Letter to God

Letter to God

Please forgive my cynicism and negative connotations in this letter but I find it is often necessary to infuse the negativity to emit action, anger and resolution.

WAR ON: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, etc.

by Adam Coleman

Dear God,

I am going to make this brief which is difficult for me as You well know.

Well, maybe You don’t know but here goes.

I write to You as an Atheist Jew who can only wonder if You or any God exists.

I have my doubts and here is why.

First I must ask You why You allow so many to suffer so needlessly for no reason other than to enrich others who already have an obscene amount of wealth and assets and who need for nothing other than the very entertainment of destroying other people’s lives, lands, environments and ability to sustain themselves?

Why do You allow governments to declare war on other nations without so much as a shred of evidence that these other nations pose even the most remote threat to them? Then, why do You allow these warmongering nations to pilfer the remaining assets and ruins of the nations they ravaged and allow the most evil of alleged humanity to have positions of power to manipulate their citizens to do these dastardly deeds?

Why do You allow the criminal, corporate media to continuously and incessantly lie to its citizens and not only misrepresent the facts but often fabricate stories in order to inflate the severity of the fiction?

How can You allow governments and evil corporations to poison Your planet and Your people? They are doing this right under Your nose and You don’t see it?

Alliance Killing Children

How can You allow the people of The United States and other countries to be so naive as to what it is their corrupt government officials are up to in their name and not do something Yourself to fix it?

It is Your planet right? We are Your People right?

Are You male or female? I only ask this to help me determine how long we must suffer before or even if You choose to intervene? If You’re female, You may be more compassionate and act sooner and if You’re male, You may be using the “tough love” mantra and make us suffer until all is almost lost. Us being the suffering not the whale manure making the suffering possible across the globe. If You’re neither, You may not even read this letter or do anything at all but have one less thing on Your plate for You to have to deal with.

Could any God be that cruel? I have my doubts.

Are You that indifferent to the suffering of all who share Your planet?

The environment here on planet Earth has been so ravaged, so decimated and so abused by greed and evil that I find it almost impossible that You can’t see this and if You do…how is it that You can stand by watching and not find a place for “Divine Intervention?”

We are trying here to survive and trying hard but are almost always met with obstruction, corruption, intervention and downright sabotage to all plights forward in improving our lot so if You are leaving it up to the citizens of the planet to fix it themselves, we’re trying but I’m afraid that You have waited too long and I feel it’s time for You to take some action in eliminating all the evil obstacles that exist and plagues Planet Earth with one crisis on top of another without fail.

Then and only then, with Your help, maybe, just maybe, we will have a chance to save Our beloved planet ourselves and restore what remains to its full fruition.

But not before at this point.

Perhaps You could call it Your “Divine Reset” and then stand back and watch us thrive.It will make You feel good about Yourself and make the planet feel good too.

One last question I must ask before I close and that is simply, Was it You or someone else who said that Jews are Your chosen people? If it was You, chosen for what? Chosen to suffer the Nazis and other persecutors? Or perhaps chosen to make the Palestinians suffer in Gaza as they are doing now and since Israel’s inception? Chosen to manipulate the US  and other corrupted governments to send their military personnel off to fight and die in unnecessary wars at Israel’s behest? You do know that these people who die are also Your people? Chosen or not?


Frankly, I find it hard to believe that You or any other God that exists could be so cruel which is why I find it difficult, even as a Jew myself, to believe one, that You do indeed exist and two, that Jews are Your chosen people.

If I am wrong, and I hope I am, then maybe it’s time for You to take a break and to PLEASE stop doing whatever it is that You’re doing and spend a few minutes, maybe hours, MAYBE YEARS and help humanity figure out what it is that can be done to save what remains of Your and Our Planet Earth because I feel, time is not on any of our sides on This Planet Earth.

Except, maybe, Your’s.

Please forgive my cynicism and negative connotations in this letter but I find it is often necessary to infuse the negativity to emit action, anger and resolution.

Hopefully, You will see fit to forgive my insubordination if You exist and prove to me and the World that You do indeed exist and are on Your way to save US who need You now more than ever.

Thank You for Your time, consideration and hopeful expedience in this most pressing matter.

Sincerely and not optimistic without Your help,

Adam Coleman

Adam Coleman a conscientious citizen of the United States of America. Being an informed and conscientious citizen is important.  I love and served my country (but I fear my government-bumper sticker on my van) in peace time from 1980-1983 in the Navy on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal, so I can say that as a Veteran, I’m as Patriotic as anyone and in fact…I still fly Old Glory right side up (for now) off both my front and back porches, 365 days a year! So Patriot to Patriot…  the people who sent our young warriors to fight and die while believing they were serving their country were most assuredly not sending their own children off to war and their motives have nothing to do with anything other than evil, selfish, empirical greed and power and nothing else!

An Angel Song for Peace and an End to Violence


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  1. Good points. Sadly, the US people readily believe that they are now the Chosen Ones. Collective narcissism is a long step towards acting inhumanly.Also, it is perfectly clear to anyone but a sloth that patriotism includes the right of others to defend their country against attacks. More positively, it involves serving the real, hence, human ideals of one’s people, not hysterical hate-mongering . Finally, the change from E pluribus unum to the new dollar slogan signalled a radical departure from any serious US “tradition”. In God We Trust !!!??? pshaw!

  2. There is no such “god” as any human concieve.

    We & earth are part of a grand scheme experiment.

    Logic concludes to this conclusion. We are, each and

    every one of us a mystery unto ouselves. Only, if but a

    precious few, care for eachother. Again pure logic dictates

    this sad state of affairs. Read it and weep.

  3. I was created with reason to choose between good and evil
    And granted freewill to do the willful that I will
    But now, falsely, I complain:
    ‘God created evil intent within me’!
    He created man
    Planting a potential within him

    To reach higher than the archangels
    Or to reach lower than Satan himself