Now that the dust is starting to settle over the nomination of Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense,it is useful to reflect on the bitter dispute that accompanied it,and to consider what it did – and did not – mean. Not much has been heard from Hagel’s opponents,while his supporters have been trumpeting their victory. But silence does not imply submission,and there are more than a few indicators that claims of victory are at best premature,and at worst misleading,especially as they pertain to the alleged “special relationship” between Israel and the United States.

Dr. Alan Sabrosky

The “Special Relationship” That Wasn’t

          Whenever Israel’s supporters today speak of a “special relationship” with the US that is supposedly graven in stone, it is useful to remember that something very different existed when Israel came into existence in 1948 on the gutted carcass of Palestine. The US recognized Israel, but that was about it. Hollywood was (and remains) largely a Jewish preserve, but their level of influence elsewhere – in the government, the media and academia – was limited. Prominent American Jews felt no obligation to endorse Israel or Israeli leaders, no matter what happened. Dozens (including Albert Einstein) signed a letter published in the New York Times in 1948 protesting the arrival of Menachem Begin and condemning his actions. And the general American public was largely indifferent to what happened in the Middle East.

          The US government echoed these sentiments. Most Israeli military assistance in the 1950s and well into the 1960s came from a scattering of other countries (e.g., the Israeli aircraft that attacked the USS Liberty in June 1967 were procured from France), but not from the US – and American economic aid to Israel during those years was extremely limited. It is noteworthy that in the Suez Crisis of 1956, President Eisenhower – who as General Eisenhower had led the Allied forces in the West that broke Nazi Germany, and was more intimately familiar with the actual situation of European Jews in WWII than any other US president before or since – had no qualms at all about ordering Israel (along with Britain and France) to cease operations against Egypt and to withdraw. Nor did President Kennedy (another WWII veteran, albeit a junior one) hesitate to make it absolutely clear to Israeli leaders that he would not support or condone Israel’s acquisition of a national nuclear force – a position that may well have cost him his life – but also a position consistent with his predecessors that the Israeli tail did not wag the American dog. And the Congress was essentially devoid of Israeli influence – indeed, an Israeli diplomat told me personally that at the time of the 1956 Suez Crisis, Israel had access to “only two minor Congressional offices” (his words).

Contriving A “Special Relationship”

          None of this is true today. Both the Constitutional order and the political process in the US have been subverted. The effect is that the US Government is, for all practical purposes, virtually a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Israel – a de facto colonial administration of a country that graciously allows the two main tribal groups (they are called “Republicans” and “Democrats”) to hold elections to determine which one will send properly screened loyalists to Washington. Like all sensible colonial powers, Israel largely lets Washington deal with domestic public policy as it wishes (usually badly). But on the world scene, what Israel wants from the US, it generally gets: the most advanced military technology, billions in economic assistance annually, and especially diplomatic protection – the US has vetoed scores of UN Security Council resolutions that Israel considered unfavorable, more than the other four permanent members of the Security Council combined, frequently in 14 to 1 votes. Rare efforts to change things, as when President Obama called the situation of the Palestinians “intolerable” and then called for a halt to Jewish settlements in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories, are ignored by Israel with utter impunity.

This situation began to emerge in the 1960s, as AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) morphed into existence and began a concerted effort with other major and minor Jewish organizations to shift public opinion and governmental support in Israel’s favor – with the American Jewish community being a key target audience. It took several directions, first building on Jewish dominance in the film industry (which told a tale of WWII and the Middle East as only Israel would and could want it told), but extending well beyond that area, into television, the mainstream media and the publishing industry. So much of what Americans believe about world events is shaped by fiction and drama, not facts and documentaries, and for nearly four generations now, the message – growing in scope and strength as Jewish leverage in the above areas increased – has been consistent: Nazis and the Holocaust (as they define both) are controlling; Israel is an island of Western democracy defending itself against barbaric Muslims who are the new Nazis; and the land of Israel (what it has and what it wants) is both a divine mandate from the God Jews and Christians share (at least in part), and the sole refuge of and for Jews in an otherwise hostile and “existentially threatening” world.

