The FED: Celebrating 100 Years of Stealing From You Every Day

The FED: Celebrating 100 Years of Stealing From You Every Day


It’s time to call out the perpetrators!

by Miss America

So the gun grab finally has your attention?  I thought we were going to have to wait for the ground to be smoking under your shoeless feet before you woke up and looked around you!  I’m sorry, but the people who have been observing the take down of our country for many years now, don’t have time to bring you up to snuff at this point.

Basically it’s Paul Revere time for us.There have been so many assaults committed by stealth against Americans of good faith, and carried out so slowly and incrementally, that you have actually been ambushed.Now I’d advise that you prepare for the sucker punch.Yes, we were the richest and most prosperous nation on earth. Yes, a majority of us lived a lifestyle unprecedented in human history, but does the farmer not fatten up his pigs for the slaughter?? We have been a naive and trusting population. But it’s time to face the ‘opposite day’ world we now find ourselves in.  

Unfortunately, people who had a keen understanding of human nature designed a Madison Avenue society that kept the masses well preoccupied with ‘if you work hard enough, you can achieve the American Dream’, while they did their dirty work. And we were preoccupied, mesmerized by a televised induced spell in fact!  But all the while, the same group we threw off our backs in the American Revolution, never gave up their rabid desire to control our country.

They merely decided to use deception, subversion and the age old power of greed and fear to conquer us this time. We, along with 99% of the rest of the world have fallen into the hands of the international Jewish mafia banking cartel. They have lusted for world domination for centuries, and have killed millions upon millions of people in their quest. 

However, in spite of warnings throughout recorded history, and even from our country’s own founding fathers, in 1913 President Woodrow Wilson committed what was destined to become the gravest act of treason ever, when he signed into law the Federal Reserve Act.  With that signing, he essentially burnt down the country, and eventually the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence went down in flames with it. Jesus Christ threw the moneychangers out of the temple, as did many after him, but Wilson opened the door wide and welcomed them back in.   

What has ensued ever since, is the wholesale theft of everything America was, and all that Americans cherish and love.

With the ability to print money from nothing, and control it’s ebb and flow, the criminal Federal Reserve Jewish Mafia and Israeli dual citizens in high places of U.S. government, have been able to infiltrate and control every facet of our federal, state and local government, our military industrial complex, every educational, medical and research institution, every meaningful business possible including energy, all news media, publishing, agriculture, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.They control all manner of entertainment including sports, Hollywood, gambling, illegal drugs, and pornography.These parasites upon humanity have also cast their dark shadow over us with:

*Nuclear power plants built on the earth’s fault lines and permitted far past their pre-planned life.

*Radiation from bomb testing.

*Military waste in corroding drums from bomb making tossed into oceans.

*Depleted uranium used in war weapons and unleashed on our own soldiers.

*Industrial waste illegally dumped in streams, rivers, bays and oceans. 

*The sexualization of our children.  

*DNA corrupting genetically modified crops and animals.

*MRSA infested meats used for food and 99% uninspected food imports.

*Radiation filled fish from Japan is just fine for US consumers thanks to Hillery Clinton.

*Known poisons added to thousands of foodstuffs and municipal water supplies.

*Human trafficking and sex slave operations.

*Illegal organ harvesting.

*Pedophile procurement rings.

*Snuff films, violent movies and video games.

*Gov. lab created bio-warfare germs accidentally and purposefully released on an unsuspecting public.

*Deadly, crippling, and ineffective vaccines, never tested for eventual cancer or disease causation.

*Disabling and violence inducing brain drugs prescribed to millions of children.

*Deadly pharmaceutical drugs ‘fast tracked’, then allowed to remain on the market as people drop dead by the thousands.

*Daily spraying of heavy metals into the sky by the military and private entities. 

*Control of 90% of the mainstream media which demonizes anyone who exposes truth or logic.

*Unsafe government ‘limits’ of microwave and radio frequency radiation from wireless technologies.

