Ukraine and the grand chessboard

Ukraine and the grand chessboard


While a tentative new world order slouches towards all points Global South to be born, Robocop NATO dreams of war.


By Pepe Escobar

Asia Times


John-Brennan-counter-terrorismThe US State Department, via spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki, said that reports of CIA Director John Brennan telling regime changers in Kiev to "conduct tactical operations" – or an "anti-terrorist" offensive – in eastern Ukraine are "completely false". This means Brennan did issue his marching orders. And by now the "anti-terrorist" campaign – with its nice little Dubya rhetorical touch – has degenerated into farce.


Now couple that with NATO secretary general, Danish retriever yapping about the strengthening of military footprint along NATO's eastern border: "We will have more planes in the air, mores ships on the water and more readiness on the land."

Welcome to the Two Stooges doctrine of post-modern warfare.

Pay up or freeze to death

Ukraine is for all practical purposes broke. The Kremlin's consistent position for the past three months has been to encourage the European Union to find a solution to Ukraine's dire economic mess. Brussels did nothing. It was betting on regime change to the benefit of Germany's heavyweight puppet Vladimir Klitschko, aka Klitsch The Boxer.

Vicky-neocon-KaganRegime change did happen, but orchestrated by the Khaganate of Nulands – a neo-con cell of the State Department and its assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nulands. And now the presidential option is between – what else – two US puppets, choco-billionaire Petro Poroshenko and "Saint Yulia" Timoshenko, Ukraine's former prime minister, ex-convict and prospective president. The EU is left to pick up the (unpayable) bill. Enter the International Monetary Fund – via a nasty, upcoming "structural adjustment" that will send Ukrainians to a hellhole even grimmer than the one they are already familiar with.

Once again, for all the hysteria propagated by the US Ministry of Truth and its franchises across the Western corporate media, the Kremlin does not need to "invade" anything. If Gazprom does not get paid all it needs to do is to shut down the Ukrainian stretch of Pipelineistan. Kiev will then have no option but to use part of the gas supply destined for some EU countries so Ukrainians won't run out of fuel to keep themselves and the country's industries alive. And the EU – whose "energy policy" overall is already a joke – will find itself with yet another self-inflicted problem.

The EU will be mired in a perennial lose-lose situation if Brussels does not talk seriously with Moscow. There's only one explanation for the refusal: hardcore Washington pressure, mounted via the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Again, to counterpunch the current hysteria – the EU remains Gazprom's top client, with 61% of its overall exports. It's a complex relationship based on interdependence. The capitalization of Nord Stream, Blue Stream and the to-be-completed South Stream includes German, Dutch, French and Italian companies.

So yes, Gazprom does need the EU market. But up to a point, considering the mega-deal of Siberian gas delivery to China which most probably will be signed next month in Beijing when Russian President Vladimir Putin visits President Xi Jinping.

The crucial spanner in the works

Chinese President Xi Jinping (C) and King Philippe (R) of Belgium attend state banquet
Chinese President Xi Jinping (2nd L) and his wife Peng Liyuan (1st R) are welcomed by Belgian King Philippe and Queen Mathilde at the Laeken Palace upon their arrival for a state banquet in Brussels, Belgium, March 31, 2014. (Xinhua/Pang Xinglei)
Last month, while the tortuous Ukraine sideshow was in progress, President Xi was in Europe clinching deals and promoting yet another branch of the New Silk Road all the way to Germany.

In a sane, non-Hobbesian environment, a neutral Ukraine would only have to gain by positioning itself as a privileged crossroads between the EU and the proposed Eurasian Union – as well as becoming a key node of the Chinese New Silk Road offensive. Instead, the Kiev regime changers are betting on acceptance into the EU (it simply won't happen) and becoming a NATO forward base (the key Pentagon aim).

As for the possibility of a common market from Lisbon to Vladivostok – which both Moscow and Beijing are aiming at, and would be also a boon for the EU – the Ukraine disaster is a real spanner in the works.

And a spanner in the works that, crucially, suits only one player: the US government.

The Obama administration may – and "may" is the operative word here – have realized the US government has lost the battle to control Pipelineistan from Asia to Europe, despite all the efforts of the Dick Cheney regime. What energy experts call the Asian Energy Security Grid is progressively evolving – as well as its myriad links to Europe.

So what's left for the Obama administration is this spanner in the works – still trying to scotch the full economic integration of Eurasia.

