Removing Israel from American politics

Removing Israel from American politics

It is certainly past time to push back against an organization that is brazenly promoting the interests of a foreign government at the expense of the American people.

Israel PM, ,Netanyahu AIPAC Speech, March 2015

Shutting Down AIPAC

by Philip Giraldi

[The following is a lightly edited version of a speech I gave on March 1 st in Washington during the anti-AIPAC and Netanyahu visit demonstrations. Two days later Israeli Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, whom I cite below, was sitting in the House VIP visitors’ gallery beaming as he listened to Netanyahu’s love fest with Congress. It might have been the first time a clandestine agent for a foreign country who spied on the United States was so honored but I would observe that the event was doubly significant in that the speaker Prime Minister Netanyahu was also involved in the same theft of American nuclear technology.]

[Here is the video of the event, just received: . Miko Peled is well worth hearing and many of the questions are very interesting, revealing the depth of revulsion for AIPAC and all its works.]

I would like to concentrate on two issues. First is the nature of the special relationship between Israel and the United States and second is the role of the Israel Lobby and most particularly AIPAC in shaping that relationship. I was a foreign policy adviser for Ron Paul in 2008 and consider myself politically conservative. I respect the fact that nations must be responsive to their interests, but because of my personal experience of living and working overseas for many years I have come to recognize that the United States is an anomaly in that it persists in going around the world doing things that just do not make any sense. This has been particularly true during the past fourteen years, with invasions, interventions and targeted assassinations having become the preferred form of international discourse for Washington.

Many would agree with what I have just observed, but few recognize the role of the special relationship with Israel in shaping what the United States has become. Quite frankly, the relationship is both lopsided in terms of favoring perceived Israeli interests as well as being terrible for the long suffering Palestinians, very bad for the United States as it damages the American brand worldwide and even bad for Israel as it enables its governments to act in ways that are ill advised and ultimately self-defeating.

I would first like to address the often repeated mantra that Israel is America’s best friend or closest ally as it is a bedrock issue that is frequently trotted out to excuse behavior that would otherwise be incomprehensible. Apart from being a recipient of more than $3 billion per year from the US taxpayer, Israel is no ally and never has been. There is no alliance of any kind with Israel, in part because Israel has a border that has been moving eastward for the past fifty years as it continues to absorb Palestinian land. Without an internationally recognized border it is impossible to define a relationship between two nations. Israel also has no strategic value to the United States, so to speak of an alliance, which posits reciprocity is ridiculous.

Billboard paid for by Council for the National Interest of which Philip Giraldi is the founding member and Executive Director
Billboard paid for by Council for the National Interest of which Philip Giraldi is the founding member and Executive Director

But that is not to say that Israel does not interact with Washington. Indeed, some might say that it possesses a disproportionate voice relating to some foreign and domestic policies. The penchant to use force as a first option in international interactions is perhaps itself due to Washington imitating Tel Aviv or vice versa as neither the United States nor Israel seems any longer interested in diplomacy.

American protection of Israel in international bodies like the United Nations is a disgrace, making the United States de facto complicit in Israeli violations of international law, to include its settlement expansion, as well as its war crimes. Under Bill Clinton the United States more or less adopted the Israeli model in dealing with terrorism, which consists of overwhelming armed response and no negotiations ever. Washington’s uncritical support for Israel politically and militarily was a major factor in motivating the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attack.

Deferring to Israel often results in U.S. policies that are absurd and highly damaging to other interests. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice described Israel’s devastation of Lebanon in 2006 in which nearly 1,000 civilians were killed and more than $2 billion in infrastructure was destroyed as the “birth pangs of a new Middle East” Rice, who also spoke of fear of a nuclear mushroom cloud rising above Washington to justify invading Iraq, far from being discredited due to her lack of discernment, is currently a professor at Stanford University and is now being spoken of as a possible Senator from California or, alternatively, as the next Commissioner of the National Football League. So much for accountability in the United States.

One might well conclude that Israel is not only not an ally but also not much of a friend. It has run massive spying operations inside the United States to include hundreds of Art Students and celebrations by the employees of an Israeli moving firm located in New Jersey when the twin towers were going down. Israel is regularly named by the FBI as the most active friendly country in terms of running espionage operations against the U.S. but nothing ever happens. Israeli spies are sent home quietly and Americans who spy for Israel are rarely prosecuted. Last year we witnessed Hollywood producer and Israeli citizen Arnon Milchan receiving an Oscar even as stories were circulating about his criminal collusion to obtain restricted American technology to enable Israel to build nuclear weapons. The Justice Department has not seen fit to do anything about him.

