Stephen Hawking Boycotts Israel

Stephen Hawking Boycotts Israel


Three of my favorite musicians –  Elvis Costello, Roger Waters, and Brian Eno – are boycotting Israel. And now one of my favorite scientists, Stephen Hawking, is joining them.


by Kevin Barrett

Veterans Today

New York Times:Stephen Hawking Joins Boycott Against Israel

JERUSALEM – Stephen W. Hawking, the University of Cambridge physicist and cosmologist, has pulled out of a high-profile conference to be held here in June in order to support an academic boycott of Israel, conference organizers and the university said 



I wrote to Hawking a month ago asking him to take this step:

from: Kevin Barrett <>
subject: please consider canceling your trip to Israel
April 7, 2013 9:18 PM

Dear Professor Hawking,

As a fan of yours  – I am among the many who bought, and the few who have read, A Brief History of Time – I am writing to request that you cancel your trip to Israel due to the genocidal policies and mindset of that pariah state.

Chris Hedges wrote, in his article “Gaza Diary,” of witnessing IDF soldiers luring children within range of their guns and shooting them for sport. A study by British Medical Journal confirmed that this is a common practice, and never punished: “Two thirds of the 621 children (two thirds under 15 years) killed at checkpoints, in the street, on the way to school, in their homes, died from small arms fire, directed in over half of cases to the head, neck and chest – the sniper’s wound…Clearly, soldiers are routinely authorised to shoot to kill children in situations of minimal or no threat.” (British Medical Journal 10/16/04)

No other nation on earth shoots children for sport as a de facto national policy.

Well over 90% of Jewish Israelis approved of Operation Cast Lead. This is a symptom of deep-seated Israeli racism. A recent poll showed that half of Israeli teens say they wouldn’t want an Arab student in the classroom with them, and 30% say they wouldn’t want a student with special needs.

Israel will become a normal society only when the world forces it to change its ways. Please help accelerate that process by canceling your trip and speaking out about the need for change.


Dr.Kevin Barrett

Editor's note: Dr. Kevin Barrett knows how to lay it on, and he does it extremely well.After that, what else can anyone say except keep pushing the wagon, eventually someone is going to get the picture, add up the sums and do something. 

President Barack Obama presents the Medal of Freedom to physicist Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking, who is obviously smart enough to see right through the media smokescreen of pro-Israel propaganda, is also apparently brave enough to endure the slings and arrows and whines of the Zionist flacks.

Noam Chomsky is another story.

The Guardian tells us:

“Noam Chomsky, a prominent supporter of the Palestinian cause, has said that he supports the ‘boycott and divestment of firms that are carrying out operations in the occupied territories’ but that a general boycott of Israel is ‘a gift to Israeli hardliners and their American supporters’”.


With “prominent supporters” like Chomsky, the Palestinians hardly need enemies.

How could boycotting ALL of the “occupied territories” – the territories illegally stolen in 1948 as well as those stolen in subsequent depredations – possibly be “a gift to Israeli hardliners” ? Since when is there any difference between Israeli “hardliners” and “softliners”? They all tolerate shooting children for sport. They all supported Cast Lead. They all want to let the 1948 genocide stand. They all are equally uninterested in peace with even minimal justice (i.e. right of return with compensation). And as Helen Thomas put it so beautifully, they all must GO HOME (and then apply to the Palestinians for permission to immigrate). What part of “go home” don’t you genocidal maniacs understand?

Chomsky is notorious for his mealy-mouthed, passive-aggressive, impenetrable double-speak on the subject of 9/11-anthrax – the issue that could put a quick end to Israel if the public is ever allowed to understand it. And he speaks the same way about Palestine.  Why?

Chomsky has confessed to being a Zionist from early childhood. He has never renounced Zionism. He still apparently thinks it was fine to invade Palestine against the wishes of its inhabitants, stage the genocidal massacres and expulsions of 1948, and create an illegal entity calling itself “Israel.” Chomsky thinks it only “became quite ugly later.”

So it isn’t that Chomsky is less intelligent than Hawking.

It is just that on this one matter, he has a whole lot less integrity.

Read more from Dr. Kevin Barrett:

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Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications. Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.


  1. I have deepened my respect for them and Mr. Hawking, and we and all the "non believers", knows He is spot on, in everything.

