Former Australian foreign minister exposes Zionist lobby power

Former Australian foreign minister exposes Zionist lobby power


bob-carrA controversy is swirling in Australia involving a former foreign minister and the country’s influential Zionist lobby.


by Brandon Martinez


Bob Carr, who served as Australia’s foreign minister in the administration of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, recently published a memoir detailing his experiences on the job. In the book Carr hones in on the Israeli lobby, which he says has “extraordinary” and “unhealthy” influence in Australian politics and had a “direct line” into the decision-making processes of the Gillard administration. Not only is Organized Zionism’s grip on Australia unhealthy, it is dangerous and corrosive.

Former PM Julia Gillard  and Former FM Bob Carr
Former FM Bob Carr (L) Former PM Julia Gillard (R)Organized
In recent media interviews Carr has said that Gillard overruled his suggestion that Australia not block the Palestinian bid to attain upgraded ‘non-member observer state’ status at the United Nations in 2012 and that this was a direct result of the Zionist lobby’s pull on the former prime minister. Carr also revealed that Gillard was so immovable in her pro-Israel partisanship that she impeded him from making routine statements of concern about the growth and expansion of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank because it would upset the Zionist lobby.

When asked by ABC (Australia) reporter Sarah Ferguson how such a small group of people could wield so much power, Carr mentioned the significant amount of political campaign donations stemming from Zionist sources as well as the Zionist lobby’s courting of Australian politicians and journalists by sponsoring all-expenses-paid-for trips to Israel. Carr accused Gillard of “subcontracting” Australia’s foreign policy vis-à-vis the Middle East to her wealthy Jewish backers.

In 2013 Gillard received the Jerusalem Prize for her unwavering support of the Zionist apartheid state and its terroristic policies. Members of Australia’s main Zionist groups praised Gillard for her “ongoing support of the aspirations of Israel’s people” and noted that she “empathises with the Jewish people and our connection with the land of Israel.” “[T]he Zionist movement of Australia are honoured to be able to demonstrate our gratitude and respect for Ms Gillard’s many years as an unstinting supporter of the Jewish and Zionist cause,” said Sam Tatarka, president of the Zionist Council of Victoria.

Gillard unveiled her brazen Jewish exceptionalist mentality during a visit to the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne in 2012, where she stated that the holocaust was “the greatest crime humanity has ever known.” It is unlikely that Gillard is unaware of the more than 60 million non-Jews who perished during the Second World War, or of the millions of Russian and Ukrainian Christians killed by Jewish Bolsheviks throughout the 1920s and 1930s. Revealing her callous and cold-blooded outlook, Gillard ignores those victims because recognizing their suffering would undermine the racist Talmudic myth that Jews are the world’s ultimate and perennial victims.

AIJAC Leilbler
Australia Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) Mark Leilbler
The reaction of Australia’s Zionist lobby to Bob Carr’s revelations has been predictably lame.The Zionist kingpin Mark Leibler of the Australia Israel & Jewish Affairs Council dismissed Carr’s exposition about “The Lobby” as a “figment of his imagination.” When faced with truths about their undue influence, the Zionists merely sneer at and heap ridicule upon those like Carr who are brave enough to state the obvious.

Former Congresswoman Cynthia MckinneyFormer American politicians have expressed similar sentiments to Carr’s. Cynthia McKinney, a former congresswoman from Georgia, said that she was ousted from congress by the Israeli lobby because of her outspoken support of the Palestinians. She once told an interviewer that 99 per cent of members of the US congress are veritable servants of Zionist interests. Former congressman Paul Findley wrote a book about the enormous power of Israel’s lobby in the US entitled: They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby.

Another former congressman, James Traficant, told Greta van Susteren of Fox News that Israel and its supporters in the US have “a powerful stranglehold” over the American government. “We’re conducting the expansionist policy of Israel and everyone’s too afraid to say it,” remarked Traficant in reference to the disastrous Iraq war.

The Zionists, said Traficant, “control both members of the House… and the Senate. They have us involved in wars in which we have little or no interest.” These Zionist elements “control much of the media [and] control much of the commerce of the country,” Traficant stressed.  The late Helen Thomas, a renowned American journalist and White House correspondent, echoed Traficant’s perspective, telling an audience in Detroit that “congress, the White House, Hollywood, and Wall Street are owned by Zionists. No question in my opinion.”