The Obama administration is predictably obsessed with the EU's increasing dependency on Russian gas. Thus its grandiose plan to position US shale gas for the EU as an alternative to Gazprom. Even assuming this might happen, it would take at least a decade – with no guarantee of success. In fact, the real alternative would be Iranian gas – after a comprehensive nuclear deal and the end of Western sanctions (the whole package, not surprisingly, being sabotaged en masse by various Beltway factions.)

Just to start with, the US cannot export shale gas to countries with which it has not signed a free trade agreement. That's a "problem" which might be solved to a great extent by the secretly negotiated Trans-Atlantic Partnership between Washington and Brussels (see Breaking bad in southern NATOstan, Asia Times Online, April 15, 2014.)

In parallel, the Obama administration keeps applying instances of "divide and rule" to scare minor players, as in spinning to the max the specter of an evil, militaristic China to reinforce the still crawling "pivoting to Asia". The whole game harks back to what Dr Zbig Brzezinski conceptualized way back in his 1997 opus The Grand Chessboard – and fine-tuned for his disciple Obama: the US ruling over Eurasia.

Putin and Xi
Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin the two most powerful men
Still the Kremlin won't be dragged into a military quagmire. It's fair to argue Putin has identified the Big Picture in the whole chessboard, which spells out an increasing Russia-China strategic partnership as crucial as an energy-manufacturing synergy with Europe; and most of all the titanic fear of US financial elites of the inevitable, ongoing process centered on the BRICS-conducted (and spreading to key Group of 20 members) drive to bypass the petrodollar.

Ultimately, this all spells out the progressive demise of the petrodollar in parallel to the ascent of a basket of currencies as the reserve currency in the international system. The BRICS are already at work on their alternative to the IMF and the World Bank, investing in a currency reserve pool and the BRICS development bank. While a tentative new world order slouches towards all points Global South to be born, Robocop NATO dreams of war.

Pepe EscobarPepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007), Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during the surge (Nimble Books, 2007), and Obama does Globalistan (Nimble Books, 2009).

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  1. I'm sad that my hopes from Obama's America is over, barring a military coup or an armed revolution, but of which would require some internal catastrophe/collapse as an essential precondition, at least for now, 2014.


    But, I think America will have morphed into something more palatable to the future generations.


    If not, I think their 20th century ideology will get smothered by the onslaught of a future connected generations that won’t buy their bigotry, superiority, or racism.


    Also, there is the question of the elites using the USA for their farm. Right now, they are still in power but by the middle of this century,
    the power looks to shift to Asia.


    When that happens, then the Zionists will be at their door looking to suck the blood from China but I am NOT sure China will answer the


    Yeah, we need to look to BRICS or BRICSI (adding Iran) as a counter balance, but half heartedly, I AGREE they do lack the core values, for which we shall gladly hold their feet to the fire.



  2. If Obama was in any sense his own man, he'd have rooted out Nuland's cell of neocons in the State Dept. and sacked them. Rather, his foreign policy is made by these people and whoever is directing them. Obama just parrots their lines.

    • @Rufus.  It's easier said sitting where you do, not in the oval office.


      The last US President who tried to do something about it was assasinated


      Most of the monkeys have families, and have to work for a living.  Who is the biggest employer in the US?  What is the biggest industry?  Who licenses all of this?


      Even though his children are protected by the US Secret Service bodyguards as they go to and from school, Obama is certainly aware that so too was John Kennedy on the day he went to Dallas.


      As there are offers which no one can refuse, there are also promises and threats which no one can ignore.


      If they cannot gimmick a car to smash into a tree, then you can bet they will somehow arrange for the tree to fall on the car.  They will  find  ways to get to everyone they want.


      Everyman has a price…. a price for living and a price for dying.  It is merely a matter of how much is required to buy him or to kill him.


      Americans don't own their country Rufus, let alone themself.  Get that?. Your President is merely a figure head, an employee, yes a mouthpiece if you please.





  3. There is no salvation for Babylon-On-The-Potomac. Behind the Beltway is wholly owned and Israeli occupied territory. Every "policy" decision made by US government is a fool's errand and pretty soon our miserably suffering world will wake up and remove the cancer that is US government. 

    As long as clueless buffoons like Psaki spit out woefully stupid remarks about Palestinians, a subject that Psaki is sorely uneducated on, the longer a real and actual peace will remain unachievable. 

    Mahmoud Abbas and the PA should dissolve and throw their fate back on the UN. The UN will fix the situation for Palestinians, sure they will.

