Joshua Blakeney : ‘Zionists dictate policy to Harper government’

Joshua Blakeney : ‘Zionists dictate policy to Harper government’


Press TV has interviewed Mr. Joshua Blakeney,Canadian journalist and activist visiting London

Blakeney notes: Zionism has fully pervaded Canada economically and politically and we are seeing inequality, racism, demonization and trampling of people's rights. In the background of this, Canada as a warmongering, pro-Zionist, neo-con State? Hard to believe, but that is what the country has become under Prime Minister Stephen Harper according to an increasing number of political analysts. Attention began to fall on Canada in terms of Zionist influence when it was the only Western state aside from the US that voted against Palestine recognition by the United Nations.

Blakeney also notes: Canadians Search for Explanations for Foreign Minister's Radicalism

John Baird, Canada's Foreign Minister
Whenever a prominent statesman prioritizes the national interests of a foreign country over the national interests of his own country it behooves journalists to ask uncomfortable questions. And in the case of Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, who prioritizes the national interests of Israel over those of Canada, it is his personal sexual orientation which is being honed in on by certain analysts.

Currently Canada's Foreign Minister is lecturing other countries on respecting the rights of homosexuals while he and some of his colleagues, with the help of the media, appears to be concealing their own homosexuality, possibly to prevent them losing the support of certain Christian Fundamentalists and other anti-homosexual groups which tend to vote for John Baird's right-wing Conservative Party.

Political analysts have drawn attention to the roles blackmail, a specialty of the Israeli Mossad, and sexual politics play in international diplomacy. Some analysts feel this subject may relate to John Baird, who for the past 15 years has been a frequent visitor to Tel Aviv, a city sometimes referred to as the "Gay Capital of the World".

Critics argue that Canada's Foreign Minister may be jeopardizing Canada's national interests because of his own biases and orientation. And whether Baird's secretive personal life is being used to manipulate him in other ways is yet to be seen. What cannot be denied however is that there is a glaring contradiction displayed when Baird lectures anti-homosexual governments on homosexual rights abroad, while concurrently relying on people with such views for votes domestically.

"UN Watch" also got angry with me this week over a report I produced which criticized the pro-Israel group. In addition, please note that Zionist Hillel Neuer seems to be making headway with getting the UN Rappateur for Palestine, Professor Richard Falk ousted from his UN position.
Having said this, getting the UN Human Rights Council to vote on Falk's credibility, based on his skepticism about 9/11, seems that it could backfire on "UN Watch", if the whole world votes to keep him in his position. It would be a de facto endorsement of Falk's 9/11 skepticism and defence of Palestinian self-determination.

Gilad Atzmon writes: "I was amused and proud to see my latest book The Wandering Who held aloft by Israeli chief Sayan Hilllel Neuer at the UN’s Human Right Council. The book was presented as ‘exhibit B’ in a farcical self-appointed Talmudic kangaroo court against the great Professor Richard Falk who lent his name, amongst many other leading humanists and intellectuals, in support of my work."

Hillel Neuer Attacks Richard Falk

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Joshua Blakeney is a freelance journalist and activist originally from Surrey, UK living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Joshua was the Media Coordinator of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge from September 2009 to October 2010. Joshua earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Lethbridge graduating with distinction in April 2010. He is currently studying for a Master of Arts degree at the University of Lethbridge. His research topic is The Origins of the Global War on Terror: Academic Debates and Interpretive Controversies. Joshua’s research became national news after he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship to study the Origins of the Global War on Terror. Joshua has published articles on a variety of topics including The War on Terror, 9/11 and 7/7, Marxism, Anglo-American politics, Israel-Palestine, Zionism, with a number of media venues including Global,,, The Canadian Dimension, The Canadian Charger, Veterans Today, Montreal 9/11 Truth, 9/11 Blogger,, and The Information Clearing House. His work has been quoted in articles in The National Post and on


  1. It was especially disturbing when Baird THREATENED the palestinians not to take the Israelis to the international warcrimes court.


    What kind of sick person does that? Would he also tell the girl that was raped not to take her rapist to court? I believe he commiited a crime by doing that.


    This whole Israel/zionist/Jewish issue came into my mindset during my 9/11 research.  I don't hate anyone, but when facts keep popping up that involve terrible crimes and a not so bright future for freedom, and relate at least in part to a certain group, I will speak the truth and not be cowed.

  2. Harper has been bent over licking the zionist boots for a while now and I know he does not represent Canadians or their interests. Politics is a bloodsucking parasite business at the best of times but this shill who is obviously has self interest over anything good for the country and will do any thing his ionist master demand. He is disgusting, vile, repulsive, has no integrity or class and that is on a good day. The world is fed up with the Rothchild and his zionist shills, this will end badly!