AIPAC-takes-the-HillThe credible assertions of these Washington insiders have been validated by a number of boastful Jewish writers themselves. One such braggart was Elad Nehorai who penned an op-ed for the Times of Israel wherein he implored his fellow Zionists to be more honest about their influence as a point of pride. “Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene,” wrote Nehorai. The pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC, observed Nehorai, “was essentially constructed just to drive agenda in Washington DC. And it succeeds admirably.” That organization is “practically the equivalent of the Elders of Zion” he added. “The truth is,” Nehorai conceded, “the anti-Semites got it right… We own a whole freaking country.” 

Nehorai’s supremacist musings seem to have been inspired by a 2008 Los Angeles Times article authored by Joel Stein. In that piece, titled “Who Controls Hollywood? C'mon,” Stein bragged candidly about Jewish power in Hollywood, stating that “Jews totally run Hollywood” and calling Americans “dumb” for not recognizing that fact. “As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood,” Stein gloated. “But I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

The very fact that discussing Zionist influence is taboo in Western societies is in and of itself an indication of their pervasive power. “To find out where the power lies, ask whom you cannot criticize,” as the wise credo goes. The unusual dichotomy that Zionists like Stein and Nehorai are able to say the things quoted above without any repercussions, while non-Jews who have made comparable assertions are castigated as anti-Semites, haters and conspiracy theorists, underscores the Talmudic double standard that permeates much of public discourse on this important issue.

However, the tide is slowly but surely turning, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Zionists cannot keep a lid on their intrigues any longer.

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Brandon Martinez is a freelance writer/journalist from Canada with a specialty in foreign policy, international affairs as well as 20th and 21st century history. He has been blogging for years on the issues of Zionism, Israel-Palestine, American and Canadian foreign policy, war, terrorism and deception in media and politics. He has been an outspoken critic of the farcical "war on terror," the official version of the September 11 attacks as well as other "official" stories and establishment-approved "histories." He is a frequent contributor to Iran's Press TV news service. He can be reached at:,


  1. what is never mentioned–the money that AIPAC and other Jewish organizations use to bribe American politicians actually comes from tax payers. It is known that $3billion is handed out yearly. Alot more is given in tax write offs.Only cure is to stop tax breaks and investing and above all–no American aid to Israel.

    • Exactly!! True.


      Many of us have been observing the power and influence of the Israel Lobby in Australia grow since Julia Gillard took office. Gillard was fully funded by the Israel Lobby.


      Rudd was replaced in months after his office (as did Britain) outted the Israeli diplomat publicly on charges of misuse of office and letting friends down by mis-use of Australian passports after concluding there was compelling evidence that Israel was responsible for the use of forged British and Australian passports in the plot to slay a senior Hamas member in Dubai.

      Kevin Rudd's sudden and quick replacement went un-noticed or mentioned in the Media.  Such is the power of the Lobby.

      Indeed, Gillard was a water-carrier, a bag carrier, a messenger and an expendable dupe… an easy mark to set up for the blame...



      Also see:







  2. Bob Carr: Australia's foreign policy was "subcontracted" to Jewish donors


    (1) Bob Carr: Australia's foreign policy was "subcontracted" to Jewish donors

    (2) Bob Carr reveals former Attorney General Mark Dreyfus' "umbilical attachment" to Israel

    (3) Carr reveals Gillard cabinet's subservience to Lobby over Palestine policy

    (4) Carr revelations helpful to US resistance against Zionist Lobby – Mycatbirdseat

    (5) Gillard "cloth-eared" on Israel – Gareth Evans, foreign minister in 1990s

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    (7) Bob Carr's 'Israel lobby' claims inaccurate, bizarre – Mark Leibler


    (1) Bob Carr: Australia's foreign policy was "subcontracted" to Jewish donors



    Bob Carr diaries: foreign policy was subcontracted to Jewish donors


    Ex-foreign minister casts light on support for Israel – and his obsession with diet and the indignities of businesss class travel


    Lenore Taylor, political editor, Wednesday 9 April 2014 19.16 AEST


    Former foreign minister Bob Carr has suggested Julia Gillard's dogged insistence on supporting Israel in a controversial United Nations vote was because Australian foreign policy had been "subcontracted" to Jewish donors.