  4. @Debbie. We certainly DON"T own our country. and EVERYONE should be clear on this. It is certainly a myth that our president is the top dog, or that the "buck stops with him", Harry Truman not withstanding. You might be surprised to know how many Americans believe in these things. Brains are washed with these ideas the moment a child emerges and begins to interpret the world around him here in the land of the red, white and blue.

    It is not naive however to desire that these things be so, instead of the status quo. I point out such as this in order to do some goading.

    While I did not vote for Obama, My hopes were that he'd do the best he could. We should remember that he once made some noises about challenging the zio status quo. That rhetoric was put to bed as he accepted his 2nd term, when he might have been able to accomplish such things. I think you yourself pointed this out to me once- that he still HAD opportunities to enact positive change.

    So I've been a bit disappointed. He never should have made such noises, and if he wanted to accomplish such acts, he should have done so quietly with an amount of plausible deniability.

    Look, Obama didn't have to ditch the Nuland crew and point them out as zios. He might have ditched them and merely pointed them out as the rogue agents that they have been acting as. They never should have been there in the first place. Obama never built his foundation properly if he was ever going to hope to ever begin to throw off the zio yoke.That's my story and I'm sticking with it.


    • @Rufus,  If Obama stayed at home and minded his own freakin' business for a bit, it might help world peace.


      It is all a Zoo… a political Zoo… stagecraft smoke and mirrors.  A game!


      Obama, hasn't the insider Washington support to go up against the influences of the zeocons, AIPAC and Israeli policy. If he persisted, he would become an even weaker, even more ridiculous, Obama.  They hate him, ever wondered why ?


      The zeocons, Vicky Nuland the Kagans, the McCains, might be wronger than hell, stupid as a brick or freakin traitors to their country and their oath as Representatives, and they may be part of the problem but they (and so many others like them) are the real threat.


      So, who do you have?


      There is no one. You can name, anyone?.   Yes, (the West, the white man, the WASP, the descendant's of European colonials, the Unitedstatesians in particular, along with their "willing coalition" of Israeli puppets, whomever or whatever you call them, do not or cannot mind their own business,and stay at home in peace.


      Call it the Anglo Saxon syndrome, The White Mans Burden, World Police mentality, Imperialism or whatever you like, that is the problem. It just ain't "supporting and defending "Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights" anywhere for anyone, but… who is going to, or who can change it?


      I know of no one who… etc, etc, etc.


      Yes, the American public reaction is amazing.  But, the depths of such public ignorance is rapidly losing its surprising quality….  literally awe inspiring.



      Recheck the dictionary for awe. It has become a pejorative term,and the abandonment of its obsolete and original meaning has turned it into an almost majestic or divine sense of approval.






  5. I am unsure whether the final comment by Don was a serious one. No, not serious.


    "The UN will fix the situation for Palestinians, sure they will.


    It might be a misunderstanding  or a cultural difference or supreme optimism but I am thinking that the "sure they will" was meant as a joke, a sick joke all the same.


    We have all seen 66 years of UN inactivity due to the Zionist dictates to the US  for the use of the US veto in the Security Council. An anachronism if ever there was one and still there. Any change in that direction would bring the blackmailing response that "we will withdraw our funding" or similar. Something like "sanctions" and no one does it better. In fact, no one does it at all but the USA and its sycophants, lapdogs, whatever along the lines of Europe, Canada, Australia  Yes, after the Crimean vote, Australia flexed its muscles, stood up tall and told Russia it was applying sanctions.

    Did Putin react? I believe he is still laughing.


    That's the world we live in…the US and its lapdogs


    We have been down that track before. The UN is a feeble shadow, a social club for American dictates and doesn't it show with the US representation always staffed with the same arrogance loudmouths for which the country is known. While that's there, nothing will change.


    The regular changever of Secretary-Generals are purely a foken  to allow the US to spread around the largesse from first world countries to a third world country and we are now in line for another variation on the same theme with the same expecation… "OK America. What do you want me to do and say, I'm yours as expected and thanks for the good job" "Oh, so you have to check with israel? I understand. We all understand that. You are their lapdog, after all."


    Or, "just whistle and I'll jump"


    And on it goes. Another term for another puppet and Palestine?

    "Where the hell is Palestine?"

    • Hi rexw:

      I was indeed being sarcastic. I have always been sarcastic and on the days I'm not sarcastic, I'm cynical. Sarcastic and cynical is my lot in life, well that and I simply don't work or play well with others.

      As for "where is Palestine", Palestine has been eaten alive and our entire "civilized world" watched that Israeli cannibalism while resting comfortably on a couch made in Sweden and eating popcorn made in Ohio.