These sub-humans have even created fake environmental groups to convince us that humanity is a scourge on the earth, or that a blind salamander has more importance than people.  They even pay these groups to sue the government or ‘federal agencies’ to enable their hidden agendas such as land grabs or oil monopolies.  It’s called controlled opposition and they are experts at working both sides on any issue.   

Funny how these same environmentalists (called ‘tree huggers’ by their handlers) are mum on the actual atrocities being committed against mother earth!   

Our country, which once had morals, values, pride, love, the rule of law, and faith in our future, has disintegrated in front of our eyes. Many are too blinded to see, so stuck in front of the TV they are with its false propaganda, lies and assurances that everything is just fine (and pay no mind to those enemy combatants, the conspiracy theorists!). The television has absolutely been the downfall of our society, a powerful and hypnotizing mass control tool of the devils. Research the flicker rate of high definition TV and its effect on the brain.  Have you ever wondered why everyone had to transition to HDTV?

These are the people running the American show now.Our ‘Republic’ has been stolen by stealth. By bribe or threat they now create our legislation.

They’ve turned all our federal agencies into draconian rogue forces that terrorize and swat team us without explanation or charges. They are controlling what we can and can’t eat, and want to take vitamins and natural health treatments away from us. We can’t drink organic milk, but they want to force us to roll up our sleeves so they can inject their idea of good health into our veins.

The CIA is their assassination and terrorist recruiting arm, and the IRS will now police health care. The CPS, APS, and the courts abduct children and the elderly for incentive federal money and theft of estates. They are forcing school children into mental evaluations so that they can force drugs on them. They are doing the same to our veterans (of their wars) to take away their right to own arms, because if you went to guard Afghani poppy fields, surely you have PTSD!   

Maybe you have taken notice how our former ‘protect and serve’ police forces have turned brutal, impulsive, and merciless! Many have been trained in Israeli policing methods. They have long ago re-written the history books so citizens won’t learn American history, or understand world history.  In many countries you cannot talk or write about what really happened (or didn’t), concerning Hitler’s so-called death camps in Germany during WW2, or you will be guilty of ‘hate speech’ and go to jail.  Americans will be next.  To find out who controls you, ask who you cannot criticize.  

These Moneychangers have created the financial take down of the world in order to bring in their New World Order with a total technocratic control grid in which every facet of life will be under their boot.  It’s full blown Communism along with unaccountable rendition and extermination of any resisters.  Yet even to this day, most people have no idea who ‘they’ are, so presidents, congressional minions, and police will be left holding the blame bag.  And they are to blame! 

Anyone who lived to see JFK killed knew what was involved if they went down the road of American politics. They are vetted well before a serious run for office to make sure they will be loyal to our best enemy Israel and the Rothschild, Morgan, Goldman Sachs banking cartel. If they aren’t, they will be gone, one way or the other. At the very least they will be vilified and forever trashed by the totally controlled TV, print or internet media.  This also happens to honest scientists, doctors, or any credible or well known public figure who speaks the truth, or threatens to expose their crimes or agenda.  

This is why you do not see smart, ethical, intelligent, sensible, logical, red-blooded Americans seeking high office in our country. JFK was the last of them.   

Yes, I realize there have always been despots, ruthless dictators, and psychopaths on this earth with us, and narcissistic men filled with hubris who want to murder millions so they can run the world. But the Zionist Jew and his endless myriad of paid off minions have a particularly heartless, barbaric and sadistic signature. Read history books on how they have treated ‘the Goyim’ (anyone not a Jew) through the centuries. They deeply believe the ‘goy’ are merely put on earth to serve them. You can sense their lack of a soul.They thrive on blood, guts, torture, and destruction. And who invented circumcision, the butchering of God’s creation? Their modus operandi is to destroy families, morally bankrupt societies, introduce multi-culturalism (everywhere but in Israel) to dilute nationalism, create distention to divide groups, glorify deviance, demonize cultures and religions, and shove their beliefs down our throats.  At this point, it looks as if it has worked quite well. America has bought into the plan, hook, line and sinker and it appears that we’ve passed the point of no return.  There is no white horse on the horizon. We have but one savior left. Witness the big push for people to accept and welcome gay lifestyles, and the soon to be pedophilia normalcy bias.  And just so you know, they will do anything it takes to accomplish what they think is their God given right to achieve. Open hypocrisy, lies, subversion, slow kill, murder, and murder disguised as suicides or accidents are their calling card. The list of extinguished souls is endless. 

