Chris Hayes of MSNBC Rips “Usual Suspects” trying to sabotage Iranian Deal

Chris Hayes of MSNBC Rips “Usual Suspects” trying to sabotage Iranian Deal


MJ RosenbergM J Rosenberg : It has started. The media is waking up to the AIPAC crusade to get us into a war with Iran.

Last night Chris Hayes, the very young, very brilliant, MSNBC reporter called out both AIPAC and the 16 Democrats backing its Iran war bill with a directness never before seen on that station or anywhere else on television. 

Best part: when he reminds Cory Booker and the others of the last time Democrats (like Hillary Clinton) voted for a war because they were afraid not to: Iraq.

Watch the video. It’s brilliant and trenchant.

There is nothing I can add except: thank you, Chris. I knew you had it in you. And thank you MSNBC.

HUFPOST: Awesome! Chris Hayes Brilliantly Explains Lobby's Effort to Sabotage Iran Deal

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For years I have been writing here in the Huffington Post and elsewhere that almost no one in the mainstream media has the nerve to explain the nexus between U.S. policy decisions relating to the Middle East and the power of the Israel lobby. And, when it comes to television, not "almost no one" but no one at all.

But then last night Chris Hayes described why 16 Democratic senators are trying to undo President Obama's most significant foreign policy achievement — the nuclear agreement with Iran — by imposing new sanctions on Iran to torpedo the deal. And he explained that it's all about AIPAC and its power.

I am not going to write anymore because nothing I can write is as eloquent as Hayes was.

What a great moment. Hayes is only 34. Maybe it's a new day.  Watch here



M.J. Rosenberg is Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network. Previously, he worked on Capitol Hill for various Democratic members of the House and Senate for 15 years. He was also a Clinton political appointee at USAID. In the early 1980s, he was editor of AIPACs weekly newsletter Near East Report. From 1998-2009, he was director of policy at Israel Policy Forum.


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  1. Whatever it is that the real, decent home-grown  Americans are feeding Hayes, may it be dis continued,  


    NOW.  It is certainly not AIPAC Breakfast Cereal, because that turns perhaps once decent Senators and Congress members into slaves to the 66 year old  Israeli Reich under Netanhayu and his arrogant, nuclear-powered bully boys. Find the product and destroy it. We just cannot have any voice, anywhere telling the truth in the media. That's our domain.   Get that clear, firstly.   So could it be that MSNBC has seen the light? Unlikely as they love the dollars that pour in from advertisers to their network, some of which will now be antagonistic to them, after allowing Hayes to pick up the worng script.


    "We'll show you, MSNBC, just watch your revenues diminish" That's how we do things. You are creating a problem here as such coercion is usually applied to those electorates that are marginal, one way or the other, Republican or Democrat, no difference either way. We know where to spend our dollars. Dance to our tune and we will ensure that the following happens…. 1. You will have your party nomination confirmed 2. We will commit to adding enough to your elecoral funds to push you over the line, and  3. We will muster the support of others in the same way we have been doing for years, bribery and corruption, using our contacts in the Zionist media (running at 90%) and other gentle persuasion tricks we have developed and now honed to a fine art over the decades. We are good, believe me. Look at our  American neocon brigade, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, NATO in Libya, US soldiers (not our Israeli boys, thankfully) getting killed just for the expansion of the "master race" in Tel Aviv and we are dying to get those wimps in the White House to give us the go-ahead for Iran.   Can't wait for that one. Should be a great show. Operation….? whatever. Let's have title competition in the Jewish News Monthly  for an appropriate banner under which those hard-done-by American soldiers can die, just for us. Back to the real world. Look at Ms Clinton, she's our star convert about as American as you can get,  Senator McCain, well, he's doing a good job, …visits to al Qaeda in Syria…to the Ukraine, previously just a dot on the map to him. He is one of us, no doubt about it. Does what he is told, mandatory for membership with our parent, AIPAC, co-sponsored by the  Israel elite and Rothschilds. A happy partnership.  Relax. It's quite legal just as AIPAC is legal; traitorous as well, but legal; un-American, but legal.and we will "look after McCain" to ensure his retirement is acceptable.  We know all the loopholes and if there are any that haven't been covered, well, we own the Congress, so change is just a matter of getting AIPAC to draft something and calling up the "boys in Congress" to push through.   That's the game. We are Republican, Democratic, but mainly if not Jewish, we are Israeli sycophants, fellow travellers, receivers of AIPAC largesse, in one form or another (and there are many forms, believe me).  

    Summarising, them:

    Stop this outrageous person from MSNBC from making us look  disloyal. I am loyal as the next one except when called to account by the Zionists in AIPAC   You can't have everything Americans. Be fair. Free enterprise capitalism means that I and the Congress can feather our nests in whatevr way we can, and we do.   We are something in the way of experts in this and if that means pushing the USA into another war, so be it.