yet toothless American Senators and gutless Congressmen run to the laps of AIPAC lobbyists sucking up to them as ordered while the rest of the people of the world look with anguish at the barbaric behavior of this best friend of the United States. The only justification is an inhumane one–we can destroy and we will. So much for principles and morals.

      How shameful that Americans must bear this corruption and deceit. Nothing justifies this repeated slaughter year after year of a defenseless people.

      At least Obama could have the decency to let this horror come to an end before the International courts and the Human Rights Council of the UN by abstaining and not continuing to mock justice with another veto.

      Maybe then America will regain its place on the world stage as an arbiter of peace and Obama will be remembered for a worthwhile act.

  2. There is probably no criminal more worthy of an indictment for war crimes that Netanyahu. The previous holder of this honour was Adolph Hitler.

    In the same class are Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld who knowingly sent thousands to their deaths to satisfy their lust for power and money. Still no sign of any indictment.
    They lied to their people. But of a more serious nature than even that, the people know it, took it and it is now the norm and this has resulted in what America, a once respected nations, is today. The people have had the chance to change this, but apathy reigns supreme in that corrupt climate, national pride now a thing of the past.

    All one has to do is look at the self-interests of the Republican candidates, their total subservience to a foreign state and the fact that once again the American public will be able to see corruption on a massive scale just to get an Israeli stooge into what was once the most important office in the world. Not any more.

    The alternative? Clinton? Worse, if that could be possible. A choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Whatever BRICS has to offer has got to be better that the corrupt, warmongering influence of the USA, worthy Constitutional principles out the window, never to return.

    No single act other than a visit to any country outside the borders of such a parasitic state as Israel has become could raise the ire of decent people. Possibly the most hated person on the planet, ever, Netanyahu will be at grave risk for every minute of every hour in the UK regardless of security arrangements. He also puts everyone else at risk as well.

    It does seem appropriate that such a visit is to the UK where he controls through his minions the UK Prime Minister, compromised like no other in history and the single cause of the social unrest that is destined to get seriously worse in the coming years. Such were the failings of Empire, a necessary result of the greatest mix of nationalities ever seen outside the migration to the USA before and after WWII. In the UK, the problem is worse and amplified by the likes of Agent Cameron and years of subservience to Zionist principles, lies and perhaps the now greatest example of the variations between rich and poor in the world. That should read between ‘ the privileged and the under-privileged’. They like to see it that way.

    Imagine a world without Israel

    How would we handle a peaceful world? The USA would see that it didn’t get to that, proven for years to be the second most devious state in history, next to Israel. What a pair!

  3. As an American, or what should more appropriately be referred to as ZOSA, the zionist occupied states of america, i’m trusting you brits can take care of satanyahoo yourselves.

    Because afterall, you guys allowed the israeli cancer to form and take root in 1947 by bailing out instead of securing the region.

    I just read where the sniveling little jew who carried the bomb into the king david hotel in 1947 which killed what 63 british officers was recently interviewed by british tv and actually bragged about it.


    Dont you guys want to avenge this brutal massacre?
    It’s exactly what jew israel did to us and the USS Liberty

  4. Debbie,

    This demonstration was the climax of public sentiment that was focused on Netanyahu’s visit by way of the Petition. Bibi will come to the U.N. in NYC in late September. There is now a US petition calling for his arrest. We would greatly appreciate if you can publicize.

    To succeed, there must be a concerted effort through Social Media: FB, Twitter, etc. Without the encouragement of social leaders like you, there is tremendous apathy toward these petitions. Perhaps they are only a symbolic gesture, but for minimal time and no money, a successful effort builds public awareness and unifies and strengthens its supporters.

    The advantage of an official White House petition is the promise of official recognition and response if the goal is met. Also, it will be archived in the public domain. 100,000 is a hefty goal for one month. It takes effort, and the kind of enthusiasm they had in Britain. Hopefully, this will culminate in a large demonstration in New York. FWIW, we must keep chipping away at this monster until we subdue it.

    Thank you for all your inspiring hard work of many years.


      • Matthew/Boston
        Sorry, I don’t know why that happened. Maybe this link will work for you-
        You can also google “We the People” to get the website. Then click to tab for “Open petitions”. Then click on “search” and you can type in “Netanyahu” to get tis petition.

        Sadly, there are still only 2000 or so signatures. Why the huge difference between us and the Brits? Are American activists so jaded or discouraged? Well, we all know the Brits and Europeans always turn out in greater numbers for protests. They just must have better networks, and less resistance to activism. (I can’t cite fear or being labeled an anti-Semite in this case, because the White House petition sigs. are anonymous to viewers.)

        I’ve sent this notice to many pro-Palestinian activists leaders, but none have chosen to publicize. In the past I’ve found that these groups are usually reluctant to push anything that they didn’t originate. Many times, they do petitions to increase their own mailing lists (for future fund-raising) and only rarely promote purely on principle.

        Also, we are still going thru internecine spurning, i.e. the attack on Alison Weir by JVP and USCEIO. This incident has brought to the fore the fact that many Palestinian solidarity groups are actually controlled by Jewish activists who may have conflicted agendas. A Mondoweiss editor informed me that they are “not activists”, that this petition is “not news”, and she patently refused to write about it. So my notice is buried among their thousands and thousands of comments.

        This is sad because when these leaders are functioning as gatekeepers, they are not really serving their followers, most of whom are genuine in their desire for peace with justice.

        You may wonder why I’m so vested in a silly petition, after all. I see this as a barometer of the distressing lack of organization and communication of this community. What a boost for morale it would be if there were suddenly tens or hundreds of thousands of signatures. And what a message, not only to the Israelis, but to our elected officials who do keep track of potential votes as well as donations.

        It is our government, with its military and financial aid and veto at the UN, that keeps the racist Zionist state afloat. S. Africa never had that, so their Apartheid caved to pressure despite the desires of the ruling Whites.

        Thanks again Debbie. Maybe your pals over at Veterans Today will pick this up.

  5. Debbie, Will sign your petition to have Bibi arrested. Who wouldn’t? I’m not available for articles as I go to surgery this week. But by the end of this month the Age of Fools web site should be up.