Conference at Damascus 28 th and 29th April against war, in solidarity...

Conference at Damascus 28 th and 29th April against war, in solidarity with Syrian people


Conference at Damascus 28th and 29th April against war, for peace, development and reform, in solidarity with the Syrian people and with people of all countries across continents facing threat of war for seizrure of resources of all citizens.

United to stop the growing war against Syria — Image Credit : Rebel Youth, Peoples Voice, in Solidarity with Syria.

by Niloufer Bhagwat

The organizers for the Peace Conference in Syria convened by the " National Current for the National Salvation of Syria" which was  earlier postponed is now being held on the 28 th and 29th April 2013, which comes at a significant moment in contemporary history and in solidarity with the people of Syria against the overt and covert attacks on the Syrian people and for peace, development and reform. All political parties within Syria whether in government or in opposition inside and outside Syrian parliament who stand in solidarity with the people of Syria  support this initiative.  Syria was singled out at as a part of the" Axis of Evil" as early as in 2001, after which several countries have been overrun.

This conference is important as not only have the people of Syria been brutally attacked by mercenary criminalized forces, several countries have been overrun and other regions of the world are facing a similar imminent  military threat of invasion and occupation from privatized and  official armies. This is the threat of 'continuous wars in our lifetime' which was held out by the Project of the New American Century and related documents, including the announced strategic objectives of NATO, and of those governments in various regions overtly or covertly allied with this military pact. These objectives have never been concealed  and  have been openly  expressed with aims and objectives carried out in the most brutal manner as we have seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the Horn of Africa and in Mali among other regions. This  policy includes the expansion of colonial settlements on Palestinian territory  through military force by the Zionist government of Israel, which has never given up its objective of 'Greater Israel ' which is a continuation of the colonization of Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian territory among other Arab lands, in alliance with its collaborators which include some of the governments of the Arab world , including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey among others.

The policy for war is visible now for over a decade, seen in the number of countries which have been overrun, in particular countries with strategic minerals and hydrocarbons or those strategically situated as bridge heads between regions or seen as resisting the policy of invasion and occupation.The smaller countries are the primary targets, however even the major powers in the Security Council namely Russia and China are as per policy announcements also seen as potential adversaries, apart from the declared policy to prevent the emergence of the economies of those countries seen as emerging economies, which was also one of the aims and objectives of the belligerent powers of the Second World War to destroy rival economies and to destroy any alternative political system,even as the dominant financial system had  faced a GREAT WORLD DEPRESSION with several economies in dire distress.

The nature of the strategy adopted, of denial of resources to other economic centers is implied from the nature of sanctions imposed and the prohibition of trade by third parties with those countries targets, illegal in International Law, as sanctions constitute a  declaration of war not only on the countries directly targeted, but  against those who are prevented from trading with those countries,as it  severely harms their economies. The objective is clear,the denial of strategic resources including hydrocarbons to other countries and regions, even through oil and gas pipelines.

It is ironical that on one hand nations claim to impose "free trade" on the world through military occupation and in the past even "opium wars" and on the other hand impose sanctions to prevent free international trade between nations.

The global anti-war movement must be revived as a mass political movement. This movement  has two aspects, one is the opposition to war to destroy other societies  which is the objective of financial oligarchies, the second and equally important and linked to the first is to oppose the diversion of  limited financial resources of every country for war and militarization when these resources are required for development, apart from the fact that  war is a diversion from the political and economic issues before these societies  and the use of military force to subjugate societies for economic and political purpose is illegal according to the Nuremberg Principles reiterated by Justice Robert Jackson a former US justice at the Nuremberg trials.

Social security, health care and pensions are all being gradually abolished in North America and Europe, whereas the war budget remain in place , with token cuts. The soldiers of NATO and the mercenary forces being hired by its overt and covert allies are being used as GLADIATORS as in the Roman amphitheater, to kill and be killed with no future  whatsoever for the veterans or mercenary fighters of these wars .

This is not an issue of regime change which global corporate propaganda advances as the cause of the conflict, which  in any case only the people of Syria and within Syria have a right to decide, not armed gangs . This is a  war declared on Syria using special forces and hired fighters and mercenaries using the most barbaric methods, witnessed earlier in other war theaters  like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya among others,leaked through videos and documents by the US soldier  Bradley Manning  as he had no other means of stopping this brutal destruction .

