Remembering South African leader Nelson Mandela

Debbie December 14, 2013 3

Goodbye MandelaLike U.S. President George Washington, Nelson Mandela did engage in crimes against the state. Like Lincoln, he brought the country back together through some terrible events. Like Gandhi, he’s loved worldwide and learned to lead by inspiration and action.

Mandela dedicated his life to ending apartheid, he said "apartheid has no future."  In 1993 the apartheid ended.

The hypocrites, those very old men that labeled him terrorist, communist, etc., wanted him jailed and even murdered are now singing his praises. They are an utter disgrace, these old men of the commies era, who don't realize they have lost their relevance and their way. They must go away!

Rest in Peace for eternity Nelson Mandela, only now are you truly free man!



  1. hp December 15, 2013 at 2:49 am - Reply

    Does all this Mandela adulation perhaps give new credence to Orwell's – all animals (*and communists) are equal, but some are more equal than others?"

  2. Tom Clark December 15, 2013 at 3:39 am - Reply

    The man was a media fawn…South Africa is in turmoil and as for his resume, he practised throat cutting and horrible violence. Was a terrorist for JEWISH communists and all is forgiven? He was a media tool for the Zioinists. 

    The only people singing his praises are the morons who want to use his name to cover up the genocide in South Africa. Horrible man to make into a hero, but then again the banksters like to elevate murderers into saint hood while they take good people and demonize them. 

    This article is nothing more then propaganda, furthered by the asswipe shill Mike Rivero.

    The man was a tool and had nothing to do with ending apartheid…but he did distract the sheople from learning the truth about him and South Africa…along with all the rape and murders currently going unabated. If he's free now, I bet its in hell. 



  3. Harriet December 15, 2013 at 7:53 am - Reply

    The following few paragraphs from Journalist Waduge's article "Who decides Nelson Mandela’s greatness?" are brilliant.  Nevertheless her bashing of the White man for crimes of the criminal Communist Jews is pure ignorance.  She and many other journalists across the entire planet need a good education about the criminal Jew who is the dark evil force on earth.  They need to know who the arch criminals and the real assassins of the world are and they are not White men or Muslim men.  They are Zionist Communist Jews.


    "Some praises bordering hilarity"

    Half of the tributes paid to Nelson Mandela make the other half look worthless. The US included Mandela and his political party as a terrorist organization in 1988 and removed the status only in 2008. Cameron’s hypocrisy which everyone is well aware of was seen in paying tribute to Mandela completely ignoring how he subscribed to Mandela as a terrorist wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Hand Nelson Mandela and All ANC Terrorists. They are Butchers’ and this was in 1980. Now Cameron is just short of tears for Mandela and called him a ‘hero’ claiming that ‘meeting him was one of the great honors of my life’! Even Margaret Thatcher referred to Mandela as a terrorist for which Cameron apologized in 2006 but no mention of his t-shirt days! If Cameron has come from ‘hang Mandela’ to ‘hero Mandela’ – it just ‘shines the light on’ the hypocrisies of not just speeches being delivered but the whole bandwagon of lies by the West. Afterall it was the CIA that arrested Mandela.


    So there is hope for all ‘terrorists’ to turn into ‘heros’ – just do as the West wants you to.


    Our perceptions are brainwashed 

    When six media giants control what we read, watch or listen it means they control our thoughts, our deeds and our actions. It is in their hands that people are made to look like darlings or dictators unless we open our eyes, ears and mouths juggle around the data and use wisdom do derive our own conclusions. These 6 media giants control 90% of what we read, watch and listen to. To those not witness to any of the crimes it is on the versions that these media houses provide that create their version of the guilty party in our minds. This is where all the problems lie. It is in their hands to decide who are whitewashed into history books. It is they who decide who gets into history’s legacy and you will not find many who will question the entry of Winston Churchill who killed millions against the denunciation of Gaddafi who is alleged to have killed without proof. So people like Castro, Hugo Chavez will remain denounced in our eyes while even those that order drone strikes, nations that invade and plunder nations continue to become our heroes.


    Sometimes these extravagant praises and out-sized mourning surpass any real achievement. That’s why George Orwell famously counseled, “Saints should always be judged guilty until they are proved innocent.”

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