Israel also has a hand in what is going on domestically in the United States. Many states now have their own departments of homeland security and many of the companies that obtain contracts to provide security services are Israeli. Airport security is a virtual Israeli monopoly. Increasingly militarized American police officers now use federal government grants to travel to Israel for training based on the Israeli experience with the Palestinians. Israelis have advised CIA and Pentagon torturers and Israeli advisers were also present at Abu Ghraib.

Israel’s influence over Washington policies frequently means war. American officials extremely close to the Israeli government were behind the rush to war with Iraq. If the Washington goes to war with Iran in the near future it will not be because Tehran actually threatens America, it will be because Israel and its powerful lobby in the U.S. have succeeded in creating an essentially false case to mandate such action. Congress is obligingly advancing legislation that would commit the United States to intervene militarily in support of a unilateral Israeli attack, meaning that Israel could easily be empowered to make the decision on whether or not the U.S. goes to war.

Zionists Architects of war
Zionists Architects of war

Israel interferes in American elections, in 2012 on behalf of Mitt Romney, and also this week by aligning itself with the Republicans against the President of the United States to harden existing policy against Iran. Looking ahead to elections in 2016, two Jewish billionaires have already stated clearly that they will spend whatever they have to to elect the candidate that is best for Israel. 

As Sheldon Adelson is a Republican and Haim Saban is a Democrat both major parties are covered and I would warn “Watch out for Hillary,” Saban’s candidate of choice.

Powerful Advocates for Israel Sheldon Adelson (Left) and Haim Saban (Right)
Powerful Advocates for Israel Sheldon Adelson (Left) and Haim Saban (Right)

Israel has corrupted our congress which we will witness again on Tuesday. Benjamin Netanyahu publicly rebukes and belittles our own head of state, its government ministers insult and ridicule John Kerry, and its intelligence officers have free access to Capitol Hill where they provide alarmist and inaccurate private briefings for American legislators. In short, Israel has no reluctance to use its enormous political and media clout in the US to pressure successive administrations to conform to its own foreign and security policy views.

MCS Ilan-Pappe-Ethnic-Cleansing
HARDtalk Speaks to Israeli historian, Ilan Pappe

Beyond the corruption of our political process, I believe many in this room would agree that the depiction and treatment of the Palestinians has been disgraceful. Israel has engaged in land and water theft and is doing its best to make Palestinian life so miserable that they will all decide to leave. Some would describe that as ethnic cleansing. Just last week there were reports of how Israeli authorities cut off water and electricity to parts of the West bank and also won a bogus court case in New York City that will bankrupt the Palestinian authority.

Netanyahu’s policy is to punish the Palestinians incessantly no matter what they do. The United States has certainly embraced a lot of unpleasant policies over the past fourteen years, but I honestly think that most Americans would be appalled if they knew how Palestinians really have been treated. Unfortunately the Israel propaganda machine has been able to maintain a tight grip on the narrative promoted in the mainstream media. Arabs are depicted as terrorists while Israelis are seen as folks just like us.

How does all this happen? Because of money which enables the Israel firsters to control the media and buy the politicians, but unfortunately no one is allowed to say that lest Abe Foxman of the Anti Defamation League accuse one of propagating a stereotype that is an “anti-Semitic myth.” American media corporations and national politics are in fact totally corrupted by money and the control that it buys and not just on behalf of Israel. One would have to be blind not to recognize that fact.

This is where groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee better known as AIPAC come in. AIPAC is only one part of the octopus like Israel Lobby but it might well be regarded as the most effective component. AIPAC has an annual budget of $70 million and 200 full time employees. It has thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of contributors and supporters, many of whom are in Washington right now. On Tuesday they will descend on Congressional offices to pressure congressmen to agree to conform to AIPAC talking points.

JDL, ADL, AIPAC, SPLC, Octopus grip on Capitol Building
JDL, ADL, AIPAC, SPLC, Octopus grip on Capitol Building

AIPAC, which is an IRS 501(c)4 lobbying organization, is able to keep its donor list secret. It characteristically operates in the shadows. It prepares position papers that are then distributed in congress and many congressmen, largely ignorant of the issues, parrot what AIPAC gives them. AIPAC operative Steve Rosen once boasted that he could have the signatures of seventy Senators on a napkin in twenty-four hours.