No one has yet answered our question as to how can reform of a political process be brought about with mass and barbaric attack on the civilian population of which there is overwhelming evidence despite which the reform process began in Syria in 2011, and another election is  shortly scheduled for 2014.

This  is a war on the world as a whole, with different military theatres, with unlimited regions and countries targeted, though camouflaged as a war for democracy and regime change. From country to country which has been overrun,we have seen the nature and kind of democracy which has been brought about,  including in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Mali etc. We have seen what is left of the democracy of those countries with claims to be the home of democracies, some with the largest prison incarcerations in the world singling out some races for special attention, apart from the  rampant Islamophobhia in these societies only with a view  to justify the seizure of resources of countries with hydrocarbons because they are coincidentally peopled by adherents of the Islamic faith among others.

It is vital for us to be present in Damascus to oppose this creeping global war on the world, and to express our solidarity with the people of Syria as a whole, including every minority community, brutally targeted by the criminalized barbarians referred to as the Free Syrian Army who are devastating the whole of Syrian society. You will be shocked to learn that there was even a strategy to convert the Syrian Christians into refugees to herd them into Europe and to similarly get all the minorities to disperse .

The evidence of one country after another being swallowed up and overrun in over a decade is unmistakable  and cannot be ignored in the assessment of the situation in Syria .

The time to stand up is when our neighbour's house is on fire, when our own home is set on  fire too it may be too late. There is not a single continent which is not targeted by the forces declaring war, who have equally turned on the people of their own country and are preparing for drone warfare and concentration camps even within their countries, apart from other measures. Even the major powers such as Russia and China  are targeted as per declared policy, of course everyone in their own turn in case any government or people  imagine that they are  free from attack by these forces by military or financial means .

The enemies of humanity are aware that these countries cannot be held militarily because of the fierce resistance, therefore  the objective is to destroy infrastructure  and create anarchic conditions of hunger and violence,to reduce human society to its most base, in their own image. It is necessary for the people of North America, Europe and of every country which is a part of the alliance for the destruction of other societies to realize that they are equally  not safe or secure from these forces, as their life's  savings and resources are being seized .

Damascus  historically evokes a dialogue of civilizations , it is in this region where people of diverse faith and culture  Muslims of all denominations . Druze , Alewites , Kurds , including the earliest Christian  community  among others , have resided from time immemorial in peace and harmony. It is from here that the message needs to be sent to all people and governments, unite before it is too late and impose an international boycott of  individuals and governments resorting to war and destruction . 

All those individuals and organizations who believe that every society has the right to determine its own political destiny without interference, and the right to trade and interaction with other societies, without  facing sanctions and  military intervention need to be at Damascus as even the Security Council of the United Nations has been unable to prevent countries from being overrun and has a track record of threatening with sanctions not those who are armed to the teeth, but small countries defending their sovereign right to self defense.

The Security Council has overlooked that countries are being destroyed militarily and financially, through sanctions  and currency wars and that citizens across continents are affected by this world disorder.

Niloufer Bhagwat, a lawyer and wife of former Indian Navy Chief Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat. Vice President Indian Lawyers Association — Mumbai, and Tokyo International Tribunal Judge.



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  1. Ted Rall : The Quagmire Pattern

    Ten Years into the Iraq War, the U.S. Repeats in Syria

    The Quagmire Pattern always seems to play out the same way.


    There’s a civil war in some country deemed by the CIA to be Of Strategic Importance (i.e., energy reserves, proximity to energy reserves, or potential pipeline route to carry energy reserves).

    During this initial stage, a secular socialist dictatorship fights Muslim insurgents who want to create an Islamist theocracy. To build public support – or at least apathetic tolerance – the conflict is cast to and by the media as a struggle between tyrannical torturers and freedom-loving underdogs.


    The U.S. must get involved!

    If not us, who?

    Alternative answers to this question – the European Union, the African Union, the United Nations, or nobody at all – what about self-determination? – are shrugged off. It is as if no one has said a word.


    The Pentagon selects a rebel faction to support, typically the most radical (because they’re the most fanatical fighters), and sends them money and weapons and trainers.