          It’s fascinating to observe how these images have evolved and played out over the decades. Foreign-made films aside, I can think of only two instances in which Arabs have been portrayed in the US by popular actors in a slightly positive light in Hollywood movies: Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia and Sean Connery in The Wind and the Lion – and in both of these, they came on the scene as murderous barbarians, later fighting, respectively, Germany’s Turkish allies in the first instance and (oddly enough) both German and French troops together in the second (I wonder what France did to upset them so?). But Nazis, alone or in concert with Arabs, and Arabs as mindless terrorists, pop up everywhere. It is a message repeated over and over, and it leaves an indelible impression on the viewing audience that increases and solidifies over the generations. We had at the beginning the movie Exodus with its rousing and easily remembered theme song, but we have not had – nor will we ever, as things stand – a movie in the US called Nakba. And one of the more memorable (to me) Hollywood efforts was Death Before Dishonor, pitting US Marines and Mossad operatives together against Arab “terrorists” assisted by neo-Nazis, the latter complete with black outfits and German accents, just in case anyone missed the analogy and the linkage of Nazis and Arabs. From such things are lasting public opinions shaped.

          Influence in the mainstream media, both electronic and print, and the publishing industry has likewise grown over the decades, with Zionist ownership now encompassing all of the major networks, all of the major national newspapers, all three weekly news magazines, most of the major political journals, and many of the larger publishing houses. This leverage portrays and reinforces in “fact” and fiction what both the educated public and the general public see, hear and read about politics and history, and especially about the Middle East and Israel. The effect is significant and cumulative, especially when contrary opinions and images rarely appear – and even when they do, are far outweighed numerically by opinions and images favorable to Israeli positions. Just sit and watch portrayals of anything in the Middle East on Fox News or CNN, for example, and contemplate the fate of even senior journalists who criticize Israel openly or endorse anyone Israel does not like, and you’ll understand the implications.

          A third area which has often not been fully understood has been Israel’s calculated cultivation of evangelical Protestant pastors in the US, based on the recognition that where the pastors led, their flocks would mostly follow, and with them both money for Israel and votes on Israel’s behalf. Here the hydra-headed Jewish lobby (principally the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, of which the aforementioned AIPAC is only one of forty-nine members) has been exceptionally successful. Money, material gifts, honors and awards, and all-expense-paid trips to the Holy Land for pastors and their spouses have reaped extremely high benefits, culminating in the million-plus member CUFI (Christians United for Israel) and the near-unanimous support of evangelical Protestants for Israel and its causes, a major force within the US generally and a significant force in the state and national Republican Party specifically, which elected politicians defy at their mortal electoral peril. Seeing both US and Israeli flags flown together on the grounds of many evangelical Protestant churches speaks volumes.

          Finally, there is the leverage in Washington of AIPAC, reinforced now by a growing number of PACs (Political Action Committees) and the so-called “Super PACs,” freed by a 2010 US Supreme Court decision (Citizens United) from any constraints on the size of their donations to favored elected officials or their rivals. It is the function of lobbies everywhere to promise, reward, threaten and/or punish, depending on the positions taken by elected officials and their campaigns, and AIPAC and its allies perform this function with exceptional success. It helps greatly that they have a single purpose and keep their attention on that purpose, which is to endorse whatever Israel does or wants, no matter what its effect on the US as a country or the American public as a whole. And these people – in or out of the US Government – have had no qualms about spending American lives and treasure in Israel’s interest, always with the proviso that they themselves stay well out of harm’s way personally.

The Zionist Medusa

          The net result of this growingly effective and concerted effort over four generations has been to have a Medusa-like effect on any serious discussion about Israel or debate on US support for Israel. Attempts to address openly Israeli transgressions in the press or the public forums are invariably stillborn or muted by an inability to reach the American people, combined with obstacles and assaults from almost-uniformly hostile elected politicians, multimedia press, and mostly Protestant pulpits. Lawsuits and character assassination are the rule. Even those attempting to criticize individual Israeli actions are effectively compelled to do so while loudly proclaiming their support for that Jewish state, or do so because they are essentially part of Israel’s “loyal opposition” – faithful to the state of Israel but worried about its tactics and image. True critics of Israel simply do not get elected or appointed any more, anywhere at the national level in the US.

          This has given AIPAC and its friends de facto control of the Congress (witness the twenty-nine standing ovations accorded to Israeli prime minister Netanyahu last year), and especially of the appointments process, the outcome of the Hagel confirmation battle notwithstanding. I cannot recall the last time a prominent member of the Congress – either house, either party or an independent – flatly condemned any Israeli action. It must be so difficult for Israelis, being so pure of heart and perfect in deed, that open criticism of them is politically unthinkable, and any that does occur can only be grounded in anti-Semitism and a lurking wish for genocide – or so they and their lobbies here would have the rest of us believe.