    In a new biography about his 18 months as foreign minister, Carr reveals deep tensions within Labor over foreign policy and intimate details of his conversations with foreign leaders – including an April 2012 meeting with David Miliband who was "pessimistic about British Labour being led by 'brother' Ed".


    In more unusual territory for a political memoir, he reveals a near-obsessive preoccupation with his diet and exercise regime, and complains about being "reduced" to business class travel.


    Bob Carr: Diary of a Foreign Minister includes a detailed account of a period in October and November 2012 when Carr campaigned against Gillard's insistence that Australia should support Israel and vote against Palestinian observer status in the United Nations.


    The bitter fight became entwined in the leadership tensions that were reaching a crescendo at the time.


    As it reached its height, he describes Kevin Rudd arriving at his parliament house office "purse-lipped, choirboy hair, speaking in that sinister monotone. A chilling monotone".


    Rudd's had a "morbid interest" in the issue which had the potential to impact both on Australia's fate in the upcoming vote for a seat on the UN security council and on his own chances to return to the prime ministership.


    "How much of this is about money, I asked him," Carr writes. "He said about one-fifth of the money he had raised in the 2007 election campaign had come from the Jewish community."


    Carr concludes that "subcontracting our foreign policy to party donors is what this involves. Or appears to involve."


    He describes how nine ministers spoke against Gillard when the issue was discussed by cabinet, and only two in favour of her position.


    But she remained unmoved and said it was a "prime minister's call". She only changed her mind when she realised she was set to be overruled by the caucus – which would have ended her already tenuous hold on the leadership. […]


    Carr, who served as NSW premier for 10 years, entered the Senate and became foreign minister at the request of former prime minister Julia Gillard in March 2012, when Kevin Rudd returned to the backbench after losing a leadership challenge. He stood for another six-year term in the number one position on the NSW Senate ticket, but announced his resignation a few weeks after the election.


    (2) Bob Carr reveals former Attorney General Mark Dreyfus' "umbilical attachment" to Israel



    Falafel factions, Likudniks and Bob Carr: inside the battle for Israeli influence






    APRIL 11, 2014 12:00AM


    ACCORDING to Bob Carr, this was the falafel faction laid bare. Mark Dreyfus, with an "umbilical attachment" to the cause of Israel. Stephen Conroy, disturbed at the turn of events, signalling to ally Bill Shorten to join the fray, "as if he was in a Kingsville branch meeting itching to do in the local lefties". Julia Gillard, prime minister, determined to vote no, putting Australia "in lock-step with the Likud".


    Was this high-level evidence of the Melbourne Jewish lobby unduly shaping Australian foreign policy or worse — "subcontracting out foreign policy to party donors?" Or was it something less sinister; a robust debate over one of history's most fraught questions: how best to advance peace in the Middle East? […]


    (3) Carr reveals Gillard cabinet's subservience to Lobby over Palestine policy


    From: ReporterNotebook <> Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 00:19:30 -0400


    From: Fredrick Toben <<>> Date: Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 11:13 PM


    Carr targets Gillard over ‘shameful’ Palestine policy


    Tony Walker – 09 Apr 2014 21:31:07



    Tony Walker


    Australian Financial Review


    Published: 09 Apr 2014 21:31:07 | Updated: 10 Apr 2014 19:08:21


    Former foreign minister Bob Carr has launched a withering denunciation of ex prime minister Julia Gillard and Victorian allies, including Bill Shorten, over their attempts to stymie an Australian vote at the United Nations to elevate Palestine’s status.


    Carr also heaps scorn on Gillard staff-member Bruce Wolpe, whom he portrays as a tool of a Melbourne-based pro-Israel lobby, for his efforts to ensure Australia maintained an uncritical view of Israel’s settlements policy.


    In his new book, Diary of a Foreign Minister, Carr provides a detailed account of the most contentious foreign policy issue of the Gillard prime ministership, and one that threatened to splinter the cabinet.


    Carr’s battles with Gillard and her close advisers, including Wolpe and then cabinet secretary, Victorian MP Mark Dreyfus, over Israel, mark sour component of his term in office.


    “Our stance on the Middle East is shameful,” he writes in his diary of November 10, 2012.


    “In lockstep with the Likud, designed to feed the worst instincts of Israel, and encourage it to self-destruct.’’