Congressmen know that crossing the Israeli Lobby is career damaging. Senators William Fulbright and Chuck Percy were among the first to feel its wrath when they were confronted by well-funded challengers backed by effective media campaigns who defeated them in spite of their own outstanding records as legislators. The founder of my own organization the Council for the National Interest Congressman Paul Findley also suffered the same fate when he fell afoul of the Lobby. Within the government the purge has also been widespread with the traditional Arabists at State Department forced out to be replaced by friends of Israel, many of whom have been political appointees rather than career diplomats.

There is no easy solution to what I have been telling you. Certainly a more honest media would produce American voters who are better informed, but even though AIPAC has long been defending the indefensible the corruption in Congress runs deep and it is difficult to find a constituency anywhere in the United States where it is possible to vote for a candidate who is not openly and enthusiastically supportive of the Israel relationship. In Virginia last year there were several important congressional elections. All the candidates were vetted for their views on Israel well before the voting took place.

But to return to AIPAC there should be demands that it and other similar Israel-advocacy organizations register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938. That would require them to have complete transparency in terms of their funding and it would also tell the American people that the organizations themselves are not necessarily benign and acting on behalf of U.S. interests, which is the subterfuge that they currently engage in. It is certainly past time to push back against an organization that is brazenly promoting the interests of a foreign government at the expense of the American people. Thank you.

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Philip Giraldi is the executive director of the Council for the National Interest and a recognized authority on international security and counterterrorism issues. He is a former DIA and CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who served eighteen years overseas in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He was Chief of Base in Barcelona from 1989 to 1992 designated as the Agency’s senior officer for Olympic Games support. Since 1992 he consulted for a number of Fortune 500 corporate clients. Mr. Giraldi was awarded an MA and PhD from the University of London in European History and holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from the University of Chicago. He speaks Spanish, Italian, German, and Turkish.


  1. It is writing such as this, which illustrates and illuminates the extent of Zionist infiltration in the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,” which will drive home to the “American” public what has happened to their “dream,” which may eventually stir them to action of some sort to bring it to an end… if anything will!

  2. I wish there was a way to get every Dick & Jane informed on this issue. We need a big dollar American First donor to counter the likes of the Israel Firsters such as Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson.

    • Let’s take up a collection to buy a newspaper, Oscar. Call it The Truth. It will sell like hotcakes because the US has not heard or read any of that for decades.

      As George Orwell said,
      “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”

      Every Dick and Jane, if comfortable and secure, won’t search for the truth. They know what America has become but want to maintain the status quo. Can’t blame them. They re-elect the likes of McCain and Graham, year after year.

      Then, if and when they become part of the 30% forming some part of the welfare state in the “home of the brave”, a pre-occupation with just staying alive makes the truth something of little interest as they tune in to Fox, the Rothschilds broadcasting network in the guise of Murdoch and his Jewish cronies.

      So the Jews were clever, much cleverer than anyone realises because forty years ago they did their homework, studied the American character and then knew that there was nothing an American wouldn’t sell for a quick buck…newspapers, in patriotic hands since day one, sold to Zionists; banks, always a target for the Zionists backed by Rothchilds; the film business, propaganda vehicle extraordinaire and finally, politicians, the easiest to graft on the promise of electoral support, there in bucketful’s.

      Just look at there philosophy of the manipulative Adelson, all legal, next President in his (Israel’s) pocket.

      That’s their aim and they will openly crow about it, nothing secret about their plans and then move at full pace to bring the American people to heel. Not much yet to do now to reach that goal.

      One national newspaper, Oscar. Think of it. Highest readership in the land. No concerns about Foxman and his ADL, no anti-Semitic waffle, no more printing lies about Syria, what really happened in Libya, the USS Liberty and the Israel’s most perfidious act, 9/11, a truthful accounting and on it goes.

      Surely we can find just one?

      You just couldn’t get enough copies out on the streets with the best writers (now only in the blogs) writing every day for no payment at all, as a gesture to save the USA from the cancer called Zionism.

  3. Dr. Giraldi was keynote speaker at an event protesting Netanyahu’s speech in Washington, DC.

    The event took place at Busboys & Poets in Washington, DC (big big shout out to founder of B&P, Iraq-born Andy Shallal and his team).

    Miko Peled was Giraldi’s co-panelist.

    Among other things, Phil mentioned that his group, CNI, will host an event this June to inform still more Americans about Israel’s attack on USS Liberty.