          The executive branch is no better off. So many key appointments in the West Wing, the National Security Council, and the Departments of State & Defense (just for openers) are filled by AIPAC protégés or their “fellow travelers.” Even the Obama administration, supposedly so hostile to Israel, counted in its ranks in January 2009 Jews as chief of staff to the President, the First Lady and the Vice President – surely something other than random selection. And candidates for the presidency make what have become obligatory appearances before AIPAC conferences, pledging their support for Israel, and then compete with one another for Jewish monetary and media support. Romney in 2012 was only slightly more obsequious to Israel than his counterparts, while Obama used “no light between us” and “walking in lock-step” so often to characterize the US-Israel relationship that one would have thought his speechwriters were Israelis – and not just their anointed handlers here.  Eisenhower and Kennedy must be turning over in their graves.

The “Special Relationship” After Hagel

          Perhaps the best way to think of the US-Israel relationship today is not that it is “special,” but rather that it is “unique” – the end product of a concerted effort over decades by a domestic Fifth Column which has effectively captured the US Government from within, and placed it in the service of a smaller foreign country in a modified host-parasite relationship. It actually brings to mind a novel I once read in which an alien creature consisted of two beings linked together: a hulking brute, powerful but with little capacity for independent thought or action, and a tiny but very intelligent bird that inserted its beak into the base of the brute’s skull, drawing its nourishment there and providing guidance for the combined entity. Not a bad situation at all for the parasitic bird, but not one of dignity or honor for the hulking host – if, of course, the host could ever become aware of the situation.

          It is somewhat comforting now for some people to assert that Hagel’s confirmation as Secretary of Defense is a defeat for AIPAC and the neo-conservatives, and a refutation of the alleged “special relationship.” I suppose in some sense it is a setback for them, in that they did not get everything they wanted, and actually had to expose themselves publicly and politically when opposing Hagel. A Saturday Night Live parody of the Hagel hearings captured the ridiculousness of the effort extremely well, and would have doubtless influenced a number of people – had it not been cancelled after its dress rehearsal, shortly before going on the air.

But consider: Not a single criticism of Israel was uttered in those hearings. Any in the public paying attention heard the importance of Israel to the US, and our support of it, reaffirmed by Democrats and Republicans alike – my wife got a letter to that effect from a Republican senator to whom she had complained about the hearings – including Hagel himself. AIPAC and CUFI are still out there and active, and the Democrats – remember that about 80% of Jewish voters are Democrats – are no less sensitive to their continuing activities than their Republican counterparts. Nothing has changed in the media, or in the Executive Branch departments, nor is it likely to change. Embedded influences do not go away of their own accord; they need to be exorcised. Otherwise isolated instances like Hagel’s confirmation are all too likely to prove to be Pyrrhic victories – and the so-called “Iran War Resolution” now being introduced by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham with bi-partisan co-sponsors can easily be the proof of that, especially if it is followed by yet another war Israel wants and the American people do not need.


*Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College. He can be contacted at

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Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. He is listed in WHO’S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.). A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky’s teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad.


  1. Starting in the early 1950s going into the 1980s, Zionland's 5th column stole thousands of pounds of weapon's grade uranium and plutonium from America's nuclear weapons program sites.  


    While much of this purloined material was secretly exported to Occupied Palestine for nuclear weapons production in the Middle East, a significant amount was also diverted to Isreali black-sites in America also for weapons production. What ended up happening is that high-value sites throughout America was seeded with nuclear bombs.  From the moment that these bombs became active, ANY attempt by America's government to discover and neutralize (any of) them would have caused the entire program load to be "ignited."  


    All of America's Zion-bought politicians know of this circumstance, and that's why they do ANYTHING that the masters of Zionland want. Washington is one target city that has more than one device in it.  Functionally, the Israhellites have let their American congressional representatives know, "Disobey us and die!" DanD

  2.   An excellent summary.


    I certainly trust that what  DanD has said is not the case. I prefer to think that the US subservience is based on three  factors.


    * the effective and most superior marketing campaign that the Israelis have used in the promotion of their holocaust sideshow efforts over 40 years and to a worldwide audience of seemingly guilty people being caught up in the anti-Semitic promotions, and…….


