The Sunday Times interview with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad

The Sunday Times interview with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad


Syrian President Bashar al Assad described the British government as, "shallow and immature" for siding with foreign-backed terrorists fighting his country. "We do not expect an arsonist to be a firefighter", President Assad told The Sunday Times, dismissing any suggestion that Britain could help to resolve the conflict in Syria.


The Syrian president highlighted the fact that many nations in the Middle East region do not trust Britain, and stressed that the UK government has been viewed as "unconstructive" in the region for centuries.

"There's no contact between Syria and Britain for a long time", he said.

"You cannot separate the role from the credibility, and you cannot separate the credibility from the history of that country", the Syrian president noted.

"To be frank, Britain has played famously in our region (an) unconstructive role in different issues, for decades, some say for centuries."

"How can we expect to ask Britain to play a role while it's determined to militarise the problem?", asked President Assad.

"How can you ask them to play a role in making the situation better, more stable, how can we expect them to make the violence less when they want to send the military supply to the terrorist?

"I think they are working against us, and they are working against the interests of the UK itself.

"This government [the UK] is acting in a naïve, confused, and unrealistic manner. If they want to play a role they have to change this, they have to act in a more reasonable and responsible way", added the Syrian president.

The UK government has been playing a destructive role in Syria since two years ago when foreign-backed mercenaries and armed terror groups hijacked the Syrian nation's peaceful demands for change and waged an all-out war against the country.

Britain has been pushing for providing armed terror groups in Syria with heavy weaponry in a desperate attempt to help topple the popular government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Its agents, including MI6 spies and military experts, have long been conspiring against the Syrian people from bases in Turkey, Cyprus and sometimes in Lebanon.


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  1. #1 Israel Agent Cameron, and #2 Williams Hague apologist for all of Israel's crimes, has the audacity to comment that Syrian President Assad is "delusional".   Well those of us who can see the full picture know who is the delusional person,  and it is not Assad.   Now that Israel Agent Hague has got his wish for the US to come to the aid of the extreme Islamic terrorists in Syria,these will be the same people who will not be content until they have made this another Muslim Brotherthood country, as per Egypt, eventually Libya, and on from there.   I do hope I can remain around long enought to see two things. One, the British voters wake to the fact that Hague is a subservient slave to Israel and that they remove him from office and two,  that the poor old British soldier does not have to fight a war in Syria against the very people Agent Hague is now supporting, thanks to his incompetence in order to save the 20% of secular peoples and Christians who have nothing much to look forward to but their own deaths under such a regime.   Hague is an absolute fool, always has been.