Brzezinksi: Obama Syria plan is ‘chaos, baffling, a mess, tragedy’

Brzezinksi: Obama Syria plan is ‘chaos, baffling, a mess, tragedy’


"I think our posture is baffling, there is no strategic design, we're using slogans," slammed Brzezinski on MSNBC's Morning Joe Friday. "It's a tragedy and it's a mess in the making," he said. "I do not see what the United States right now is trying to accomplish."




Washington Examiner

The president's abrupt decision to arm Syrian rebels is a huge mistake, one driven by emotion and propaganda not the kind of strategic White House plan that has marked past successful interventions in civil wars, according to former Carter-era national security chief Zbigniew Brzezinski.

In a broad attack on President Obama's vague interventionist policy, the highly-respected international affairs analyst warned that by jumping in to Syria's civil war with no plan is likely to lead to another costly and extended military action that could eventually draw U.S. forces into a clash with Syria's top ally Iran.

"I think our posture is baffling, there no strategic design, we're using slogans," slammed Brzezinski on MSNBC's Morning Joe Friday. "It's a tragedy and it's a mess in the making," he said. "I do not see what the United States right now is trying to accomplish."

The administration Thursday changed its wait-and-see policy, sparked by Syrian admissions it had used chemical weapons in the civil war. The new policy of arming rebels was announced by deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes.

"It all seems to me rather sporadic, chaotic, unstructured, undirected," said Brzezinski. "I think we need a serious policy review with the top people involved, not just an announcement from the deputy head of the NSC that an important event has taken place and we will be reacted to it."

Several lawmakers have been pressing Obama to arm rebels and create a no-fly zone, two things the president is finally willing to do. The effectiveness of a go-it-alone policy, however, has been questioned in the military, especially plans for a no-fly zone.

Brzezinski said, "we are running the risk of getting into another war in the region which may last for years and I don't see any real strategic guidance to what we are doing. I see a lot of rhetoric, a lot emotion, a lot of propaganda in fact."

Instead, he advised that the administration build a coalition that includes Russia, Japan, China and India to put pressure on Syria's ruling regime to give up.

"That is the kind of response that might have some effect. Instead we are essentially engaging in mass propaganda, portraying this as a democratic war," said Brzezinski.


  1. “Several lawmakers have been pressing Obama to arm rebels and create a no-fly zone, two things the president is finally willing to do.”   Well, it is a wild stretch of the imagination to say that McCain and Graham could be called ‘lawmakers’.


    A video of both of them in what appeared to be an almost empty Senate urging the US to prosecute the latest decision as soon as possible, remains in my memory this week. I liken it to another scene in the same place on the occasion of the announcement of the Iraq war. Jubilation, wild cheers. Such was and still is the climate in the ‘home of the brave’. .The date…March 19th, 2003. View it and see hypocrisy at its best,  the agents of Zion cheering, not for democracy but on behalf of their Israeli masters.  


    Lawmakers? Perhaps, in name only,  but the only client they have is Israel who control every minute of their day.   So it is history that seems to be disregarded by the American people..They have seen it all before, know how the upper echelons of their government think,  the arms of government that serces a worthwhile purpose, the CIA, NSA, FBI, now all tainted, hopefully remembering Saddam Hussein prostrate before the US negotiators having accepted terms and conditions unlike any since World War Two, but still the US went ahead based on lies, anyone of which should have been a criminal act and  orchestrated by perhaps the greatest criminal team in the history of any country, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Neocons, all culpable for this heinous crime, still as yet unpunished.


    A dirty blot on the once admirable history of the United States of America. Perhaps two million deaths, followed by another war for the same reasons in  Afghanistan which achieved nothing and now to be handed back in 2014 to the same people who have killed thousands of decent young soldiers, the much maligned Taliban. But fear not, to show a degree of fairness in this thinking, the US, that is the Zionist -controlled US in 2013, now aims to arm the al Qaeda rebels in a country that may not have been perfect in peace but which believed in tolerance and secularity, admirable qualities for any country.   And still we hear the likes of CNN accept Obama’s decision without  a murmur, without a question. The US media will applaud it, be assured. Just another Zionist controlled arm of American life.  


    The people of America should show by their actions that they are tired of this circle of continuous war; tired also of being a plaything for a foreign state seeing their young soldiers used as fodder for israel’s objectives of land in Lebanon and Syria for their greater expansion (what this is all about), tired of being manipulated by unpatriotic Zionist-controlled politicians. In a different era, those same politicians would have been executed for treason. Not now.   They have 300 plus million Americans dancing to their tune.   Unless they people can do this and want to do this, the US has concluded its reign as an empire, regardless of anything that happens in Syria  


    In Australia, not a big player on the world stage, but always available to carry the  bags into the battles contrived by the US, almost without any resistance, battles like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, we had a large demonstration of Syrian-born Australians today.. They were not necessarily supporting Assad, but they were seriously objecting to the interference into Syrian affairs by the US. Now that is a real barometer of feeling this this decision by a President who most people thought would make a difference.  


    Considerably more intelligent, but tarred with the same brush as Bush. He is a servile American now, not to be admired and certanly, never respected again. He has, by his cowering decision today showed us clearly that “Yes, we can” means nothing and probably never did.   Australia’s foreign affairs minister, perhaps carelessly, said that he could see no eventuality that Australian forces would be involved in this decision. We know that means very little. A flick of the fingers and we’ll be there, count on it. Not in the same way as Agents Cameron and Hague, both  pitiful examples asnd the result  of years of British inflitration by Zionists but that’s the way it has always been since 1945.. The world  must break the 'follow me' cycle of 'anti -terrorist', 'democracy', 'freedom' banners,  all disguising the real enemy who is directing the feeble-minded, corrupt  politicans while hiding behind their skirts.   This then is the (new) American way, wars for military hegemony driven by Israel.