    *a good reading by the Israelis of the people of the US in their gradual takeover of all the media,(large profits for the original shareholders)  their penetration into even the feckless Christians (and their pro-Judah beliefs tailored to support their own),


    and * finally, a good reading of the ability to use money as graft and corruption as their tool for political power and to see accepted by administrations over decades the existence of fifth columnist organisations such as AIPAC and ridiculous identities such as Ab raham Foxman and his Anti-Defamation League, and on.    In other words, an excessive s level of tolerance for their parasitic approach to the takeover of America, now almost completed. Just look at Lindsey Graham. The only thing missing is the kippah.   They used good psychology in the reading of the actions necessary for their ‘grand plan’. And it worked.


    There is no doubt that Zionism is the new Nazism. Tolerated daily. However, with all due respects to the well-recognised  devious nature of Jewish peoples, even those not actively involved in the manipulation of an easily manipulatable US mind and who may be trying really hard to be good US citizens, the outpourings of the likes of Elliott Abrams, disgraced, proven Jewish liar, stating that Jews should "stand apart" is being hammered every day, supporting  the propaganda that Hollywood now represents. ‘Argo’, a current example.


    Until the US people see the inadequacy of the 1787  Constitution and its demand for a free press but giving no importance in the same document to the mandatory need for truth, as with the right to bear arms without, yet  again , giving any importance to  a single shot rifle in 1787  over a semi-automatic weapon in 2013, then life will continue as it is now.


    Even the greatest criminal in the history of the world, George W Bush, over 2 million deaths, with his Congress and UN approved sanctions and the eventual "unnecessary" war against an helpless Iraq based on lies, lies, and more  lies, was able to change the Constitution to suit his objective., Still not reversed, I notice.   Can you ever forget the cheering, jubilant Congress on the announcement of that hateful war, all engineered by Israel and its local fifth columnists for their own purposes. Gird your loins. More to come.   Play the video  again and if doesn’t  sicken  you the second time around knowing what it has cost us all,  we all deserve what we have now.


    Until the American people can see how they are being used and abused by Zionism, latter day Nazism, it will be more of the same. .  

    • Rex, I applaud your remarks without limit. Thank you! I have tried for YEARS to enlighten people of various ages and political leanings, usually to be branded an anti Semite, or just getting a "ho hum" response.  At this point in time, with the wisdom such as yours in very short supply, I say very little to few, and am resolved to see if the total, OPEN take over of our country will come about before my end.  I'm 74 now and don' have that much time left to say, "I told you so!". Thanks again for an EXCELLENT PIECE.

  3. Great piece, but I'm not so sure I agree that the zionists takeover of America is a recent phenomenon. 


    It's certainly become more brazen and obvious in recent years, but it's been there for a LONG time. The creation of the Jewish-run Federal Reserve in 1913 could well be considered the turning point, but even U.S. Grant complained of Jewish control of the US monetary supply in the 1880's.  


    The dipsutes of (Jewish) Alexander Hamilton, First Secretary of Treasury and Madison, Jefferson and even Washington are legendary, from the VERY FIRST administration in the United States of America. In the past century, the Jewish development of the A-bomb, financed by Roosevelt's boys, most of whom were Jews, tells another story of Jewish infilt-traition of the government.  And fer crying out loud, we fought WWII on the side of the biggest scumbag of all time, "Uncle Joe" Stalin (probable Jew) and his Jewish Bolsheviks, a good pal of Roosevelt and Truman to a lesser degree.  This guy made Hitler look like Mother Theresa, but Jewish control of our foreign policy saw to it that it happened the way the Jews wanted. 


    Their boy Stalin came out the big winner, with our not-so-accidental help. Jewish control of Wilson's administration is legendary, which led to outr involvemnet in WWI, a zionist project from the git-go..   Jews were involved in starting the Spanish American war.  Jews were involved in the assassination of McKinley, maybe Lincoln as well. I would venture to say that the brazenness of the Jews these days is just a measure of how thoroughly they've implemented their demonic plans.


    I think it's going to take more than blogging to bring down the most vicious and evil crime syndicate the world has ever seen.  They';ve proven beyond argument that CRIME REALLY DOES PAY.

  4. Looking back in history we now see that Hitler was right all along.. He saw them taking over Germany and tried to help the world, he had the right solution  but no one would listen.

  5. This is an excellent article that deserves to be read by many people. Is it possible to make this available at the Ugly Trth or American Free Press or Global Research where it is possible to email this article?