    It works. The regime falls. Yay!

    Civil war ensues. Not so yay.

    The craziest religious zealots are poised to prevail in this second stage. Because they’re militant and well-trained (by the U.S.). Suffering from buyers’/backers’ remorse, American policymakers have a change of heart. Pivoting 180 degrees, the U.S. now decides to back the most moderate faction (because they’re the most reasonable/most pro-business) among the former opposition.


    Then the quagmire begins.


    The trouble for Washington is, the radicals are still fanatical – and the best fighters. Minus outside intervention, they will win. So the U.S. pours in more help to their new moderate allies. More weapons. Bigger weapons. More money. Air support. Trainers. Ground troops. Whatever it takes to win an “honorable peace.” And install a moderate regime before withdrawing.

    If they can withdraw.

    The moderates, you see, never enjoyed the support of most of their country’s people. They didn’t earn their stripes in the war against the former regime. Because of U.S. help, they never had to up their game militarily. So they’re weak. Putting them in power isn’t enough. If the U.S. leaves, they collapse.


    Boy, is the U.S. in a pickle now.

    Americans troops are getting offed by a determined radical insurgency. The harder the Americans try to crush the nuts, the stronger and bigger they get (because excessive force by invaders radicalizes moderate – but patriotic – fence sitters). Moreover, their puppet allies are a pain in the ass. Far from being grateful, the stooges resent the fact that the U.S. armed their enemies during the original uprising against the fallen dictatorship. The puppet-puppetmaster relationship is inherently one characterized by mistrust.


    Starting with the Carter and Reagan Administrations’ arming of the anti-Soviet mujahedeen in Afghanistan during the 1980s and continuing today with the ineffectual and ornery Hamid Karzai, the Quagmire Pattern is how the U.S. intervention unfolded in Afghanistan.

    However, the American electorate isn’t told this. They are repeatedly told that abandonment – as opposed to isolationism – is the problem. “The decisive factor in terms of the rise of the Taliban and al-Qaida was the fact that the United States and most of the international community simply walked away and left it to Pakistan and to other more extremist elements to determine Afghanistan’s future in the ’90s,” claims James Dobbins, former U.S. envoy to Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo in a standard retell of the Abandonment Narrative.


    The logical implication, of course, is that the U.S. – er, the “international community” – shouldn’t have left Afghanistan in the early 1990s. We ought to have remained indefinitely. The problem with this argument is that we have been over there for 12 straight years, and have little to show for our efforts. (It also ignores history. The U.S. was involved in the 1996-2001 Afghan civil war. It helped both sides: weapons to the Northern Alliance, tens of millions of dollars to the Taliban.)


    The Abandonment Narrative is total bullshit – but it has the force of media propagandizers behind it.

    The Quagmire Pattern has played out in Afghanistan. And in Iraq. Again in Libya, where a weak central government propped up by the Obama Administration is sitting on its hands as Islamist militias engage in genocide and ethnic cleansing.

    Now the Quagmire Pattern is unfolding again, this time in Syria. When the uprising against the secular socialist government of Bashar al-Assad began two years ago, the U.S. rushed in with money, trainers and indirect arms sales. Jihadis received most of the bang-bang goodies. Now people like Dobbins are arguing in favor of weapons transfers from Pentagon arms depots to the Syrian opposition. And President Obama is considering using sketchy allegations that Assad’s forces used chemical weapons – here we go again with the WMDs – as a pretext for invading Syria with ground troops.


    Dobbins admits that there are “geopolitical risks,” including distracting ourselves from America’s other Big Possible Future War, against Iran. Yet he still wants to arm the Syrian rebels, who include members of Al Qaeda.

    There is, he told NPR, “the possibility that the intervention wouldn’t work and that it would look like a failure.”

    “Possibility”? Such interventions have never worked.


    So why does he still want to give weapons to people who will probably wind up aiming them at American soldiers?

    “I think the consequences of not acting and the risks of not acting are even greater.”

    In other words: we do what we do because that’s what we do.

    That’s how the Quagmire Pattern works.

    (Ted Rall’s website is His book “After We Kill You, We Will Welcome You Back As Honored Guests: Unembedded in Afghanistan” will be released in November by Farrar, Straus & Giroux.)