Nine Eleven IS the LitmusTest

Nine Eleven IS the LitmusTest


A seminal piece by Visible, leading to the obvious conclusion that, 9/11 is the litmus test without equal.

It all comes down to 9/11. Everything that has happened has happened based on a lie.

Everyone in government; in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool.

Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder.

Everyone- everywhere can be measured according to this litmus test.…

Video and Voice over  : Snordster

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  1. Every sentence in this brief of the original article is succinct and true. Deniers of the fact the three buildings fell from a controlled demolition are ignorant, or cowards, in denial, or complicit.


    It's terribly sad that Americans have lost interest in the subject, especially considering the (Zionist orchestrated) event drastically changed life in America forever for the worse.

  2. Frequently, cold case files are opened in the course of sniffing out the lies in a 'hot' case.   9/11, the Lie, is and must remain a hot case, and those who know the truth must persistently confront the ruling powers with that truth.   But in the process of unraveling how such a lie could happen, and the devastation and mass slaughter that was set in motion by that lie, it's hard not to grow suspicious that 9/11 was not the first time this scam has been carried out, and by the same people.  Within minutes of the destruction of the first tower, Ehud Barak declared that Jews were victims, now America knew what it was like. 9/11 was said to be the necessary "Pearl Harbor" event.

    Maybe Pearl Harbor was a kind of scam as well, to set in motion events that were intended to, and did, benefit the same contingent of self-described special people on this planet.  Maybe their 'victim narrative, so zealously guarded, is a lie, just like 9/11 is a lie.  Maybe the alleged perpetrators of the victimization of these special people were not really the evil doers but, in large measure, themselves the victims.  

    • Pearl Harbour was exactly this. There isn't any doubt about it. The momentum which has been achieved by 9/11 truth has led to a lot more awareness of false flags and how they are used invariably to set otherwise impossible agendas in motion. The extent of the awareness of that part of the public who have become enlightened to 9/11 and thereafter a whole string of other realisations which follow is quite unique in history. The internet has been critical in achieving this and I cannot help but be concerned by the fragility of such a medium.

  3. Maybe 911 is a litmus test – but 911 truth is a psyop. Because this dog don't bark. To hold the opinion that 'getting the truth out' will change anything is to have utterly failed to understand how society works and what makes the majority of people tick. It is also to ignore all of history, because the vast majority have always been led around by the nose and thought what everyone around them thought. The Truth Movement's function is simply to neutralize enemies of the elite by breaking their solidarity with society.? Pwned!

    • Interesting outlook. I'm not writing it off by any means, but what is the alternative? Ignoring 9/11 or those whose energy go into it should perhaps begin direct action against the state? Or perhaps advocating that others do?  These questions are begging answers from you before you presume to have pwned anyone. I'd have thought aiming for critical mass in awareness was the only sensible plan with any chance of success.  As such 9/11 is the crux of it all, since its unravelling exposes the entire power structure from the Banksters to the Zionist entity and the nature of war by the state.

  4. This is the plain simple truth.
    There are still many "citizens" in all nations who cling to the original lies and they do not do so out of deliberate dishonesty. However the craven mental cowardice and incurious ignorance that ignoring reality like this takes, makes such people worthless to themselves and humanity.

  5. I find it amazing that destruction of this magnitude could have been planned and carried out by any one.  (certainly not by "terrorists" holed up in Afghanistan).  The disintegration of both towers in precisely the same manner even though hit by different planes at different places in the building could only be obtainable by the demolition, not to mention the demolition of Bldg. #7 without even being struck.


    Who would be so insane as to concieve of and carry out this plan, certain that they would not be exposed and hung from the highest tree?  And, if it were Zionists, would it not be the utter end of Israel if they were exposed.  Prehaps they thought that they would be forced to make an unacceptable "peace" before acquiring a Greater Israel unless they could infuriate the US into fighting their wars.  


    If that is the Zionist mindset then it does not bode well for us all in that they possess nukes. 9/11 makes it clear that they could just as easily pull off a false flag nuclear incident in NYC.   In any case I think  would be wise to continue to agitate for the prosecution of  Cheney, Bush, Blair Rumsfeld, Rice et. al. as a possible brake on the crazies who are playing Armageddon games with our world.

  6. What an excellent job and a great voice from Snordster!

    I have heard Snordster several times and keep thinking that there will be more videos from him to come.

    It is important that he finds out important information in order to make videos that will have serious content which can make a memorable and lasting impact.

    Zionist Jewish warmongers want to destroy all nations while using America and other Western nations for this purpose but don’t want to be in the front line.

    Thanks to Deanna Spingola now we have an important document.


    This document was recently uncovered by the intrepid researcher Deanna Spingola. This is real dynamite for the truth:

    The Central Committee of the American Jews at the 47th Annual Conference, Anti-Defamation League, held in New York on June 26, 1937, sent out a circular declaring an “Exemption of Jews from military service in accordance with the highest interpretation of Judaism.” The circular stated:


    The Central Conference of American Rabbis at the 117th Annual Conference, held in New York City on June 26, 1937, declared for “Exemption of Jews from military service in accordance with the highest interpretation of Judaism.”

    Our Talmud tells us “When you go to war, do not go as the first but as the last, so that you may return as the first.”

  7. 9/11 is the litmus test.


    So many of the things that reverberate to today are based on the unwillingness to demand full, open and transparent investigations of the attack, the crime scene forensics, and the apparent response failures. Anyone not in lockstep with the coming “payback” was a traitor, and anyone questioning the official narrative was a nutter. That the people so readily dismissing the skeptics, did not heed to call themselves to demand what the commission itself determined; that a proper investigation was needed to uncover the truth.


    Remember, the alternate explanation to deride conspiracy, was the supposedly comforting notion that incompetence, an unrelated type of criminality (the destruction of evidence), the desire to cover your butt, and a string of bad luck and/or remarkable coincidence, explained the seeming contradictions and that the right enemy had been targeted anyway, so no time to navel gaze as we needed to get our bloodbath up and running.


    My recollection is somewhat shorter as to what I saw and what we lost. I live in So Cal and commute to downtown LA, and have for over 20+ years. For *exactly* a day and a half (the same amount of time the air stays smog free after a good rain), the normally selfish and inattentive motorists drove in manner virtually unseen before or since. Over that two day period, they actually showed noticeable consideration and no longer drove oblivious to those around them, not caring who they cut off or didn’t let in or honked at for going too slow, or not getting out of the way fast enough…they treated the other drivers as fellow Americans that were also possibly traumatized or numb and that the default position might be that they would appreciate a random act of kindness from a stranger who might just cut another person a break for no other reason than they thought the anonymous person could use one.


    And then, as if it never happened in the first place, it was over. That was how long it took to revert back to type, and embrace dysfunction as normalcy.


    And that’s how we got to where we are today.


    There are some things in life that we can’t turn back the clock on, but tragically that is true even on those things we could turn back the clock on. We’re just not that smart or that caring, and I don’t think it’s overly pessimistic to say that we never will be.