  4. @ ChasMark
    Dear MCS:
    One single event: USS Liberty. That is not enough. What about Entebbe, Israeli involvement in 9/11, Israel and its nuclear weapons, Jewish media ownership, Israel’s support of ISIS, Balfour Declaration? The list could go on and on. Americans need to be clobbered about Israel in order to wake them up. A whole dump of info is better than a single jab in a case such as this to show Israel’s true nature. Thanks, Norbert.

  5. I have an incredible amount of respect for Giraldi, not only for his service in the CIA to what once was called the USA but is now ZOSA, but also for his courageous criticisms of Israel and all its jewish and fake traitorous christian supporters.

    Every time i think of him, I cant help of thinking about that video showing the wonderful courageous Alison weir getting the camera knocked out of her hand by the cowardly jewish zio-punk. we got your back Alison!

    However, even Phil still sugarcoats his criticisms of this evil satanic jewish monster. he meekly refers to “our special relationship”(i’m so gaddamed sick of hearing that phrase), as he did last year at the big Washington, DI(district of Israel) convention called “is Israel really our friend?”.

    Hopefully in this years convention, and btw Alison will be staging her very own little get together aside from the middle east report one, the speakers will be much more straightforward and forceful and tell it like it is; Israel is our number one enemy!
    special relationship? yeah, right.

    Like a parasite comfortably feeding off from the inside of a human being’s body! go watch monsters inside me and you’ll see many pictures of what Israel really is.

    And the 3 billion aid?

    Its more like a nice cozy extortion racket, like something Bernie “the jew”(see i said it, he’s a jew!) Madoff would pull off but on a much larger scale.israel pays off the US political puppet to keep it going and then is constantly hunting for a new malleable Israel loyal puppet to come on board.

    His glancing mention of the art students is so slight its insulting.

    Before and after September 2001 tons of jewish Israeli art students were caught walking through highly classified floors of top secrete defense and intelligence agency buildings throughout all sections of the US, some even with floor plans in their hands.
    they were all jews and former IDF with highly specialized training and expertise in certain technical specialties like electronic surveillance, eavesdropping, and electronic demolition.


    Interestingly, they really never seemed to have any art to sell, as they claimed to be doing. their cover story, if caught, that they had graduated from an Israeli art school was another big jewish Israeli lie!

    They even were frightenly able to find the names and home addresses of many of these top defense and intell officers and even came to their homes! when seen leaving the socalled “art students” never went to next door neighbors meaning they were deliberately targeting the intel and defense people.

    Intel and defense were so shocked by the brazenish of the artists that they think it might of been used as a deliberate decoy by mossad to take the attention off their prime mission;handling the 9/11 arab suicide bombers.

    In addition to the strange, sudden, and inexplicable appearance of these art students were an incredible amount of Israeli jews seen at little kiosks in malls especially those in and around Hollywood Florida. i know because i was down there then and saw them.
    interestingly, many of the arab suicide bombers were living in and around Hollywood,and so were their jewish israel mossad handlers!

    And i also didn’t like the ridiculously casual way he referred to the infamous “five dancing Israelis” as merely employees of an Israeli moving firm who just happened to be celebrating over the twin towers falling.

    This, to all true american patriots seeking the truth about the 9/11 attack on our country, is sacrosanct.

    The five dancing Israelis is our “smoking gun” if ever there was, and how dare Phil just so casually glance over it!

    The “Israeli moving company” hes talking about was urban moving and storage. immediately after the first plane hit, in which everybody(who didn’t have inside knowledge) presumed it was nothing more than a tragic accident, a weehawhen, nj housemaker was called by her friend in Brooklyn to go look at the towers. she then saw these five Israeli jews with video cameras attached to tripods pointed directly at the world trade center dancing and celebrating joyously. one was mockingly posing in front of a camera holding a cigarette lighter with the burning world trade center tower aflame behind him.

    I’ve read every single page of the field report from the Newark office of the FBI’s investigation into this, at least those that are publicly available.

    This incredible american patriot called local police, who called FBI-newark who put out a BOLO, be on the lookout, watch for the Israeli jew dancers white van.