Personally I have never had prejudice against anyone’s race, religion, or color.  When I grew up we were not allowed to use racial slurs in our home.  I never knew anything negative about Jewish history until I began to search for who was doing this to us and why.   Why were our leaders turning on us?  Why is  everything they do the wrong thing for America, or morally wrong toward people?  Why have they turned us into the enemy?  Why was patriotism turned into terrorism? Why do they despise and have contempt for us?  

I got tired of hearing about ‘globalists, the New World Order, and the illuminati’!  I wanted to know WHO it is that thought up all these brutal things being done to our country and our people. Could there be that many people with such devious diabolical minds?  I’m a registered independent, but I voted for President Obama (alias Barry Sotoro), so desperate I was for ‘change’ and some ‘hope’ that our country would not continue to head for the dirt nap.  (Never mind that voting for the traitor Mr. McCain wasn’t even on my radar). Is there anyone who voted for this imposter that doesn’t feel like a real sucker and a totally betrayed fool??  I see now that the controllers are moving in for the kill, dropping their masks, and taunting us to protest or resist. They will not stop until they have stolen every last vestige of the life we had. They don’t care if we know what they’re doing. They are laughing at us. 

To be this obvious and this much in our face is not a good omen. They have been amazingly genius at keeping everyone in the dark until the big boot was all polished and ready to stomp, using printed trillions out of thin air to enslave us.They must be ready to pull the plug. Imagine, all the wars having been fought to guarantee them the right to counterfeit money to infinity. All wars are banker wars!

Now the big question is, who among you will be brave enough to print this truth telling ‘hate speech’? 

Who is strong enough to tell the masses who their real enemy is, as Henry Ford did way back in the 1920’s? In this case, it’s the Jewish mafia moneychangers dummy.

How could we not have questioned and thrown out, the counterfeiting Ponzi scheme that is the banking system?

Their blueprint for financial slavery and control of countries is the same worldwide, and if we don’t shine the light on who they are, we are going to lose, just like we are losing now.

We have no choice but to face down our fears if we want to save our country and our lives!

Why did we ignore the warning signs? Why didn’t we learn from the brutal murderous trail the moneychangers had already laid? 

By not learning from history, we are now doomed to repeat horrific episodes of the past.

Oh….. don’t forget to observe The Federal Reserve’s Centennial Birthday: ‘Celebrating 100 years of stealing from you every day’! 

The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)


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  1. A comment on the video above in this article.

    The subject material contained in all matters to do with the US Federal Reserve, its formation and subsequent influence as it is still today, makes interesting reading/ viewing in this case.  


    Certainly Mr. Griffin tells a good tale, coloured substantially with entertaining titbits and it all seems to be reasonably accurate when compared to the dull telling of the same story in publications like Political Research Associates article on the same subject…….  


    As I said, the facts are the same but Mr. Griffin is much more enthusiastic in the telling. When one checks out the Chairman and their ‘associations ‘ of recent years one can see a trend that colours the credibility of the organisation, doing the bidding, covertly as it appears for those people who currently own the US government…… and if the people do not come to their senses, the whole country in four more years.  


    But I recommend to any serious reader concerned about the future of their country to read the final summing up by Mr. Griffin,  probably having more pith and moment than the earlier details of the devious dealings of this powerful body, dancing as it is to the tune of their New York connections, every day of the year.  


