Western cover-up of Odessa massacre

Western cover-up of Odessa massacre

marauding neo-Nazis
Western Powers Back Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine

The marauding neo-Nazis who carried out the massacre in Odessa last Friday must have been given orders from certain people in power. The subsequent lack of serious criminal investigation and the dissembling media spin point to a cover-up.


by Finian Cunningham

We know that a massacre happened in the Ukrainian city of Odessa last week in which more than 40 pro-Russian civilian protesters were killed when a public building they were seeking refuge in was deliberately set ablaze by neo-Nazi supporters of the Western-backed Kiev junta.

A conflagration in the trade union building in Odessa, Ukraine’s third-largest city, on May 2, 2014, left scores of Pro-Russians dead.

Apparently, the victims died from the blaze or from smoke inhalation, or when they jumped from windows to the pavement below.

But in the aftermath, new shocking images have been published in various reputable Russian media sources that tell a far more harrowing story.

Photos show victims lying on the floor of the Trade Union building who were only partially burned, with their heads and upper limbs incinerated, the rest of their bodies strangely unscarred.

Suspiciously, in many of the images the surrounding space where the bodies lay bears no evidence of fire damage.

Other victims also appeared to have gunshot wounds to their charred heads. And in one particularly disturbing image, the body of a pregnant woman is photographed bent over backwards on an office desk. The victim appears to have been garrotted; neither her body nor theoffice where her remains were found shows any signs of fire damage.

Russian media report survivor accounts saying that the rooms they were hiding in to escape from the effects of the blaze were broken into by assailants who pretended to be pro-Russian protesters. On entering the offices, those inside were attacked by the intruders.

This suggests that persons associated with the neo-Nazi crowd outside the building somehow gained entry to the Trade Union building and then systematically set about murdering those inside.

When news of the deadly blaze emerged last Friday, it struck some observers as strange that so many people could have perished from a fire that was mainly located at the front of the building on the ground floor. The giant multi-storey solid stone structure surely would have given those trapped inside more escape routes or spaces to avoid the effects of deadly fumes.

And how do we explain the macabre images of partially incinerated bodies surrounded by seemingly undamaged wooden floors and railings? Or the victims with apparent gunshot wounds to the head and the pregnant woman slumped on the office table?

Another vile image shows a woman’s body near an elevator door in which her naked lower body is charred, but her upper body is clothed, indicating that she may have been raped by her attackers before they killed her.

The harrowing images suggest that something much more sinister happened than what initial reports conveyed. The initial reports are disturbing enough.

In broad daylight, a peaceful protest encampment of pro-Russian citizens calling for a referendum for federalization, in opposition to the Western-backed unelected junta that seized power in Kiev on February 22, was attacked by neo-Nazi supporters of the junta. The Kiev supporters were bussed into the southern port city of Odessa from the capital and another city, Kharkov, under the guise of attending a football match.

Like many towns and cities elsewhere in the east of Ukraine, the pro-Russian protesters in Odessa are opposed to the junta in Kiev, which illegally seized power against the elected president Victor Yanukovych.

The melee turned apparently into a riot between clashing sides in Odessa. There are reports that the neo-Nazi crowd deployed agent provocateurs who used firearms while mingling among the riot police. The police reportedly did little to restrain the violence. All those arrested at the scene later were pro-Russian citizens.

Crowds from the pro-Russian side took shelter in the nearby Trade Union building. Then the neo-Nazis set the building alight with petrol bombs. As the flames flared there were shouts of “burn them” from the baying mob outside, referring to the people trapped inside.

But could such a blaze located on the ground floor entrance of the building result in such a large number of deaths, where bodies were later recovered scattered in various parts of the building?

The macabre fatal wounds of the victims point to elements that took advantage of the cover of fire to go inside and murder at will. The victims could have had their necks broken by professional killers, who then set about torching the bodies to give the impression of death
from the fire.

Why the killers would do this is not clear. Pure hatred? We know that the fascist supporters of the Kiev junta are motivated by a deep hatred of the ethnic Russian population – a hatred that goes back to their forbears and ideological “heroes” of the Second World War who collaborated with the Nazi SS in extermination of fellow Ukrainians simply because they were viewed as “Untermenschen slavs”.

The same hatred is expressed openly by today’s political leaders in Kiev. Only a few weeks ago, demagogue Yulia Tymoshenko was caught joking in a private phone call about “whacking” ethnic Russians in the head and “nuking” pro-Russian eastern Ukraine.

