Church of Scotland adopts “The Inheritance of Abraham?” report

Church of Scotland adopts “The Inheritance of Abraham?” report


Overwhelming vote by Scotland's largest Church against Christian Zionism and silence of Christian churches, for Palestinian Right of Return. This will give major impulse to BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) generally.


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The Inheritance of Abraham: revised report debated

The Church of Scotland’s General Assembly today, May 23, debated a revised version of its report, 'The Inheritance of Abraham?'

Presenting the report Rev Sally Foster-Fulton, Convener of the Church and Society Council said: “This is primarily a report highlighting the continued occupation by the state of Israel and the injustices faced by the Palestinian people as a consequence. It is not a report criticising the Jewish people. Opposing the unjust policies of the state of Israel cannot be equated to anti-Semitism. “

The revised report was overwhelmingly accepted by the General Assembly., Mrs Foster-Fulton said: “The on-going conflict in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory has been an issue close to the heart of the Church of Scotland – we have a long relationship with the region and have many friends there.

“The Church has kept on thinking about ways we can contribute to a just and peaceful solution. The report we bring to this year’s Assembly has already caused no small amount of controversy. The Church and Society Council has learned a great deal from dialogue with Jewish community which followed the initial release of the report.

“We would like to thank members of the Jewish community who sat down with us and were gracious in their concern. We present a revised version today with a preface that sets the report more in context. While acknowledging that some of the original language, on reflection, was misguided, I want to affirm that the report remains robust. It offers new insights – ones that have come through the experience of those suffering the continuing injustices of occupation. I look forward to the debate and, I hope, to continuing discussion after today exploring the issues and ideas brought forward in the report.”

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Delegates to the Church of Scotland General Assembly have today voted to adopt a report by its Church and Society Council which challenged "claims that scripture offers any peoples a privileged claim for possession of a particular territory". The Church report argues that it is "doubly wrong to seek biblical sanction" given "the fact that the [Palestinian] land is currently being taken by settlement expansion, the separation barrier, house clearance, theft and force". 

The Church also reaffirmed their view that the present situation in Israel/Palestine "is characterised by an inequality in power" and that Israel's blockade of Gaza and illegal military occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem must end before reconciliation is possible.

  Delegates further stressed that the human rights of all peoples should be respected and that "this should include the right of return and/or compensation for Palestinian refugees".

The Church and Society Council report, The Inheritance of Abraham? A report on the 'promised land', was condemned by the Israeli ambassador to the UK when it was first published earlier this month. The conclusions of the revised report presented to the General Assembly were unchanged from the original, while adding introductory remarks and a reaffirming of the Kirk's rejection of racism and religious hatred.

Dr Bernard Sabella of the Middle East Council of Churches, based in Jerusalem, a delegate to the Church of Scotland General Assembly, called the Church of Scotland report "a wake-up call". Rev Na'el Abu Rahmoun of the Diocese of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East explained to the General Assembly how Palestinian citizens of Israel face systematic discrimination, and said "we are about 1.5 million, Christians and Muslims together" who are "considered maybe second or third class citizens".

A motion to effectively remit the report until 2014 was overwhelmingly rejected by delegates who agreed instead to promote the widest discussion of the report and its conclusions throughout the local committees of the Church and beyond.

General Assembly delegates also endorsed the Church and Society Council General Report which notes and encourages debate around the Iona Call 2012, a response to Kairos Palestine that endorses the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) and other forms of non-violent direct action.
Iona Community member Eurig Scandrett said that the Church of Scotland "has not been afraid to speak truth to power – the truth that Israel's claims to Palestinian land is unjustifiable theologically or ethically. Israel's credibility has just been dealt a major blow".

Fiona Napier, Chair of Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, welcomed the General Assembly decisions, saying that "The Israeli government needs to know that Scottish civil society, including our trade unions and churches, refuse to be complicit in their crimes against the Palestinian people and, as we see the situation for Palestinians worsen, we will find and take more effective action in support of Palestinian rights".


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  1. Way to go, Church of Scotland.


    Even as Rev. Sally Foster-Fulton expressed gratitude toward  "the Jewish community who sat down with us and were gracious in their concern," the United States Senate, heavily influenced by that same Jewish community,  passed S.Res.65, a resolution conveying U.S. support for potential Israeli military strikes on Iran.


    Earlier, the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee approved of H.R. 850, a new sanctions bill that included an amendment by Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen (R-FL) that removes the President's sanctions waiver authority. 


    Concerning that bill, NIAC's Jamal Abdi wrote: "Attacking the President's waiver authority is a cynical attempt to weaken his hand at the negotiating table and sabotage diplomatic efforts. If the President can't lift sanctions in exchange for concessions, the Iranians will have little incentive to cooperate.


    Some in Congress appear eager to turn the Iran sanctions into the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, which tied our hands on sanctions and all but guaranteed a disastrous war."    


    In many of their public appearances discussing their book, "Going to Tehran:  Why the US Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran," Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett have underlined the fact that no mechanisms exist for sanctions to be removed, thus, any presidential administration that purports to negotiate with Iran is doing so with its hands tied, by US Congress.


    If the gods are kind, and people such as participants on MCS are energetic enough to print copies of the Church of Scotland's courageous decision and distribute them to Christian churches in their neighborhoods, especially in the USA, a "multiplier effect" can be produced that will send a message to  US Congress: 

    We are America.

    We oppose oppression of Palestinian people.

    We oppose sanctions and threats of war against Iran.  

    • Well,Timmy,which particular "Harlot Church" are you refering to? The kiddy fiddling Catholics? The war mongering Southern Baptists? Moronis Morons?Please be specific when quoting from your favourite supernatural Jewish fairy tale.

      • Ivan, i partially agree with you. I have yet to step into a so called christian church of any denomination that covers the scripture accurately. Why I stay away from them.


        However I do support the courageous effort here to break stride with the Harlot churches and finally tell the truth on the subject. The biggest problem on this issue is that it does not matter if anything between the leather covers of the compilation of these texts happened, or has any truth at all. People across the world believe it and do not truly understand it. That means that even if I ignore religion by burying my head in the sand about it, my ass is still sticking up high just waiting to be molested by those who misinterpret it. It affects us all whether one believes it or not.


        Therefore a clear understanding of what it does say is very important. Only way to know is to study the subject with its lexicons/concordance along with Greek and Hebrew texts using Unicode and comparing it horizontally verse for verse with English bibles. Boy are you in for an awakening when this is done. Takes much time though and is easier to just listen to the lying proselyte pastors I guess. So, only thing I disagree with in your statement was that you were just as vague as Tim who you criticized for not being specific on which "Jewish fable" he was referring to. Maybe you were just being all inclusive here though. Hehehe. The most absurd of all to me would be "Jesus Christ was a jew". Give me a moment to pick myself up off the floor !!!!

    What is it with religionists and sexual connotations? "Harlot Churches" and " my ass is still sticking up high just waiting to be molested".What are you all smoking? 

  3. I wonder who the jerk who recommended the report be "sat on" until 2014 was?  Lemme guess….. a Billy Graham or Lindsey Graham type who infil-traited the C of S.   (The Graham family is as Jewish as a yarmulke.) They're all over the place. 
    Even The Church is crawling with Jewish spies and disinformation agents.   It's been a constant problem for the Muslims as well.  The fact that the report got issued at all, as strong as it was,  is a testament to the fact that people in the Church are waking up. 
    Keep it up, the truth is spreading.