    In the same diary entry Carr complains bitterly he was prevented from using the word “condemn’’ to characterise Australia’s reaction to Benjamin Netanyahu government’s continuing settlement activity.


    Carr laments that “all statements on the Middle East’’ had to be drawn to the attention of Wolpe and Dreyfus in the PM’s office.


    He was told by Wolpe and/or Dreyfus “we don’t use the word condemn”, and “whatever we do, advise the Israeli ambassador first”.


    American-born Wolpe is a former US Congressional staff member. He was director of corporate affairs at Fairfax Media from 1999 – 2009.


    Carr’s detailed account of the intense argument in cabinet that preceded Australia’s decision to abstain on a vote elevating Palestine’s status to observer at the UN provides an extraordinary insight into the extent to which Gillard identified herself with Israel’s interests.


    Outnumbered 10-2 in cabinet on the Palestine question (only communications minister Stephen Conroy and workplace relations minister Bill Shorten supported her), Gillard insisted it was her prerogative to say “no” in defiance of a cabinet consensus.


    “Her brisk efficiency descended into a style that was icy and robotic,” Carr writes in a November 27 entry.


    In the end, a weakened prime minister changed her stance and agreed that Australia would abstain on the Palestine vote in recognition that her own cabinet had abandoned her.


    Carr had prevailed over those he refers to in his book contemptuously as the “falafel faction”.


    (4) Carr revelations helpful to US resistance against Zionist Lobby – Mycatbirdseat



    Former Australian foreign minister exposes Zionist lobby power


    Brandon Martinez




    April 22, 2014 1


    […] Former American politicians have expressed similar sentiments to Carr’s. Cynthia McKinney, a former congresswoman from Georgia, said that she was ousted from congress by the Israeli lobby because of her outspoken support of the Palestinians. […]


    (5) Gillard "cloth-eared" on Israel – Gareth Evans, foreign minister in 1990s



    Gillard cloth-eared on Israel, says Evans




    The Australian


    April 15, 2014 12:00AM


    JULIA Gillard was a "cloth-eared" prime minister promoting the worst Australian foreign policy decision for a generation when she refused to accept views about Israel outside those of the influential Victorian Jewish lobby, according to former Labor foreign minister Gareth Evans.


    Mr Evans said yesterday his foreign minister successor Bob Carr had ensured Australia was "not seen internationally as being on the wrong side of history" when he successfully forced Ms Gillard to drop her demand that Australia vote "no" to a resolution giving Palestine the status of a UN observer.


    Speaking at the Sydney launch of Mr Carr's book Diary of a Foreign Minister, Mr Evans rated Mr Carr's leadership role on the UN vote in November 2012 as the "signature achievement" of his 18-month tenure as Australia's top diplomat.


    Claims by Mr Carr in his book that Ms Gillard's office sub–contracted out Australia's Middle East policymaking to the Israel lobby in Melbourne and took a "shameful, in lock-step" stance with the Likud party have enraged sections of the local Jewish lobby, even prompting accusations of bigotry from pro-Israel Labor MP Michael Danby.


    Mr Carr succeeded in pushing a cabinet and partyroom rebellion against Ms Gillard — at a cost of deep embarrassment to her — to abandon her intended "no" vote on Palestinian observer status, in favour of abstaining.


    Mr Evans said he was sure Ms Gillard believed the judgments she made were based on principle, but the "no" vote she supported would have been the worst Australian foreign policy for a generation, as Mr Carr had recorded him saying at the time.


    Voting no, the Hawke government foreign minister said, would have been wrong in principle for Australia and left " us totally isolated from every friend we had in the world apart from the US and Israel".


    It would have also "mortally wounded our credibility and effectiveness on the UN security council to which Australia had just been elected".


    Mr Evans, an informal sounding board for Mr Carr during his stint as foreign minister, headed the Brussels-based International Crisis Group after leaving politics in 2000 and is now chancellor of Australian National University.


    He said lobbyists from the Victorian Jewish community had influenced him to campaign against the "Zionism as Racism" resolution when he was foreign minister — and he was proud to do so because the cause was just.


    "But it also lost me — and my fellow Victorian Bob Hawke — when it lost its way, as it continued to do to this day, on the larger Palestinian issue.


    "It certainly very strongly influenced Gillard, but I am sure she made the judgments she did, cloth-eared they may have been, on what she believed to be a principled basis."


