Way to go, Church of Scotland

Florence Leone May 24, 2013 5
Way to go, Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland published a new version, of “The Inheritance of Abraham,” hosted on the Church of Scotland's website.

Apparently an Overwhelming vote by Scotland's largest Church against Christian Zionism and silence of Christian churches, for Palestinian suffering after six decades under brutal Israeli Occupation.

"A motion to effectively remit the report until 2014 was overwhelmingly rejected by delegates who agreed instead to promote the widest discussion of the report and its conclusions throughout the local committees of the Church and beyond."

by Florence Leone 

Special For My Catbird Seat

Recently I had the pleasure of conversing over lunch with one of the leaders of the Presbyterian church's BDS (Boycott, Divestment and sanctions) effort.

From that conversation I learned that, after eight years of effort, at their 2012 biennial meeting, the Presbyterian vote in favor of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctioning of Israel until it complies with international law and ceases its occupation of Palestinian lands and oppression of Palestinian people, was very close to passage.  But for the last minute influence of Jewish activists who brought pressure to bear on members of the Presbyterian voters, it would have received a majority vote.

The Church of Scotland is in a position to endorse the nearly-successful efforts of the Presbyterian church, and of Kairos, and worldwide efforts of people of good will of all faiths and none, to achieve justice for Palestinians.

Christians throughout the world have got to take a stand:  Who do they worship and seek to emulate: Jesus of Nazareth, whose commitment to the principle that all human beings were children of god, or Abraham, to whom, Jews claim, Yahweh made a particularist promise?  The courage of Jesus in defending the principle that all human beings are children of God cost him his life. 

Pontius Pilate sought a compromise — a way to 'square the circle' that would not imperil his career or his position, or his friendships.  He washed his hands of the conflict.

For too long the entire Christian world has sought the line of least resistance, or worse, the line of political expediency. 

The Church of Scotland is in the precious position of giving an example to the rest of Christendom — (including the shamefully disengaged Roman Catholic church): The Church of Scotland has the opportunity to benefit from the baleful experience of the Presbyterian church, and resist the pressures of the Jewish representatives who seek to influence them.
Following the path of Jesus is not the line of least resistance, nor the line of compromise. It requires courage, perhaps courage unto death. "Speak the truth in love" does not mean to acquiesce to untruth, or to water down justice. 

With the strength of Christians throughout the world to sustain them, may the Church of Scotland answer bravely this question: 

What would Jesus do?

Even as Rev. Sally Foster-Fulton expressed gratitude toward  "the Jewish community who sat down with us and were gracious in their concern," the United States Senate, heavily influenced by that same Jewish community,  passed S.Res.65. A resolution conveying U.S. support for potential Israeli military strikes on Iran.

Earlier, the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee approved of H.R. 850, a new sanctions bill that included an amendment by Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen (R-FL) that removes the President's sanctions waiver authority. 

Concerning that bill, NIAC's (National Iranian American Council's Policy Director) Jamal Abdi wrote: "Attacking the President's waiver authority is a cynical attempt to weaken his hand at the negotiating table and sabotage diplomatic efforts. If the President can't lift sanctions in exchange for concessions, the Iranians will have little incentive to cooperate.

Some in Congress appear eager to turn the Iran sanctions into the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, which tied our hands on sanctions and all but guaranteed a disastrous war."    

In many of their public appearances discussing their book, "Going to Tehran:  Why the US Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran," Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett have underlined the fact that no mechanisms exist for sanctions to be removed, thus, any presidential administration that purports to negotiate with Iran is doing so with its hands tied, by US Congress.

If the gods are kind, and people such as participants on MCS (My Catbird Seat) are energetic enough to print copies of the Church of Scotland's courageous decision and distribute them to Christian churches in their neighborhoods, especially in the USA, a "multiplier effect" can be produced that will send a message to  US Congress: 

We are America.

We oppose oppression of Palestinian people.

We oppose sanctions and threats of war against Iran. 

Florence Leone was a Roman Catholic nun before marrying and raising a family. On the conviction that prayer is political action, she has spearheaded efforts to make religious programming on cable television more representative of the communities served, and has created forums to educate church groups and other community groups in the history and culture of Iran, and also the history and ideology of Zionism. Influenced by concepts introduced by Joseph Campbell, Leone attempts to understand religious/political topics by exploring their foundational myths. Her work has been published in the monthly newspaper of The Thomas Merton Center, and acknowledged by former ambassadors to NATO, the United Nations, and the IAEA.

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  1. Rexw May 24, 2013 at 8:07 pm - Reply

    Well done, Scotland. A vote for decency and justice.  


    I cannot answer the question asked above, "what would Jesus do?" I know what he wouldn't do. He certainly would not issue a Christian franchise to any Christian Zionist.  