  6. "General Eisenhower had led the Allied forces in the West that broke Nazi Germany, and was more intimately familiar with the actual situation of European Jews in WWII than any other US president before or since – had no qualms at all about ordering Israel (along with Britain and France) to cease operations against Egypt and to withdraw."
    devilishly clever sentence

  7. the most stunning fact is that the "Jewish" state is in reality a stool sculpture deity cult compound for "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism, and most are in fact turko-mongolian Khazars…not "Israelites"
    for if "THEY" truly were all 12 tribes…America could do some forensic accounting and show at least ONE BLESSING…
    JUST ONE !!!
    substantial misstatements of FACT never change the Truth….

  8. REXW — You're giving Nazism a bad rap. By 1881 Germans started to experience and understand the same systems you describe in your comment. 


    Trying to be good Christians — Germany was Lutheran and Catholic — they tried to be tolerant, accepting.  As the pressures mounted and Germans increasingly suffered and died for Jewish causes, Germans started to wake up.


    Germans tried again to be tolerant during Weimar, which was run by Jews for Jews.  But Jews have never successfully run a government, certainly not one that represents the will of the people:  throughout their history, Jews have attached themselves to the ruling power, at the expense of the people. 


    Nazism was Germany's "ENOUGH" point, and in most ways, Hitler used nonviolent means to scrape away overbearing Jewish influence on German culture, finance, and politics.  Louis Brandeis perceived early on that the 15 minute clock had run out for Jews in Germany:  Hitler was appointed chancellor Jan 30, 1933; by the second week of February, 1933, Brandeis told Rabbi Stephen Wise:  "All Jews must leave Germany."


    There were two or three reasons for Brandeis's diktat:


    1. The zionist project in Palestine was going broke; it needed Jewish wealth, German Jews had that wealth; they didn't want to leave Germany for Palestine:  Germany was still a lush plum provided prosperity to most Jews, Palestine was a kibbutz in the desert.  German Jews needed "motivation."


    2. Brandeis sensed that the jig was up for Jews: Hitler was a populist whose lack of elite status was his genius: he could and did speak the truths that no US congressman today would dare say. 


    3. When Jews leave a place, they destroy it on the way out.  Think Egypt/Exodus.  Brandeis knew that Germany was about to be "Sampson optioned," and it was his intention to make sure that the schlumps who died when Sampson pulled the temple down, were not Jews.   


    Take a look at this paper, published by Wyman institute Jan 2012: From 1940 to 1945, Allies bombed the hell out of Germany, incinerating over half a million German civilians and reducing to rubble 130 German cities — 75% of Germany's infrastructure and an even greater percentage of Germany's ancient heritage. 


    The paper linked above says that on June 11, 1944, David Ben Gurion said that he, as head of Jewish Agency Executive, would not request that US bomb Auschwitz because the JAE "would not be responsible for the bombing of a single Jew." Ben Gurion surely knew of the firebombing campaign against Germany:  Erich Mendelsohn, the Jewish Architect who designed & built houses for Chaim Weizmann & the Schockens, and built Hebrew University, assisted the US Air Force in devising the most efficient means of creating firestorms in German cities.


    That has to mean that Ben Gurion KNEW that Jews were out of harm's way in Germany.  US Air Force acted as zionist Angels of Death in destroying Germany, while the Angel of the Lord Passed over Jewish houses. Hitler was a monster in the same way Saddam Hussein was a monster:  he was THEIR monster, and when he became inconvenient, he was eliminated. It is extremely important to GET HITLER and NAZISM right. There's a reason why Jews criminalize any narrative re holocaust that does not sing their tune.

    • Solon,
      Your depth of knowledge on such matters far exceeds any writer that I have seen on these pages.Such things have never received an airing.
       It does seem that the longer time goes on the less  that such  facts are in the public gaze. Of course that favours the Zionists who can re-arrange the facts, as they have done for forty years, and make them all to their making. As with their version of ancient Jewish history. Hans Christian Andersen in full flight.
      As for rearrangeing the facts, Argo' is a classic case and that isa  relatively recent even.. The truth becomes of little relevance if you own the media and the film studios. Oh, I forgot……and the government.
      Some links through these columns would be appreciated. I will read the Wyman paper, thanks

  9. Sadly, James, we are seeing yet another chapter in the humiliation of a once respected country with an expected 12,000 attending the AIPAC conference in Washington, Joe Biden as the default Master of Ceremonies. He loves it, the Vice President for Grovelling.