    (6) Australian Jews bash former FM over Lobby claims – Jerusalem Post



    Australian Jews bash former FM for claims 'Israel lobby' holds 'unhealthy' sway


    Jerusalem Post


    April 10, 2014


    In new book, Bob Carr alleges pro-Israel lobby in Melbourne wields "unhealthy" hold over Australia's foreign policy. 


    John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, who wrote a 2007 book alleging that the “Israel lobby” has a stranglehold on US Foreign policy, have an Australian cousin: former foreign minister Bob Carr.


    Carr, in a new book, Diary of a Foreign Minister, and in interviews promoting the memoir, slammed what he called the “unhealthy” hold the pro-Israel lobby in Melbourne wields over Australia’s foreign policy.


    Carr, Australia’s Labor Party foreign minister from March 2012 to September 2013, chronicled a bitter political fight in late 2012 with then-prime minister Julia Gillard over how Australia would vote in the 2012 UN General Assembly vote to recognize the Palestinians as a non-member state.


    Gillard opposed, while her political rival at the time Kevin Rudd, and Carr himself, were in favor. Rudd, according to a report of the book in The Guardian, went to Carr to talk about the vote.


    “How much of this is about money, I asked him,” Carr wrote. “He said about one-fifth of the money he had raised in the 2007 election campaign had come from the Jewish community.”


    Carr concluded that “subcontracting our foreign policy to party donors is what this involves. Or appears to involve.”


    In the end, Australia abstained in the vote, surprising Jerusalem, which expected that it would vote against the move.


    Speaking Thursday to the Australian Broadcasting Company, Carr took the charges even further, saying that “extreme right wing” pro-Israel lobbyists held an “unhealthy “ influence over Australia’s policy toward Israel.


    “I found it very frustrating that we couldn’t issue, for example, a routine expression of concern about the spread of Israeli settlements on the West Bank – great blocs of housing for Israeli citizens going up on land that everyone regards as part of the future Palestinian state if there is to be a two-state solution,” he said.


    “The important point about a Diary of a Foreign Minister is you shine light on areas of government that are otherwise in darkness, and the influence of lobby groups is one of those areas.


    “What I’ve done is to spell out how the extremely conservative instincts of the pro-Israel lobby in Melbourne were exercised through the then-prime minister’s office,” he said.


    Colin Rubenstein, the executive director of the Australia/ Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, slammed Carr for his comments, saying his organization was “puzzled and disappointed” by his “strange claims” that Australian foreign policy was under the sway of the pro-Israel lobby, apparently a reference to AIJAC.


    “It is frankly sad when an elected official imagines that disagreement with their policy position must stem from malicious influences,” he said.


    Rubenstein said the allegations that the lobby held unhealthy sway over Gillard “show her a distinct lack of respect.”


    “Ms. Gillard was an independent- thinking prime minister who is fully as capable of coming to her own conclusions about optimum Australian foreign policies, as is Mr.


    Carr,” he said. “The fact that some of her conclusions on promoting Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation were different from Carr’s is no more evidence that she was under the influence of ‘unhealthy’ pro-Israeli lobbying than Carr’s views are evidence that he is under the ‘sway’ of Australia’s several pro-Palestinian lobby groups.”


    (7) Bob Carr's 'Israel lobby' claims inaccurate, bizarre – Mark Leibler


    From: ReporterNotebook <> Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 11:59:29 -0400 Subject: Bob Carr's 'Israel lobby' claims inaccurate, bizarre



    Bob Carr's 'Israel lobby' claims inaccurate, bizarre


    Mark Leibler


    Sydney Morning Herald


    April 11, 2014


    Bob Carr’s interviews on Wednesday on the ABC's 7.30 and Lateline, spruiking the publication of his The Diary of a Foreign Minister, make various claims about what he refers to as the Melbourne "Israel lobby" exercising extraordinary influence over the office of prime minister Julia Gillard.


    Referring to a meeting in April 2013, Carr says that I adopted a "how-dare-you" tone. For a former foreign minister to characterise a normal, cordial and frank exchange as potentially intimidatory is not only inaccurate but a little bizarre.


    Strangely enough, he said nothing at the time or in the following months that would indicate that I had earned his displeasure. Perhaps Carr has a problem with anyone disagreeing with him: Such extraordinary thin skin has Carr. Such a delicate disposition from a man who sees himself as an energetic "gladiator" and describes himself as the "best chairman" he knows, is surprising.


