America…A Cesspool Of Hypocrisy And Death

America…A Cesspool Of Hypocrisy And Death


American Citizen Furkan Dogan murdered by Israel endures post murder apology sent to Turkish Prime Minister
America has become a cesspool of immorality, wherein the spiritually inclined individuals must disavow the crimes of our nation in order to advance to a far more divine realm, where the wanton killing of children does not occur.


By J. Speer-Williams


If Americans had half as much empathy for the MILLIONS of lives we have either ended or ruined in the Middle East as we do for the victims of 9/11 or of the Boston Marathon explosions, maybe, just maybe, our government would reconsider its continual insane massacre of children and civilians.


Can there be a more despicable craven act of wickedness than to bomb children, while the Bushes, Cheneys, and Obamas, in the safety of the White House, decry the cowardice of those who perpetrated 9/11? The horrors of 9/11, however, pale in comparison to the living hells we have perpetrated abroad ­ all in the name of us, the American people, and our fascistic form of democracy.

There is, however, a much more serious and grievous abomination than slaughtering children ­ it is the torture of a single child. To our everlasting shame, dark elements of the US government also do that by the hundreds, perhaps thousands, in over a hundred military bases across our beleaguered world.

Go ahead. Lie to them.

How can a decent people tolerate a government that is as criminally insane as ours? Incrementally ­ little by little ­ we have justified crime after crime, until our nation and its people have become the most psychopathic mass murderers on earth.

It has been so easy for us to disconnect ourselves from the reality of our slaughters of innocent families abroad. After all, it is all "over there," in some dusty, foreign-looking place, carried out by a body of people who have been trained to believe it is honorable to kill children and innocent civilians. So, we think it is honorable, or we close out minds to the reality of the fact. We have been so conditioned. I've been so conditioned. We have all been so conditioned.

But what price will our honorable, virtuous, and noble family, friends, and neighbors pay for being Americans? Will good Americans suffer along with the bad?

America has become a cesspool of immorality, wherein the spiritually inclined individuals must disavow the crimes of our nation in order to advance to a far more divine realm, where the wanton killing of children does not occur.

By saving our children, we have a far better chance of saving ourselves.

J. (Jack) Speer-Williams: J ack is a former Hollywood producer of live stage shows that featured various movie and TV stars. In Los Angeles for almost a quarter of a century, Jack had a front-row seat in observing the disintegration of the foundations of America society before he retreated to the woods of New Hampshire. A graduate of the University of Florida, where he studied economics.

According to Jack, “Those of us stuck deeply into the engineered left/right paradigm have no desire to be objective, and are thus blinded to all truth that does not reinforce biased opinions. Remedial work in geo-politics will not open the minds of such people, as they are badly in need of spiritual remedies; nevertheless, facts are facts, and some are available to truth-seekers, the subject matter of my writings.”

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  1. I have started to turn myself away from the present lunatics running the show, and as you write about, to save what’s coming after our time in this prison planet.   A world where lies and forgeries in all aspects is crumbling between their hands, from Bailouts to Syria, its become so f… obvious, the lies and war mongering, propaganda and hate rhetoric is everywhere, all the time. The economics are so bad, the debt so high, and the costs of war, steadily climbing and when Inflation is skyrocketing the costs of war will rise exponentially. No wonder they are freaking out and all they can do is Black flags, all they have done since time immemorial in world policy. Nothing new.


    This is the absolute best and the most used method to ruin a land, works every time, and the people inside this fence of paranoia and illusions, is the last one to perceive it, the same as always, until the bedsides are in full flames. Why do we crawl in front of the lunatics in charge, whilst we all have the proofs in capital crimes all the time, criminals, war criminals, economic criminals and lunatics rule this planet, and the idiots inside the concentration camp, formerly known as the USA, why do we even believe anything they say. I don’t believe in whatever they say, who says what and where, the boots on the ground says it all for me.   I don’t even care anymore about the present world, its fobared and gone, the powers to be, will die along with us, so the future is more important than shortsighted political gains. I am and will continue to rip everything they and the present base of knowledge is.  



  2. No need to look any further than the last book of the New Testament.  If the Lord had not cut the last days short, not even the elect would survive.  Yes, brothers and sisters we need do nothing, but boycott peacefully.  The nuclear rain falls on the just and the unjust equally.  They have destroyed the planet for our species, including them and their children.  The buck stops here.

  3. With all respect, Ghana Serapis, mention of the New Testament makes me want to gag. 


    The ultimate enablers of the psychopathology of the USA and of pariah Israel are the religionists in USA.  Evangelicals are only the tip of the iceberg — we see the craziness and danger they represent. More insidious, therefore more dangerous, are the high minded mainstream and Catholic and even Unitarian congregations.  In my observation of several such churches in the DC area — Unitarians, Episcopal, Catholic — I found narcissism; armchair psychology from the pulpit; feelgoodism; token "Christian charity" — "we took 51 coats to the poor people!!", but not a word of condemnation of the acts of a government that kills people as a matter of policy. "When salt becomes insipid, what can you do to restore its tang?"


    In a Presbyterian church, when the preacher condemned the actions of Presbyterians who advocated FOR BDS in the Presbyterian general meeting, I cried out, "What about the Palestinians?  We are responsible for their suffering!"  I was ushered out of the church. In a gathering of holy rollers led by an Elmer Gantry wannabe on a Catholic university campus, I called out, "God forgive us for enabling oppression of Palestinians." I was ushered out of the meeting hall. It frightens me to do these things.  I know that ultimately I, or those dear to me, will be punished for going against the goad.  I have no choice.  It seems to me the only moral course.  But still I am afraid, and most often, I keep my head down and my mouth shut.