Odessa massacreSpinning the Odessa Massacre

But one thing seems clear. The marauding neo-Nazis who carried out the massacre in Odessa last Friday must have been given orders from certain people in power. The subsequent lack of serious criminal investigation and the dissembling media spin point to a cover-up.

Another thing that is clear is that the Western media are assisting in the cover-up of the massacre. Never mind the full horror of what may have really happened, the Western media have not even reported the apparent blaze killings with any of the seriousness that they deserve.

Incredibly, the incident was only given brief coverage, quickly dropped from the news cycle, and most reports tended to obscure the circumstances, blaming “clashes on both sides that resulted in a deadly fire” without apportioning blame on the obvious neo-Nazi perpetrators.

Tellingly, the Western media have sought to downplay the role of the neo-Nazi paramilitaries and the Western-backed junta in Kiev. One can imagine how the Western media would have given days of saturation coverage to the killings if they had been carried out by pro-Russian
protesters against supporters of the Kiev regime that the media has lionized as the “government of Ukraine”.

Indeed, in the aftermath of the Odessa massacre the Western media instead amplified the claims by the Kiev junta that it was the fault of “pro-Russian agents” trying to “destroy Ukraine”.

This is reminiscent of the way the Western media distorted the sniper killings of up to 100 protesters in Kiev’s Maidan Square on February 20 by blaming that incident on the then government security forces, when in reality the fatal shootings were carried out by the Western-backed coup plotters and their CIA-backed neo-Nazi paramilitaries.

Western regime change in Ukraine has led to a junta that is ruling by a reign of terror against its own citizens, where the vilest crimes are being committed to crush any political opposition. And the Western media are assiduously covering up for this criminality.

Washington has emerged as the main sponsor of the Kiev regime. Sickeningly, within hours of the Odessa massacre, US President Barack Obama was entertaining more than 2,000 sycophantic journalists at the annual White House Press Corps dinner, at which he cracked flippant jokes about Russian President Vladimir Putin being a despot.

Ironically, in this week that commemorates the defeat of murderous fascism in Europe at the end of the Second World War, the Western governments and their media are doing their best to rekindle the horror of this very same fascism in Ukraine – while blaming it on Russia, the country that really won that war.

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  1. I wish folks would dispense with the Nazi Nazi rants. Back in 1937 Germany had every right to attack Poland. Enough said.
    However, hardly no connection was given–to CIA Director secretly being in UKraine few days ago.
    These mass killings are something sponsored by MOSSAD/ CIA operations.

    • I agree George Archer; it’s time to stop using “Nazi” as a synonym for all that is evil, not least because a factually accurate understanding of the NSDAP, in context, is not known to most in the West, and is not PERMITTED to be known, under the all-purpose shroud of “holocaust denial.”

      On the other hand, the more times “Nazism” is equated with actions that are truly evil, in which even the basic comparison does not exist, the more times the lies that have been told about the German people and their efforts to defend themselves, their culture and their moral values from zionist subversion will become obvious.

      For example, “liberal” Israeli pundit Amos Oz has applied the label “Hebrew Nazis” to Jewish settlers in Israel who carry out acts like setting fires in mosques & Christian churches in Occupied Palestine.

      But the label is not at all appropriate; there is no comparison.

      — Nazism lasted for about 12 years; Zionists have been oppressing Palestinians for over 100 years.

      –Germans in the NSDAP were attempting to defend their OWN land, culture and economy from subversion and war waged against them by “International Jewry;” — repeat, Germans were in their OWN country, defending their OWN culture, etc.

      The Jews that Oz is disgusted with are invaders and despoilers. They are attempting to steal another people’s lands & culture.

      –Germany during the NSDAP period endured a war waged on their territory, that NSDAP leaders did NOT want or seek. That war included firebombing of German civilians with the stated intent of terrorizing them, crimes against humanity deliberately carried out. In Israel, Jews are NOT resisting relentless firebombing raids and the planned and sustained air attacks on their civilians and infrastructure; quite the contrary: Israeli Jews, with the help of US & US taxpayers, are repeating the destruction of Palestine, just as US military & taxpayers carried out the Jewish-provoked firebombing destruction of Germany (and Japan).

  2. I noticed the discrepancy regarding victim burns and integrity of surrounding structures too. My first thoughts were they were killed by flamethrower. Certainly washington is to blame.

  3. Attention, everybody!
    Here is the message from Ukrainian and Russian citizens to people across the world.

    The more we look at the news, spread by international news channels, the more proof we get that the information, provided about tragic events of May 2nd, is exremely incomplete.