    I will Only recommend, if this is read, because He has thrust his head into the hornets nest, and the buzzing will just intensify.

    I recommend Him and others to READ what the Hasbaratniks and the "friends of Israel" actually states, and we all will see that they NEVER attack you on the Case/Issue, NEVER on historical facts, NEVER on their own so called Race(they are mostly ordinary europeans/americans, aka Slavs).

    And above all "jews" is NOT a race, its a religion, a way of perceiving the world, and that perception is what we all see, implemented on the Palestinians(Semitic people as the shepardic"jews").

    All this is verifiable and known. I could make this list a mile longer but wont, just remind everybody, what I have said all along,its NOT about the "jews" its about Justice and Truth, justice to the Palestinians and Truth about Israel, which by all standards are not even legitimate. Palestine is a legitimate state, despite the MSM lies, the faked historys done and pimped on the common man, all this is lies, and what they WILL attack you with is Strawman/false allegations/false assumptions/false perception.

    They WILL attack you with war propaganda, regarding the Evil Muslims and "the fact they they are under constant attack from their neighbours", drivel.

    Israel is currently occupying 3 different lands, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine a.w.s.

    Their self-imposed and utterly faked role of victim must be crushed and their patheitic whining about The Others is pure bullshitt and Israel is the only State so far that have been Caught in terrorist acts, the execution of an Innocent man in Norway decades ago, and was let lose even they all(4-5) was arrested, that's how reliable the Scandinavians are, they are in fact the SAME people as the Slavs in Israel. Slavs have never originated or have nothing to do with Europa, they invaded it approx in the aftermath of the Khazarian empire collapsed, the beginning of the so called Viking era, the immigration from this land due to the Evil/religious exrtremist Slavs.
    No, finally a man of stature, showing us Balls, and I salute that and will have myself a beer,later. Cheers

    “There are two ways of spreading be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”
      Francis Bacon

    • @ Mikael



      Aren't the "Jews" of Palestine the same genetic Semitic folk as the "Arabs" of Palestine?  Indicating that the Jewish tribes before the advent of Abraham were simply lesser Arabian tribesmen?  I am referring to the Israelite Jews, and not the phony usurpers of the name, the Ashkenazim Jews, who have become such a problem for the world lately.


      Recent DNA research indicates and verifies this. Of course, most Ashkenazim Jews and Jewish geneticists deny this,… but that is simply one more instance where Jewish myth and bulllshit history runs contrary to scientific fact and historic reality.

      • There were never any co-called "Jews"in the Old Testament….just as there were never any Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo…


        Identity thieves cannot re-write history and make 12 Tribes [Nations] of Hebrews morph into {TRANCEFORM] into Khazar {non-semitic} proselytes to talmudic judaism talmudvision and constantly repeating lies {programming} to the braindeadgoy will produce a bumber crop of "JEW" worshipping morons… no one on earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound.  


        PS – when I get my time machine I'll take you back to Egypt and show you…NO "JEWS" !! how'd you like a tour of the hanging gardens…?

  2. Well written and good points, Dr Barret.
    It highlights the Israeli lies that the MSM carries; that the Palestinians put their own children in harms way. Liars. All of them. And the ZOG's too.

  3. I think it goes something like this: If a tree DOESN'T fall in the forest, but the media screams that it did, how long does it take people to realize that no-one actually HEARD it fall?


    Then the problem is compounded by the Thought Police who brand everyone who didn't hear anything fall a "conspiracy theorist" or a "racist" or a "hater" or worse……


    Then the "media" gets frustrated when eveyone starts to think they're lying scumbags, so they start FORCING trees to fall, not just in the forest but also in crowded public areas, using axes like like  "assault rifles",  backpack bombs, things like that.


    Then they say, "Did you hear THAT?  You see, this only PROVES we were right all along, that those nasty trees are born to fall on our heads, because they hate and resent our superiority." So eventually, they cut down all the trees and we're all out sunbathing all the time and they say to themselves,  "Look how smart we are.  We gave sunlight to the shade."


    Then it rains.  The Earth becomes a slurry of mud. All because people weren't listening for falling trees.


    I'm just glad the smartest among us, like Mr. Hawking, are sticking up for the trees.

  4. Good ol' Gnome Chumpsky.  He also said it doesn't really matter who did 9/11.
    Oh, but I disagree and so would all the millions killed to help cover up that False Flag.