    The Ziocons just can't help themselves, can they, capitalising on what they see as another humiliation for America in the form of Obama by the sideshow that was the Hagel nomination Senate hearings. And it was a sideshow. A most embarrassing time for the USA.  


    As I wrote in another place today…………. Let's address the patient with the greatest need. How about an "Emergency Committee for America," anybody? Running out of time for this one.. Just another chapter in the continuing and  never-ending theatre of the absurd.  

  10. @DanD's comment that "What ended up happening is that high-value sites throughout America was seeded with nuclear bombs.  From the moment that these bombs became active, ANY attempt by America's government to discover and neutralize (any of) them would have caused the entire program load to be "ignited." 
    I actually heard something about that in the 1980s from a French general in Paris….Certainly, the Zionist virtual takeover of the political appointments process in the US means that they have had direct access to all of our contingency plans AND all of our nuclear codes. And it wouod explain otherwise inexplicable actions by a series of US administrations….

    • "

      Alan Sabrosky March 9, 2013 at 12:41 am – Reply

      @DanD's comment that "What ended up happening is that high-value sites throughout America was seeded with nuclear bombs.  From the moment that these bombs became active, ANY attempt by America's government to discover and neutralize (any of) them would have caused the entire program load to be "ignited." 


      I actually heard something about that in the 1980s from a French general in Paris….Certainly, the Zionist virtual takeover of the political appointments process in the US means that they have had direct access to all of our contingency plans AND all of our nuclear codes. And it wouod explain otherwise inexplicable actions by a series of US administrations…."



      — Naftali Bennett spoke at the 92nd street Y (that's Y for Yiddish or Young Jews or something like that, not "YMCA").


      He said, among other things:


      "These are very fateful days. You know you drive around and people are leading their lives. In israel – in israel in fact there’s a much less discourse – people aren’t talking about it on the street. Here, many more people are talking about it.  But it’s the most fateful days since the yom kippur war in israel.  If a decade from now god forbid a nuclear suitcase blows up an ameircan city, you’ll be able to trace it back to these days where a bad deal was signed.  

        And if a nuclear missile hits rome or paris or Madrid or tel aviv five years from now it will be because of these days.

      Why?   Because if iran does acquire a nuclear weapon  the entire region is telling us right now they’re being very upfront:  we want one too.  Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Yemen, the Emirates 

      The middle east is gonna be a hell, it’s gonna be a nuclear nightmare with all these rogue and maniacal regimes with bombs and god knows who’s gonna get them.  So now’s the time to prevent all of this cascade, all of this deterioration. "



      Was that a threat? 

      We know who history's "maniacal rogues" are — zionists, and their fellow worshipers of the bible of the hebrew god of annihilation.

  11. The Zionist Jews are treacherous to the American people. We must change congress and we all must wake up!


    All real Americans or people who hold true to the constitution must immediately turn away from Hollywood and the mainstream media!


    If peopel would wake up and be smart we could change what is happening! Do not allow the mainstream media to bully you! Both black and white people are being programmed to serve the sickening Zion!


    Stop and change this now true Americans!

  12. thanks dr zabrosky, great article. and thanks to all who responded .   i read and learn.  so much insanity going on  in this country makes sense in light of all of this. 

  13. God Bless you Alan Sabrosky! Praise Jesus that you're around to spread the truth. Maybe you should run for office?
    A people (Jews) who turn on our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST for no reason what so ever don't deserve to live. Now I'm not saying that all Jews are bad, but since all Jews blame the German people for the Holocaust, so too should all Jews be blamed for what the Israeli Government has been doing to the Palistinian people since the 1920s, stealing their land, arresting them at gun point at 2am for fun, bulldozing their homes, & polluting and dis-informing the american people that when the Palistinians protest this, they're called terrorists when in reality, they are as much freedom fighters as the American Colonialists were against the British. The real terrorists are the Israeli Jews.
    Now before you pass judgement on me, let me inform you that I served my country (I was in the U.S. Army, and was in Afghanistan after 9-11). I'm a Christian who knows the truth, which is, Mohammad loved and honored our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST and wanted to avenge his crucifiction, which was deceitfully ordered by the Jewish Sanhedrin. The Jews have been systematically preventing us from knowing this, but I know the truth. Feel free to contact me. Thanks for your time and God Bless you all.

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