    It’s very important for us to share more details about the incidents in Ukraine. Why? Because the whole world turned a blind eye, as real fascism was grown and nurtured in the center of Europe.

    On May 2, the city of Odessa (Ukraine) became the place of aggressive confrontation between two antagonistic groups. Ukrainian nationalists jointly with football fans “ultras”, who supported the provisional government in Kiev (“nationalists”, for short) on one side; and federalization supporters, defenders of rights of the major Russian-speaking part of the population, who are against the existing government due to its illegitimacy (shortly – “federalists”) on another side of conflict. The existing government, which got into power by staging a coup against President Yanukovitch, as the result, has called them “separatists”.

    International news channels tell that nationalists were not armed, but despite that, they started to fight with iron sticks, bottles with “Molotov cocktail” and some of them even used handguns. The police did nothing to prevent any beatings and arsons from any side. During the fighting on streets, the crowd of nationalists overran the federalists camp and chased people inside the House of Labor Unions. Then it was closed from outside, and set aflame with Molotov contails. Without any avenue of escape, many people burned to death there.

    Nothing of that was told or shown on international news channels.

    The real fascism showed its bestial appearance: people were burning alive, and those who were lucky to get out were savagely beaten, including those who jumped out from the windows. Many of them were waiting on the roof of burning building being told that they will be killed for sure. The only people who try to help were fire-guards; police, as it was said earlier, did nothing except observing from the side. This surrealistic nightmare killed at least 39 people. Then Ukrainian reporters and other onlookers scoured, the building, joking about burned bodies, calling them “niggas”, robbed the bodies and uploaded photos and videos of their actions onto the Net.

    Official mass-media immediately started to disseminate disinformation, that there were no Ukrainian or Odessa citizens among the victins. This was quickly debunked, however, international news channels do not report that.

    The government proclaimed this act of murder to be an act of heroic patriotism.

    So, let’s summarize: the government, which got into power by a bloody coup, cheers the killing of its citizens just for their political views, and loudly calls the people responsible heroes. This is how a fascist state acts.

    By this time, govenment-supporting segments of social networks are full of malicious glee regarding the killings, jokes about burnt bodies, etc.
    Both the nationalistic part of the population and the parliament (no more than government’s obedient stooges at the moment) support the killings. No doubts, this is fascism, carefully nurtured inside the population.

    At the same time, but now in different areas – Slavyansk and Kramatorsk cities, the regular army started shooting at civilians. Officially, it is an anti-terrorism operation, but people have no any opportunity of evacuation, and the troops attack the civilian population indiscriminately.

    At the moment there is no reliable information on the exact number of victims. For Odessa the numbers range from 39 to 70 people, and for Kramatorsk from 12 to 70. It’s almost impossible to verify due to ongoing fighting.

    So it’s your choice – to believe in pretty news headlines or to call things what they are are: This is a real civil war against fascism.

    Open your eyes to the truth. You will not see it on the mainstream news channels.

    Stay connected to the real world and repost is as much as pos

    • Real sad part is: USA and England and France did the same to Germany 1937.. But the plan was initiated way back in 1917 ( Versilias Agreement) Which partitioned part of Germany to Poland. Germans got suckered into invading mean spirited Polish–who were terrorizing the Jews and once the German people. Hopefully Russia doesn’t fall for it–invading Ukraine and rescuing the Russian population. Ukraine will implode give it time Putin.

      • George Archer —

        Take a look at this video interview of Norman Dodd, who was in charge of the Reece Committee to investigate tax-exempt foundations in the early part of the twentieth century — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5eHdTk5hjw

        here’s a transcript of the interview — http://www.supremelaw.org/authors/dodd/interview.htm

        And a book Dodd compiled, summarizing the activities of the Committee (whose work was aborted by Congress) —


        The most interesting passage in the book:

        “during the four years, 1933-1936, a change took place which was so drastic as to constitute a “revolution” . They also indicated conclu- sively that the responsibility for the economic welfare of the Amer- ican people had been transferred heavily to the Executive Branch of
        the Federal Government ; that a corresponding change in education had taken place from an impetus ou of the local community,
        -and that this “revolution” had occurred without violence and with the full consent of an overwhelming majority of the electorate .

        . Res. 217, within the seventeen month period,
        In seeking to explain this unprecedented phenomenon, subse- quent studies pursued by the staff clearly showed it could not have Qccurred keacefully, or with the consent of the majority, unless education in the_United States had been prepared in advance to endorse it.”