  3. I have often wondered how Canada could so easily drop decades of a fair and balanced foreign policy to dabble in imperial polemics along with the US. Why would this Baird character threaten the Palestinians with severe consequences if they should rely on and exercise their international legal rights to bring Israel up on charges of war crimes? Doesn't he know that his blackmail is blatently illegal, immoral and unethical or is it now a given that the Canadian government has joined the US on the dark side?

  4. This article just confirms that Canada along with Australia are the first and fastest moving countries to comply with US dictates, whether for the blind and unquestioning support for the hateful Zionists and the israeli way ot for the next progression after that, the joining in concert with the US for their wars on everyoner else (they call it terror)  


    But it does seem that the instances shown here really support the fact that Canada is an extension of US Foreign Policy, perhaps more so than any other country. Too close to the big bully.   On the other end of the scale we see poor little Mexico having been bashed and belted by the US from pillow to post, robbed blind, exploited for over 100 years, not quite as subservient to the Zionist Congress but through it all, not as prostrate before the Zionist Cogress in  Washington.  


    The fact that Canada voted against Palestine in the vote at the UN shows their compiance to both Israel and the US, two peas in the same pod. At least in Australia, even though our compromised PM and many Zionist sucophants wanted to go with the US / Israel vote on this one, public opinion forced them to abstain eventually.   We have the same cancerous Zionist influences here in Australia as well but Harper and his hapless government is well past any point of return to decency and honesty. Nothing but a cat's paw for Zionist demands.  


    The Zionist  have had for years the Canadian vitals in a vice like grip,

  5. When will people in the North America Region realize that the only "terror" comes from their sick "government" and their total subservience to the Zionist Agenda?  


    It is hard to fathom that so many people can be so dense as to continue along this path of self destruction without a clue of where it is headed.    Purpose of Demonstration I suppose/hope?

  6. Re Mr. Blakeney's allegations, readers may want to read the following article "Canada has become the latest foreign target of Iran's PressTV", which appeared in the National Post on July 18, 2013.
    While I'm certainly no fan of Harper or the National Post, I would be very cautious about accepting, without question, Blakeney's allegations absent refrences to authoritative, documented sources. 

  7. FWhite,


    Very "prudent to advise AGAINST "accepting without question," allegations about many things, including the nature of Iran's nuclear project, "absent references to authoritative, documented sources."   Amb. Richard Butler was head of an inspection team in Iraq in run-up to US invasion of that country.   In a symposium at Penn State University last February, he explained the history of the creation of the Nonproliferation Treaty, and how the US and nuclear "have" states use the Treaty to make racist and self-serving claims, which have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.  


    You can listen to Amb. Butler's talk HERE —   I have prepared a transcript of Butler's talk, which I will post, with Debbie's permission.   Additional "authoritative references" regarding US actions in the Middle East can be found in a recent book by Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett, "Going To Tehran:  Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran," and on their website of the same name, goingtotehran dot com.   Hillary Leverett was on the Bush administration's national security team. 


    She was tasked with representing the US at United Nations, where she engaged in direct diplomacy with Iran to gain Iran's assistance in neutralizing Taliban in Afghanistan. Her husband, Flynt Leverett, was in CIA and also in the Bush admin. national security apparatus.  He, and Hillary, left the Bush White House in disagreement over waging war on Iraq.  Both now teach, at American University (Hillary) and Penn State University (Flynt).

  8. Former Canadian ambassador to Iran says CA FM botched possibility for "real solution" — John Mundy, the last Canadian ambassador to Iran, writes that the Canadian Foreign Minister Baird's hawkish position on Iran has prevented real solutions from being considered, and notes that Iran had already accepted many of the demands placed on its nuclear program . . .   the Iranian government, led by its current leader Ayatollah Khamenei, actually did this. In 2003 … –agreed to suspend further fuel enrichment, –implemented an Additional Protocol with the International Atomic Energy Agency and –began negotiating a trade and cooperation agreement with the West that –included enhanced people-to-people contacts and — a dialogue on human rights . . . and made –a direct overture to the United States BUT EU-3 violated terms of agreement, so Iran withdrew from policies it had sustained from 2003 to 2005.


    For "authoritative, documented sources," re failure of Paris Agreement deal, reference is made to Peter Osborne:   "The answer is that a different agenda is at work, which we believe has little or nothing to do with Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons. The US and its European clients are driven by a different compulsion: the humiliation and eventual destruction of Iran’s Islamic regime."   h/t Cyrus Safdari   (Iran Affairs dot com )