    They were spotted in the afternoon of September 11 by east Rutherford police in stop and go traffic on route 3 about to go into the lincoln tunnel. when stopped and told to get out the driver, silvan kurtzberg, steadfastly refused. after repeated demands by the police with their guns fully drawn they dragged the jew out and put him on the ground. the first thing out of his mouth?
    “we’re not your problem, the Palestinians are your problem”

    Well well well, what do you know,that israeli jew age old psychological brainwashing technique of trying to make ignorant Americans think israeli jews are like them(share the same values bullshit) and that the pals, and arabs/muslims in general, are all terrorists.
    the FBI and nj state police were all called in and they quickly were able to identify three of the five as former mossad espionage agents and the other two with extensive idf military training in explosives and demolition.
    they found numerous maps of new york city with landmarks highlighted in yellow magic marker.
    what the hell more do you want?

    They even found $4300 cash stuck in a sock. peculiarly, they didn’t find any equipment that would normally be expected to be found in a moving van.

    The next day, sept 12, they raided urban movers headquarters with a search warrant. nobody, nobody, was there. a hot cup of coffee still steaming away, intimating somebody suddenly left real fast, was found. as was all there computers still operationally on.
    the owner, Dominick suter, fled to guess where? Israel.

    International intelligence experts all agree that moving companies are the most widely used “front” for an espionage operation.
    quite interestingly, the lone american employee at urban movers had told the FBI Newark that on many occasions the Israeli jew employees had insulted and mocked america, one time bringing him to tears.
    i earnestly tried to find his name but it was blackened out.

    hey deb, what an interview that would make, eh?

    • Dave, I would agree with you that these particular remarks by Philip were uncharacteristically mild-mannered. The men working for the israeli (and I never capitalize the name “israel”; it’s a non-entity as far as I’m concerned) “moving company” had set up their cameras and were filming before the FIRST plane hit on 9-11. That tells me everything I need to know, along with the mountain of other evidence indicating israeli culpability.
      I’d also like to mention a fact that I don’t believe most Amerikans are aware of. I believe it’s common knowledge that NYC maintains a permanent police-training base in israel (Does “I can’t breathe” ring a bell?) but the fact it that the St. Louis police department, those who pointed assault rifles into the faces of peaceful protesters following the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, were also trained in israel.
      Where else to better learn the latest in intimidation and brutality? Gaza, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

        • McCain? Like father, like son. His daddy partnered with LBJ to cover up the attack on the USS Liberty.

          5 dancing Israelis? At least two were found to be Mossad agents and the company they worked for was a Mossad front, which explains why the owner left everything hanging and split for Israel. It’s clearly established they showed happiness as they took pics of themselves while the towers burned behind them. No explanation except youthful antics, although they were in their mid to late 20’s. Nobody could prove they knew in advance of 9/11 coming down the pike.

    • dave, you wrote:

      “btw alison will be staging her very own little get together aside from the middle east report one, the speakers will be much more straitforward and forceful and tell it like it is”

      Do you have more information about this?

      Also — just watched this video re USS Liberty — The Day Israel Attacked America

      Very interesting part was at the end: LBJ signed a secret agreement with Israel to share intelligence. The agreement has been revised and expanded several times in agreements called Stone Ruby and Ice Castle.

      What else has US government done IN SECRET with this sh***y little entity?
      Did US Senate debate the agreement?
      Did 47 senators write a letter warning that the agreement could be reversed?

  6. the five jewish israeli moving van dancers were seen joyously celebrating BEFORE the second plane hit.
    they were subsequently booked into “the tombs”, the infamous brooklyn holding prison. they all refused to take lie detectortestsfor weeks then finally gave in. kurtzberg failed it seven times.
    suddenly they finally got released. it’s still up to debate who is responsible for this but its certainly a jewish inside job.
    i’ve read lead israeli truth perverting attack dog alan dershowitz helped out with the aid of jewish political muscle like new york senator shumer.
    but most believe it was the immensly powerful jew michael chertoff, at the time the director of criminal investigations for the US department of justice. chertoff’s mother was in one of the original jewish/zionist terror gangs that helped invade and terrorize palestine in 1947/48.
    what a family background.

  7. As Philip stated………

    “One might well conclude that Israel is not only not an ally but also not much of a friend”

    That doesn’t seem to apply to the 477 Senators and Congress members who attended the Netanyahu circus on March 3. Naturally we are all aware that all those corrupt people will now receive endorsement (money, that is) from the Jewish puppet masters, the likes of Adelson and his kind. All very legal and there’s the problem. Too many avenues for graft, legal as it seems to be and corruption, standard fare in the US political swamp

    Will it get better?

