Swallow hard, Cain McSatan, and back to your crypt

Swallow hard, Cain McSatan, and back to your crypt


Senator McCain apologizes to Sen. Rand Paul and Sen.Ted Cruz for calling them "Wacko Birds"

by Rufus Petersen


Katie Pavlich on Sen. Rand Paul Winning CPAC Straw Poll – Neil Cavuto – 03-18-13 (VIDEO)


Rand Paul : " I say, not one penny more to countries that burn the American flag."

What if they stopped giving money to Pakistan- or Egypt?

WHO could be next?

I think that Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was out-and-out USED by the US, and dumped like a hot potato when he was no longer convenient. So much for "Westernizing"! And look what Hosni got for being a good boy to the US! Not to defend the guy– I think he deserved what he got, but I just think that US actions on his account are the epitome of hypocrisy.

Jordon’s King Abdallah is now prostrating You'd think they'd learn.

President Barack Obama paid him a visit during his recent trip to the region.

Obama Pledges Help to Jordan on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Oh, and Obama’s Grand Bargain? Israel Apologizes to Turkey, Promises Mavi Marmara Compensation. (Read : Richard Silverstein)

Hanan Ashrawi, a Palestinian,very prominent long time Palestinian negotiator, who is still a member of the PLO executive committee, said, we don't need new language or new thinking. We need new will and courage by the United States.

Read the full transcript here

What a hoot– it's the Margaret and Judy Show!

Watch Obama Pledges Help to Jordan on the Syrian Refugee Crisis on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

"Gee, Margaret, do you think if the US bull stumbles in the china shop, will we know for sure that it really happened and do you think the American people will get all the facts?"

"Well, you can count on me to do my best, Judy- for the viewing Publick, of course…."
Judy gets that near-sighted look on her face, just like I've always loved seeing Charlie Rose get!
(What a makeover Charlie's gotten! I miss the days when I had an actual television that I'd tune in to- Charlie's hair would be all rumpled, like he just rolled out of bed and started the day with a good belt of bourbon the way he ended it the night before…)
All mockery aside, I guess someone has to report to us about the royal animals in the zoo and their great lumberings and bellows. I'd like to see a war crimes trial for who exactly is responsible for the Syria mess– a trial with real consequences that got at the genuine villains, not at the conveniently labelled culprits. I hate to say it, but things could be worse; Obama's official foreign policy could be identical to that of the CIA and Mossad; US troops could be there now.
Why Jordan's King Abdullah is causing controversy?
King Abdullah – a New York Times Interview
On Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski reads from Jeffrey Goldberg's latest Atlantic piece on Jordan's King Abdullah's interview

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Matter of fact, I've heard some very angry liberals as of late lamenting that Obama is such a "do-nothing" about Syria– these gentle people want to see US boots on the ground in yet another conflict. People on the Diane Rehm show, etc. How is it that so many liberals are always justifying WAR? Syria's been ruined. That's horrible, but not horrible enough because the US is not there to make things WORSE! And ousting Assad is gonna make it all better!
What part of not involving yourself in violence do they not understand? There isn't any solving of the situation.
I wonder how long the kissiness between Nuttyahoo and Obama will last, and how real  it is. How much of US intransigence on Iran is just Israel-pleasing bluster and how much is serious? As per the recent bellicosity of N Korea, I've been quite pleased with that! Not to say that N Korea is a clear and distinct villain as we are always led to believe (My guess is they probably are pretty rotten). Rather, some other Evil armed with nukes needs to be attended to rather than yet another target in the Mideast, for Israel. A Korean distraction is a help, in my estimation.

Wish I could awake to some strategic victory for Bashar al-Assad, where the militants just went "let's screw it and go home." Then the Syrian refugees just go home, and try to pick up the pieces.

I heard on the radio some guy (with no audible foreign/Eastern accent) say that many people in Syria were for the overthrow of Assad — until they realized the wicked forces assembled to try to do that and what they were doing to the nation. Occasional glimpses of truth will and do get out in the US media; you just have to be listening closely.

Rufus Peterson, a fifty-something, temporarily faceless, bohemian Paleoconservative artist and writer living in Idaho.

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  1. "Occasional glimpses of truth will and do get out in the US media; you just have to be listening closely"
    Please, Rufus, keep us all informed of these glimpses of the truth, so few and far between are they, or so it seems to me judging by the press coverage of Obama’s visit to little America.
    It is interesting for a relatively sane non-US person to view the compilations of the videos and the extracts from some of the "newsworthy" comments from the so-called experts populating the  US news organisations, and to see how much  they  are a likeness to one another.
    When it is noteworthy by someone well-informed like the article writer to note an item as being truthful, it must be seen as a staggering indictment of the US media. Even the positives in Obama's speech do not seem to have received much in the way of US airplay. Yet one has to assume that the full transcript was available to all those budding Edward Murrow's with their special hairstyles by their own special coiffeur, but little emerged as relevant news as a result. Judging by the current Zionist climate in the US, Congress, Senate, US media, Hollywood, Christian churches, finance and on, one can see why items stated by a US President DIDN’T receive such coverage even though they were well made,  rational and refreshing.
    Obviously these qualities do not make up the content of a broadcast agenda in America.
    A comment is worth noting, however. “A Korean distraction is a help, in my estimation”
    Yes. The expected US response to the ramblings of North Korea elicited a common and anticipated result. Shoring up the defences of the US with very large contracts to the military /  Industrial providers for more anti-missile missiles.  Are we talking about Korea? If Iran had  rattled on like Kim Jong-un they would have been under attack by now with half the US naval forces on alert in the Gulf of Hormuz on a friendly visit organised by Netanyahu and his cabal of warmongers.
    Now if this was Israel and not Korea, one could be concerned with 200-300 nuclear warheads in stock and which have been the subject of comments by some of the right wing loonies in Israel  that they have the ability to knock out every big city, US and Europe.
    For example, speaking during an interview some years ago, Hebrew University Professor Martin Van Crevel said Israel had the capability of hitting most European capitals with nuclear weapons.

     "We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force."
    The world have been thrilled with that one. One shouldn’t think for one second that US cities are not there as targets as well.
    Perhaps the most relevant comment one could make here is that with the orchestrated ‘downplaying’ of the relevant and suggestive comments by Obama in the world’s press, 90% owned as it is by Zionists,  is that Israel probably does now feel it can expand, ad nauseum, as it has been doing for years even though as that icon for  impartiality in foreign policy,  Hilary Clinton, Jewish fellow –traveller said, such expansion was “unhelpful”.
     Really? Does that qualify for the understatement of the decade?
    So let’s keep waiting on for Rufus and the  ‘occasional glimpses of the truth’