    It is quite obvious that when individuals or organisations in this case become so wealthy with investments that are so secure, (the US government) but not quite as secure as they once were, currently (not) enjoying a US $ 16.5 trillion debt figure and growing, supporting as it does over 900 US bases throughout the world and all that means, naturally you direct your attention to other ‘altruistic’ matters.


    So what will that be? One guess only   And this is why Israel owns America. Sixty years of manipulating money, using the weak US presidents, almost all, to gain special privilege and to use that privileged position every day. Why, they can even make wars happen, influence every vote in the Congress to their will and have the Senate dancing to their beat and loving it.  


    I would like to think that sometime in past history  the likes of McCain and Grahame, Cantor, Lieberman, Ros-Lehtinen and Hagee would have found a special place in some village square, shackled in a pillory and forced to endure the slings and arrows of outraged Americans. Their crime?  Treason and  being controlled by a foreign power. In this case, Israel. So the tainted US Federal Reserve with its well selected Chairmen over the years, having mortgaged their souls along with their loyalty and good judgement to a bunch of financial criminals, bankers, using their good offices to bring a country down …..and down it is.  


    The Bush  / Cheney heritage.   The manipulators  have done well and will continue to do well. There’s no one to stop them, apathy reigning supreme in the US of A.

  2. Woodrow Wilson was brought under zionist control by the same people who collaborated with Chaim Weizmann to use Great Britain to destroy Germany in order to gain Palestine for Jews.


    This rogues gallery of zionists were instrumental in BOTH wresting America's financial lifeblood from the control of the American people,   AND   involving the US in WWI to ensure that Britain won the war and eradicated influence of Germany from Ottoman empire, to the benefit of Britain & France;  


    AND   ginning up war against Germany. The names of the most prominent of these men:


    Samuel Untermyer Louis Brandeis Felix Frankfurter Henry Morgenthau Felix Warburg Paul Warburg Rabbi Stephen Wise Harry Dexter White Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud) Vladimir Jabotinsky (Benzion Netanyahu, father of Benj. Netanyahu, was New York-based secretary to Jabotinsky). Using their wealth, bully tactics, and blackmail, they gained enormous influence over every US president since Woodrow Wilson; insinuated their operatives (sayanim) in US Treasury Dept; US Supreme Court.


    They or their cohort gained control of US media — David Sarnoff won the battle for control of radio; it was Sarnoff who "announced" the sinking of the Lusitania.  Untermyer and the Warburgs financed the heads of the five major Hollywood studios, paying particular attention to Warner Brothers, which also received funding from the US Government Creel commission to pump out anti-German propaganda. 


    To the best of my knowledge, John D. Rockefeller was most prominent non-Jew to participate fully in the schemes set in motion by the above men. 


    J. P. Morgan was also a banker who travelled in their circles, but since, in my estimation, he took actions for the good of the USA, I don't put him in the same category.   


    Major US figures who refused to acquiesce to zionist schemes were blackened by them. Because Henry Ford used his wealth to investigate the plots and practices of this cabal, which he published as "The International Jew," the Ford company was boycotted, until Ford was forced to issue a public apology. The boycott of Germany that Jews declared and carried out from 1933 until 1941, was based upon Jewry's success in the Ford boycott. James Clark McReynolds was an extremely intelligent, very well educated lawyer who served as US Attorney General and US Supreme Court Justice under Wilson (who appointed him) and FDR.  


    McReynolds is most often described as an antisemite; he made no effort to conceal his disdain for Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter, and opposed much of FDR's New Deal.   What little is written about McReynolds is slanted to emphasize his antisemitism. 


    I'd like to know more about him:  Did he recognize the danger of the banking system that was set up during his time in Washington? Fr. Charles Coughlin is similarly dismissed as an antisemite.  Perhaps he was merely a truthteller, a "prophet who is unloved in his own country."