    Carr has now publicly criticised the approach of what he calls the “Israel lobby” in its dealings with government. At the breakfast that followed my April 2013 meeting with Carr, where I hosted more than 40 Jewish community leaders, Carr openly praised the manner and tone in which views were exchanged and described them as a model of effective engagement with government. Advertisement


    Carr now claims he was frustrated that he couldn't express his concern about Israeli settlements. Nevertheless, he managed to do so at every opportunity, loudly and clearly. What he is really upset about is that his view did not always prevail. The person he needed to convince was the prime minister. Much to his chagrin, the prime minister exercised independent judgment in relation to this as well as all other issues.


    Were anyone to claim that Carr's excessive emphasis on settlements was due to anything other than his own independent judgment, he would be outraged, and rightly so. He would say, no doubt, that he is more than capable of making up his own mind. On what basis does he presume that the then prime minister had less capacity to exercise similar judgment?


    Carr’s claim that Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council and the Jewish community take an extreme right-wing view on Israel is disingenuous. Carr knows that there are quite a range of different views in Israel and within the Australian Jewish community in relation to settlements. The vast majority of the Jewish community, including the AIJAC, support a negotiated two-state solution, as does Carr.


    This is the position that has been shared by all Australian governments since the 1993 Oslo Accords. It has also been the position of all US and European Union governments. Thus Carr would also categorise all successive Australian, US and European Union governments over the past 21 years as “extreme right-wing”.


    What makes Carr the odd one out is his obsessive focus on settlements to the exclusion of everything else – settlements as the sole obstacle to peace. On this point, he is wrong and we make no apologies for saying so. The real obstacles to peace include the ongoing incitement to hatred of Israel, and the Palestinian refusal to accept Israel as a reality in the Middle East.


    Carr, attending Holocaust remembrance commemorations and naming Primo Levi’s book as the most important book of the past 100 years does not make you a supporter of Israel or the Jewish people. It makes you a human being.


    Bob Carr is a very human, human being.

    Bob Carr is not a bigot.

    Bob Carr is not an anti-Semite.

    Bob Carr is a prime minister that never was, making the best of a lost opportunity.

    No doubt he will sell books.

    Mark Leibler is National Chairman of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council.


  3. Bob Carr used to be the Premier of NSW Aust.He left it in an economic mess.When he resigned from Govt within 8 weeks had a consultancy for Macquarie Bank lining up prime contracts for them on a part time consultancy salary of $500,000.00.The Macquarie Bank is known as the millionaires club.

    Now Bob loves US history and was reported to go with Henry Kissenger  to the Bohemien Grove.Perhaps Bob had an awakening when he went to the Grove.

  4. Yes. Excellent work all round.

    Sadly Australia is a sycophantic little puppet when it comes to the USA and also now, it seems, Israel.

    “It is true that Julia Gillard, former Australian Prime Minister, such as she was, has been under the Jewish thumb since University. She was targeted even then as is the practice of the long term Zionist planners (see grafters) ever

    No different downunder. Graft is so welcome at election time.

    As a really professional example, look at the infamous Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas parting with US $100 million fo Republicans in the USA if he can pick the Presidential candidate, which he will. Probably has done so already. Mind you, hasn?t reached that stage in sleepy Australia yet, but it will. Look at the UK and then Canada, even worse. With the USA though, it is completely off the decency planet.

    They know nothing else in the USA now.

    Yes, Bob Carr certainly was able to bring enough forces to bear on the feckless Gillard to cancel out a NO vote from Gillard on instructions from her mentors and moneylenders in Melbourne in spite of the fact that over 70% of real people in Australia support Palestine in relation to Palestine’s Membership at the UN. But it ended up as an abstained vote. Some satisfaction in that I would think and well done, Mr. Carr, for your efforts. The Jews of course have tried to ridicule him as is their modus operandi since then, but fortunately for all concerned, better awareness of the Zionist cancer in the country is now the result. He is also a good tried and proven Australian. They are dual-passported Israelis of Convenience.

    Loyalty to Australia definitely not a requirement.

    Interesting the difference between Australia and the USA though. In America is it not the ?Zionists? but the ?Neocons?, but in Australia, the hated Zionist word is there for all to see. At the moment, they even have meetings, Zionist this, Zionist that. Doubt if many Australians are even interested in spelling the word let alone know or care what the evil Zionist manifesto states. It is the football season, after all….and that’s the important thing.

