CrossTalk: Ukrainian Crucible

CrossTalk: Ukrainian Crucible


Finian CrossTalk Ukrainian CrucibleUkraine continues to be divided and there is no evidence of a ceasefire in the country.

What is Poroshenko’s “peace plan”?

Is a political compromise possible? Or economic suicide in Ukraine is imminent?


CrossTalking with Finian Cunningham in Belfast, Jonathan Steele in London and Mark Sleboda in Moscow.


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  1. Money men controlling NATO EU wants major war with Russia.
    Same thing happened prior to WWI and WWII. Sad part–USA was behind them all and history is repeating it self.
    Putin knows what the west’s sinister plan is. Mistake he did was to allow it to fester so long. Russia should have done the same in Georgia–quick pounce.

  2. Finian raised three crucial points:

    First and most important the terrible humanitarian situation which nobody seems to talk about, or care about in American mainstream media. (Author and journalist Stephen Lendman accurately describes them as “Scoundrels”).

    Second, America is not being held accountable for their part (a la Vicky Nuland, Amb.Pyatt, John McCain, John Brennan) in escalating the crisis and destabilizing Ukraine but instead the onus is put on Vladimir Putin to do something. America is allowed to get away again?

    Third and not the least important, America’s main goal has been to arrest EU trade with Russia.

    On a lighter note.. lets get together and foment…

    If a prophetic gift is the gift of truth telling, Dylan’s got it.

    Dylan Moran :

  3. It’s beyond belief, why people, with the same religion and ethnicity, culture, and Race, should be killing each other!

    Don’t they realize they’re being yanked by the nose, in a divide and conquer routine?

    And this, “21st c.”- haven’t the Ukrainians learned from history? Even the most recent in their area of the world, the Serbian Debacle?….which I understand is still going on!

  4. What? There’s a Ukrainian Crucible? Well that’s not supposed to be, there’s a World Cup going on and Iraq’s in crisis and Syria’s in crisis and Iran won’t play nice with US/NATO and jeepers that gives Foggy Rasmussen a case of burning if not spastic flatulent sphincterism. el Jefé the Obozo is struggling with how to graciously give a half billion dollars to those icky darn ISIS or ISIL cannibal terroristas and not upset Herr Netanyahu. Crucible to crisis in just about every dang corner of our suffering little Blue Planet.
    Vlad Putin should declare the airspace over Kiev a no-fly zone and then stand old Petro the Poroshenko or whatever on his flat head and mock him derisively just for sport.
    Criminy, one can get sick to death with all the misery generated by US/NATO and the flagrantly murderous asshats that pass as “leaders.” Western Democrazy, long may it fly in the face of accountability. Whatever…