New resource to counter Israeli propaganda

New resource to counter Israeli propaganda


An Israel advocacy group is placing billboards around the U.S. saying that “Israelis invested $57 billion in U.S. Companies” in 2000-2010.


by Alison Weir


We have created a website that responds to these

How did Israel invest $57 billion?

Key points:

  • U.S. taxpayers give money outright to Israel: more than $8 million per day.
  • Investors invest to make profits. This doesn't mean that whoever invests in the U.S. is an ally or friend to Americans.
  • just 3% of total foreign investment in US enterprises in that period — a tiny amount compared to the largest investors.
  • Israel's economy is faring much better that that of the U.S., according to key economic indicators (such as unemployment rate). See table below.
  • Israel has cost the U.S. much more — an estimated $1.6 trillion from 1973 to 2003 alone

Please share this website widely with anyone who has seen these billboards or who might know someone who has. We hope this resource will help inform the uninformed and help the informed refute these misleading advertisements.

Use this site to respond to misleading billboards:

Israel's investment was just 3% of foreign investment in the U.S. 2000-2010
Other countries invested vastly more in the same time. Israel isn't even among the top 20 countries investing in the U.S.


Put up these billboards instead!

Billboards question US tax money to Israel

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Alison Weir is an American freelance journalist and founder and Executive Director of If Americans Knew and president of The Council for National Interest. Ms. Weir writes and speaks on issues covering the situation in Palestine/Israel, addresses the historical context and provides critique of how the media covers issues which challenges U.S. foreign policy and well-funded lobby interests.


  1. 82% of the new Soviet government, after 1917, was so-called "Jews" (Ashkenazi – Khazar).  They arrived in Russia, from Germany (with Lenin), and from New York (with Trotsky), among other places. The First Edition of Robert Wilton's book:  The Last Days of the Romanovs, originally published in French, as "Les Derniers Jours des Romanofs" contains the lists of government appointees.  What scares me is:  What if the Rothschild/Zionists, and all their dual-Israeli-US "citizens" are the vanguard, for the same thing in the U.S.?  DHS and other US government agencies have been buying an awful lot of ammo.  Why?

  2. You mean I invested 58 Billion dollars in US Companies between 2000 – 2010 with MY tax dollars sent over to Israel.  I think it also looks way too obvious that a lot of my tax dollars are being spent by Israel on buying my polititions too.  Maybe we could invest that money better.

    • Good point Davol.  Trillions were sent to Israel over the years… tax payers money and Zionist money from gambling, prostitution and fleecing of the people… If they have that much money to invest in America why do they continue to seek aid…

  3.  One of the main complaints about the inequality in the USA is the power of corporations. Israeli investments, like those of other rich investors, aim to make profits; people's lives, houses, savings, jobs are low priorities, as corporarions can buy influence in Congress and in each State. Nothing to be proud of.

  4. What a racket! Money flows from the USA to Israel which then returns a small portion of that money to the USA to keep its selected Israel-first congress critters in office and take profits from its US investments, all to ensure that money keeps flowing from the USA to Israel. Repeat cycle, over and over again, until Americans are spinning so fast on their hamster wheels they can't see their true masters gloating at them.

  5. Putting up a billboard that says Israel invests billions in the USA isn't going to make people cringe, it will do just the opposite, make then cheer for that State of Hate.

  6. The best way to deal with Israel is to stop giving billions of dollars in US aid every year (8 million a day) when this money can be well spent here in the US to improve the Americn life.   


    We can achieve that and much more by supporting these two honest, serious and reliable organizations: (1) If Americans (2) The Council for the National    


    There are various organizations and groups that will keep on asking money from the patriotic community and we ought to be careful before writing each check.   There are also various websites with PayPal Buttons and some of the people who run these sites are Zionist agents despite their superficial narrative to impress real truth seekers.  There is one person who has even  installed his buttons in multiple websites and people are getting deceived by these insincere people who are aggressive about collecting donations while doing absolutely nothing to advance the cause of true freedom and personal liberties of people in America or other parts of the world notably Palestine and Gaza.   I tried to email an article from If Americans Knew and a friend informed me that he was afraid to open the email because it was labelled as coming from a  "dangerous site".   I emailed an article from The Council for the National Interest, the email did'nt have the link to the article I was emailing about.   These incidents show us that the Zionist establishment is threatened by their work and that the people behind these two organizations are real people working on behalf of America and Americans as well as people in the Middle East.  


    By promoting these two websites alone and by supporting few other very sincere people like Stuart Littlewood of Radio Free palestine and Merlin Miller of Americana-Pictures we can accomplish a great deal. Thank you for your understanding and support for these sincere organizations and people who have the knowledge of what our real problems are and are willing to spend time, energy and effort to make lasting changes for America and the world.