    • Michel Chossudovsky   “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East The Oded Yinon Plan  


      The Yinon Plan is for Israel to acquire imperial dominance of Middle East, from Nile to Euphrates, and to maintain imperial control by fragmenting the Arab states. The linked March 2013 article relies on material provided by Israel Shahak, who has, of course, been marginalized by the Jewish establishment since he is a truth-teller.


      However, Howard Sachar was "present at the creation" of the zionist nightmare, and as early as 1919 wrote into the blueprint for the Jewish state the territory that Jews intended to control — see    

      • The very title of J J Goldberg's article in the Jewish Daily Forward tells an evil story:  Jews in Israel are willing that Syrian people will die, by the tens of thousands, in order to bring about Israel's psychotic compulsion to harm Iran —
        June 14, 2013, 4:17am
        In Syria, Two Clashing Goals: End Killing or Stop Iran  by J J Goldberg
        Be aware, however, that Iran merely a pretext, an "unblemished ram caught in the thicket," —  Israel's real agenda is dominance of the region, and anyone who gets in the way will be slaughtered, sacrificed on the altar of Abrahamism.

  2. Syria is a bridge to far and it will end up a much bigger disater than operation market garden. You really have to wonder what is going on in the Obama administration when someone like Zbig comes out publically against him…… Can't get all the Zionist Jews on the same page?

    • Zbigniew Brzezinski is neither a Jew nor a zionist. He is a Polish Catholic intellectual who has a lifelong hatred of communism. He is one of the world’s foremost thinkers in regard to geopolitics. Brzezinski will be remembered and read long after 99% of his contemporaries are long forgotten. To disregard his remarks with sneer and contempt is to expose a profound ignorance.

  3. Brzezinski playing mind games – as always. He wants exactly what the criminal cabal -that is directing the criminal attacks against Syria – wants – i.e. Greater Israel Project completion; Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran – destroyed, therefore no competion/hinderance to One World Govt HQ – Israel. Just look at a map and think for 2 minutes – should be very clear what the plan is. After that Russia, Siberia (massive deposits of useful minerals, oil, gas)

  4. Mr. Brezezinski is an uncommon voice of common sense. Mr. Obama should look to the original, Sammy Davis jr., author of "Yes I Can" and tell himself every morning that in his last term in office he can be something other than an Israeli stooge, like his predecessors.

  5. Mr. B's comments could be construed as somewhat terroristic in some circles. He should be thankful for the compassion and empathy shown by our president, who could easily order a drone strike on Mr. B for these comments. Come on now Mr. B, lets get behind our president and give him 100 percent support for another war. It's what we do and we do it often.

    'Bafflement, chaos', ? No, Obama told the Israeli establishment in March, on the visit he made on his own initiative, that Iran was not doable, but that Syria was, and he would try to facilitate making Syria 'Israel friendly', reducing her via the mercenary proxies to a perpetual shambles like Gaza and the West Bank are.
    Israelis being Israelis were very understanding, and said 'yes', but really meant 'no'.
    Right now, Israeli DM Ya'alon is in DC with US Sec Def Hagel, to cleave him away from being loyal to the President, whose choice he was, with the Israeli DM thinking two things, that he is smarter than the US Sec Def and that he also is a weak man, and so can be incrementally moulded by force of specious argument to accept the proposition that Iran, unless checked, will come to threaten US and Israeli hegemony in the region. 
    To neutralise this threat, the Israeli DM will continue, an Iranian intervention into Syria will have to be devised to result in clashes with the US aircraft in a deliberately poorly defined no fly zone, which will justify an Israeli attack on Iran in defence of its American ally.
    What Obama had meant at the time in March was giving military assistance to the mercenaries in Syria in the form of arms and ammunition and other materiel, but since then the mercenaries have suffered major reverses which are not recoverable from.
    This puts Obama in a difficult position as he was trying to fulfill his pledge of last March to the Israelis but without US boots on the ground, or a US no fly zone in the air.
    And now he has had no choice but to go half way with US boots on the ground by having in place formal US military assets in Jordan to conduct exercises, without having thought through that the Israelis mean them to stay to clash with the Iranians, and now they are staying.
    It was a two step pressure on Obama; first one to have the US military assets go there to do exercises, second one to then ask Obama if they can stay, something he had not expected.
    And now the Israelis through their DM Ya'alon are working on US Sec Def for a no fly zone over a border area of Syria adjacent to Jordan – ostensibly to protect the US military assets in Jordan by the border which the Israelis pressured Obama for.
    This is why Senator McCain is constantly talking up supplying the mercenaries with ordnance heavier than they have had before, and in quantity, in an effort to reverse their losses and to make a final push on Damascus itself.
    What is McCain thinking ?
    In the event of Damascus about to fall, he wants a Iranian direct response, which would inevitably breach the ill defined US imposed no fly zone airspace, and the Tel Aviv crowd will be popping champagne corks, as they will have got their war between America and Iran, with Israel as 'concerned' bystander.

  7. Those suspicious of "Zinski" are proposing exactly what then- that Obama proceed with aiding the "rebels"? Sure, Zinski's got NWO cred from way back, and has been known to hobnob with Bama. However, he is now singing a different tune. What, he's controlled opposition or something? To what end? I just don'y get what the alternative is to someone claiming to oppose O on this.