    However, part of the manifesto is “We own America”, straight from the mouth of the Machiavellian Netanyahu so it must be right. Would he lie to you?

    What the other feckless Labor sheep in Australia are doing while all this is going on is anyone’s guess. Right now, the same Gillard is shoring up all her compromised associates to fight off a legal charge of misusing ?slush? funds in a past life but you can count on the fact that the Jews will be in there assisting her in her legal case. They have spent too much time and money on her to watch it all fly away. And she does live in Melbourne, the Zionist capital of Australia, so they would see her every day.

    So, yes, Bob Carr’s book and comments did have some impact on the politics of that over-governed nanny country but like anything else there, if it isn’t a football score or a sex scandal, it will all be forgotten in a week.

    Sadly, however, the governing Liberals also have an unhealthy subservience to the Jews. Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister, the Defence Minister, all part of the Zionist plan there as well and decidedly well past the post with all three. But Julie Bishop is the one to watch with her fast-tracking of Israelis visas, many visits to Israel and who knows, probably a second passport with the Israeli star on the cover. She sold out, well and truly. With Defence, the hero of the Western Australian Zionists is David Johnson, as was the Labor Defence Materiel Minister before him, a Mike Kelly who most likely used his influence on behalf on Israeli industries to secure contracts with Army Command and Control Systems, $ 360 million, the Australian Federal Police and all the Israeli drones use by Australians in Afghanistan, all at great expense to Australia and a great profit to Israel. They do like to control the mindless politicians and if they can also make a shekel, it’s a double whammy!

    That?s what he was there for and yes, even attending demonstrations FOR Zionism at the gates of the Israel Embassy. One can see where his loyalties rest. And in case you forgot, he was a Minister in Defence.

    Right in your face, Aussies

    So that’s the name of the game. He did his part well and it is still being continued by the new political players, no doubt at great cost to the country.

    Time will tell.

    Kelly once stated that the Palestinian regime had scuttled elections and had “a shocking record of maiming, of torturing, of human rights abuses, of denying people due process, of summary and extrajudicial executions”. Yes, he actually said all that.

    He obviously has not read of the thousands murdered and ethnically-cleansed in Palestine by the hated israel over the 66 years of cruel military occupation. Of course, it helps if you are closely connected to Israel by family and probably over there at this moment honing up his Zionist skills for future use for the Zionists state of Israel, or under some future Zionist assignment in his old country, Australia.

    What a tolerant country Australia must be. Oh, did I mention? He was a Minister in Defence. Out of Parliament now and one guess as to where he is plying his trade.

    So Bob Carr did seriously raise the matter. Well done, Bob. There is nothing you have done in your life that has been more important.

    If others found some guts and followed his example throughout the world, we wouldn’t be subject to the insidious penetration of Zionists with their cock-eyed, arrogant and self-absorbed thinking with their long term plans for a New World Order populated by Jews and “goyims”, (that’s the rest of us) with an occasional ‘token Jew’ like Gillard, Bishop or Clinton, if they continue to toe the line , that is.

    All it takes is guts like Bob Carr and the world would decidedly be a better place.

    Perhaps peace

  5. Israel is an apartheid state ! How ironic Jews like Bob Hawke (and Joe Slovo) opposed the Afrikaans (& Japanese financed) Apartheid State in South Africa ( & known Communist Terrorist Nelson Mandela and his bitch wife, Winnie Mandela, who treated their fellow blacks far worse than the Boers ever did- ex- burning tires thrown around political victims) .

    I lived in Israel in the late 1970’s. I was forced against my will to do the Kibbutz, after my nervous breakdown in 1976-77. My parents were pious devout Jews, I had to seek their approval. Israel was a nice break from the dullness of 1970’s Australia, but the level of racism and hypocrisy there sickened me. Here’s a poem dedicated to this issue-


    We can bomb the people of Syria and Iraq

    We can hurt them and leave them flat

    But we are very nice politically correct people

    We claim to be the mythical ANZACS of the brave and bold

    But like good little colonial provincials, we still do as we are told !

    We do the dirty bombing raids for our Zionist mates,

    While we lock out the beautiful refugees at our border gates

    But I repeat again, we are nice politically correct people