    What a deluded bunch of sheep are John Hagee's followers, funded by Israel, dancing to the israel tune and subservient to all of israel's demands. They are not capable of an original thought in support of the removal of the occupation in Palestine\, now into its 66th year. Their idea of Christianity is to join forces with the money source, decent principles and Christian teachings being ignored. Christians they are not! They are worse than the Zionists themsleves and that is because they should know better.


    The Zionist want one thing in their control of Hagee's hypocrites and that is to drive a wedge through good Christian thinking.


    Divide and conquer is their motto and they are as skilled at that strategy as any evil nation in the history of the world. And then some.   One should take a minute to look at the voting record of Rep. ILeana Ros-Lehtinen. One could swear that with all her initiatives, all her voting practices, she could easily be seen more as an Israeli, so much is her day occupied with supporting Israel. How she holds her hand out for her salary is beyond me. After all it is paid  by the American taxpayers. it should be paid  by Israel. She is not an American in any way. Sooner or later, the American people will see her for what she is. Sadly she represents an electorate that is full of wealthy Jewish retirees with nothing better to do than to use their money and votes to keep this disloyal person in her powerful position. But she also has the support from her feeble-minded Republican associates, the likes of Graham, McCain and other Israeli stooges.  


    So, it is even more important for people to be aware of the decision in Scotland, seeing it not as a victory against Zionisim and the hateful policies of Israel but as a light shining for common sense and justice. We all know that there is a shortage of those qualities among today's leaders. The sooner that Israel can be seen as nothing more than a middle east irritant, the better.  


    Scotland. The World Thanks You.  

  2. le May 24, 2013 at 9:30 pm - Reply

    You can agree or disagree with the Church's decision. I for one don't have a problem with most of it, although they have mixed religion and politics, but hey, I'm not Scottish and it's their decision to make.
    One thing that baffles me though- calling the decision couragous. It is completely aligned with the zeitgeist and pretty much panders to popular opinion in Great Britain. It may be moral, it may be correct – each can have their opinion; but couragous?

  3. Florence L May 25, 2013 at 3:01 am - Reply

    Jewish Daily Forward (online): Church of Scotland Strikes Out on Israel http://blogs.forward.com/forward-thinking/177296/church-of-scotland-strikes-out-on-israel/


    "The Church of Scotland had to do three things to revise its "borderline antisemitic" report on Israel and the Palestinians:


    1. Make it clear that Kirk understands that zionism is not solely a religious ideology but also a [political] movement;


    2. "repeal all claims that smacked of Christian supremacism;"


    3. Delete or rewrite passages that said Jews must "stop thinking of themselves as victims and special and 'repent' for the displacement of Palestinians during the Wars of Independence."


    According to the Forward, the Church of Scotland failed on all three counts.  

  4. hp May 25, 2013 at 3:51 am - Reply

    “The Church can proclaim the Gospel or she can pursue good relations with the Jews. But she can’t do both.”

     – E. Michael Jones

  5. Mikael May 25, 2013 at 8:34 am - Reply

    B. H. Freeman Facts are Facts should be an obligatory read for anyone to understand this current mess and the little known fact that there never was a word "Jew" that is a complete fabrication, and Israel haven't existed at all, everything is based on some simple words, in some lines, and proved nowhere inside Palestinian/Israeli territory at all.


    Do YOU understand this, this IS FACTS and they NEVER argue, only smear and lie, even more.


    I have some sympathy with the present Eastern Europeans and Americans a.s.o. invading Palestine as "Jews", is based on Lies and forged history. This is facts and everybody knows this, like the fact that Israel isn't even Legitimate, Palestine is and have been a legitimate state, not Israel. The world is awaking to this as they themselves figure out that What WE have been saying all these Years is infact TRUE, all the f…. way.


    They the invaders should be compensated and kicked OUT of the land entirely and expelled form the realms of Israel and Palestinian land, without exception, never forget the Nakba and all the People that was forced out of whats today Israel, compensated and given back their land, without exception, and THEN we can sit down and negotiate the future of the Palestinian Land.


    What must be done to remove this wild madness and lies, to expose the fact that this is NOT about the f… "Jews" at ALL, its about the Truth and Justice for the Palestinians and their destiny. Despite the moronic hypocrisy about "defending themselves" as Israels mantra, the Palestinians have and by any terms available to international legislation and laws, a legitimate and just cause and fight for their existence, amid a world that overlooks their reality, and legitimate fight against the worlds 5 biggest armies.


    There is a process and its escalating, slowly, slowly, and their hegemony on both definitions and their f…uped dogmas and consensus are crumbling, and even worse, they don't give a f…., and can do this because of the coward western hemisphere governments and the utterly coward and despicable silence is noticed from the f…. Vatican.


    Where the f…. are they, are they blind?


    Look at them, drooling in circles and howling about war, and pointing fingers everywhere, accusing everyone for anything as long as it justifies Their goals, Eretz Israel, from the Euphrates to the Nile, the Zionist state.


    They have no clothes any more, we see them for who they are, evil creatures, of distant times, with a policy, a cancer cell worthy.


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