    Not while there are PAC’s, acceptable corrupt practices, acceptable stacking of senior government positions with JEWISH / americans the acceptance of the legality of AIPAC and all the Jewish anti-American organisations that seem able to influence the thinking of all the mindless politicians anxious to keep their comfortable seats in Washington. The likes of McCain, re-elected time and again by Arizona is a classic case. What has he contributed? Nothing but hatred, hatred of America, that is.

    Until the American people see megalomaniacs like McCain for what they are, nothing will change.

  8. Israel IS an organization that is brazenly promoting the interests of a foreign government at the expense of the American people.

    It has also populated every city in the USA with Israeli spies, subversives and unpatriotic swill who have one object in mind……. the control of the USA in total.

    This is the worst threat the USA has had in the history of this once respected country, no longer respected because of what a hated middle eastern state, not a country, has done by controlling legislation and sending billions to kill Palestinians, brandishing 400 nuclear warheads and no membership of the NPT or inspections. Now with 6 nuclear submarines being made by Germany, a county still cowering under the well orchestrated holocaust-sideshow-guilt-complex. Israel is a totally out of control cancer infecting the whole world.

    Right now, they think they are almost there and with the traditional apathy of the American people, they are.

  9. Go easy on the tone of Philip Giraldi. He’s there for us all, every day of every week.

    Even so, I was surprised that he didn’t takes the opportunity to drive home a few more barbed points. There are so many out there. And yes, it is not just the USS Liberty, but,…..when you put all the points associated with that perfidious act, it almost makes one wonder what Americans are made of AND, that’s all the back in 1967.

    The point one makes, as I do as well, is that this was the beginning. The israelis (small ‘i” as well, Gypsy) got America by the vitals in 1967. They knew then that they could get away with murder then as with JFK in 1963, not so clear cut then but 1967……full size screen on that one and stopped by a miscreant president (small ‘p’, Gysy) of America. My God! What next. When you can assassinate a President and then some years later bomb an unarmed ship and no one really moves a muscle to even suggest any retribution, you are dealing with a weak and pathetic administration. Look at them now…477 little sycophants at AIPAC on 3 March.

    I couldn’t face my family, couldn’t ever call myself American any more after that humiliation if I was representing anyone in my state.

  10. I agree. It’s embarrassing to know my country, America, is a toady to the tiny racist and rogue state of Israel. Such is the power of campaign donation zionist dollars under our system. The whole world knows it and America’s image has suffered accordingly. Meanwhile, Dick and Jane sleep.

  11. They sleep the sleep of the insouciant, Oscar.

    But the day will come when the idea of being part of a country that has become a goyim to a piddling, psychotic state in the middle east will not appeal to them. Of course, Fox would have to be off the air by then. Murdoch, Adelson, McCain Nuland, Kagan, Kristol and the whole neocon anti – American brigade having hopefully moved on to a better place for them and the world, without Murdoch having produced any more offspring in a last burst of exuberance to inherit his Zionist empire.

    If one is allowed one dream Oscar, it will be along those lines.

    As for the ‘Christian’ Zionists, let’s hope that some all powerful force picks them all up and dumps them unceremoniously in the middle of the country they mistakenly call Israel and they can await the arrival of the third coming. The second coming, in case you missed it was on March 3 at the AIPAC circus, the Messiah was called Netanyahu, a name which in a literal translation means ‘big goose’. The big geese in reality though were the 477 elected attendees….yes, they called themselves Americans….. contributing to the 26 standing ovations for the great Messiah. Let us trust that in the next election the voters also agree with that as well.
    But….for that to happen, we need to hope that the voters leave Adelson’s Casinos with all his money and that he finds himself on welfare in some place like Alabama. or New York’s Harlem or Ethiopia or anywhere.
    Now something like that would make it a just world.

  12. The best way to remove israel from US politics is to take McCain out into Death Valley…and leave him there.

    There is no more loyal Israeli apparatchik than this man, a disgrace to the flag.

    • it should be so easy.

      McCain is just one not ultimately that influential “disgrace to the flag.”

      He stays in power with the support of voters, you know.

      And how about McCain’s girlfriend Lindsey?

  13. Dr. Giraldi is a model for those Americans who have self-awareness and self-knowledge of the true elements of the situation regarding Palestine-Zionist Israeli conflict. Such men like Dr. Giraldi are in dire need to America as the majority of Americans are self-conceited and arrogant with their Hubris like Sophocles’ Oedipus whose lack of self-knowledge and arrogance pushed him inside the jaws of his nemesis.