        ASK yourself: WHAT else was going on between 1933-1936? (Hint: “JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY, Mar 24, 1933”)

        What were people like Louis BRANDEIS, Felix FRANKFURTER, Rabbi Stephen WISE, Samuel UNTERMYER, Chaim WEIZMANN, Vladimir JABOTINSKY, Benzion (Milikovsky) NETANYAHU, Erich MENDELSOHN doing during this time?

  4. “Germany had every right to attack Poland”
    How so, please do explain WHAT every right Hitler had to attack Poland.

    • What right did Germany have to invade Poland?
      Treaty of Versailles – 1917 the west forced Germany to part with German Lands and 2B given To Poland and Czech Republic. Polish folks are not the nicest folks you want to deal with. They were terrorizing the local Germans and Jewish population. Germany and USa had a sinister plan–send Jews into Palestine.. Over 175,000 Polish and Czech Jews were sent into Palestine by 1938

      read please ”

      Poles Exposed As Killers
      Of Jews In WWII Holocaust
      Event – Not Nazis
      By Paul Heinrichs

      • George Archers,

        you are uneducated frankly speaking.

        No, 1918.

        No, Versailles.

        No, 1939.

        „Which partitioned part of Germany to Poland”?
        No, parts of Poland partitioned previously by Prussia/Germany.

        „mean spirited Polish–who were terrorizing the Jews and once the German people” ???
        No, 3.500.000 Jews in Poland till 1939 with special privileges and no claims to Poland + hundreds of thousands Jews immigration from Germany to Poland in late 30`.

        You are mean spirited anti-Polish individual.

        • Wos or is/it Worse

          Listen dude before you go half cocked read history.

          Spoon feed you here :
          larger …

          Chamberlain and Hitler 1938 | The National Archives

          In September 1938 he turned his attention to the three million Germans living in
          part of Czechoslovakia called the Sudetenland. … During this situation, the British
          Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, flew to meet Hitler at …. The same day,
          Britain declared war on Germany. … Image : CN 11/6 – Neville Chamberlain in

      • Truth hurts–fella! I’ll bet you 410 cash that you believe 19 arabs pulled off Sept 11 2001 and the Jews were innocent on the matter. What does that have to do with the subject? Lots–most Americans are stupid. http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=40

        ” The middle class thus turned their voting habits towards Germany’s National Socialist Party whose platform was to bolster Germany against the moral decline caused by influential Jews. By 1932 there were twenty times as many Jewish government officials in Germany’s Weimer Republic as had existed before 1919. Zionists of international attachments were insinuating themselves into key positions in the German administrative machine.

        In September of 1933, Dr. Manfred Reifer, a well-known leader of the German Jews wrote in the Jewish magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung:

        —— “Whilst large sections of the German nation are struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews fill Germany with our vociferations. We supply the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter. We ridicule the highest ideals of the German nation and profane the matters which it holds sacred.”
        ——————Read on……..

        • “that you believe 19 arabs pulled off Sept 11 2001”
          I don’t. It was an inside job. Koshers along with the US kosher gov.

          Putin invaded?
          Bullshit. Took a chance while the US/Zio plan didn’t work out as planned.

  5. Question for all : Why hundreds of thousands of Polish Jews were leaving Poland and immigrating into Germany which by 1932 general public wanted it stopped and the Jews declared war on Germany? Answer is obvious: “What right did Germany have to invade Poland?”
    What rights does Russia have to invade Ukraine? Russia and Germany had the full right.

    • Reading one shady book makes you an expert on Polish history, huh?

      Well – IT DOESN’T.
      You don’t even get the dates correctly, you mixing up the nations.

      Mind, uneducated one, there was not ONE moment in history of human kind where the Jews moved OUT of Poland. They were constantly moving IN, especially from Germany in the ’30.

      Get the facts straight before making a total fool out of yourself.

    • Another question for all:
      why one poster has based all of his ‘knowledge’ on a book, that was written by the lines based on another book?

      The one book that was totally destroyed by historians from all over the world?

      And why this poster thinks he’s like Alpha and Omega?

      What, admin, you won’t post that, will you? You’ve blocked everything I have posted so far. This is worse than the commie censorship. Have a great day.

  6. I believe Vladimir Putin is an enormously canny fellow.

    His use of the term “Nazi” to stir up fear is exquisite: it puts the zionists — like Victoria Kagan Nuland & her gang of thugs — in a box: either Nazis in the 1930s-1940s were not evil but were just defending their country, as some Ukrainians and Russians are defending their country, or Nuland is actively collaborating with the ultimate force of evil in all of known civilization.

    Which is it, Kagan Nuland?