Shin Bet, Israel Lobby vs. Mideast peace

Shin Bet, Israel Lobby vs. Mideast peace


Revolutions are for overthrowing leaderships who have sold out their people. What makes the Israelis so dangerous is that mass suicide types are historically not too concerned about who they take with them. Our own Christian Zionists are an American version, wanting the world to end so they can gulp down the Kool-Aid and take a ride on the big space ship. I personally consider them a major national security threat to America and I am not shy about saying so, as you might have noticed.

by Jim W Dean

Originally published on PressTV

If someone had told me that a filmmaker was trying to get all the living heads of Israel’s internal security, Shin Bet, to sit down for long in-depth interviews about if and how their work had any lasting benefit for Israel, I would have bet that it would never happen… and lost my money.

If I had been given a chance to go double or nothing on all these chiefs effectively saying that they were betrayed by their political establishment, who they now realize never had any real intentions of pursuing a peace, I would have been cleaned out. But fortunately I do not bet. My life has been full of surprises.

We have already had a backdrop over the past few years of Israel’s past Mossad and Military Intel chiefs going public that they thought the Likud Party pushing for an attack on Iran was crazy. Ex-Mossad chief Meir Dagan was on 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl in March of 2012 for a memorable interview.

But filmmaker Dror Moreh pulled six Shin Bet rabbits out of the hat. He has produced an amazing historical documentary feature, raised the bar for the rest of us, and caught himself an Oscar nomination. Now it is time for the rest of us to roll up our sleeves and push the new revelations ball down the road.

But more first on the making of this film, where getting started is always the hardest part: In Moreh’s case it was getting one of the Shin Bet ex-chiefs on board to get the project rolling. He chose Ami Ayalon (1996-2000). The key for him was Moreh’s using the Errol Morris film, The Fog of War, featuring Robert McNamara, which Ayalon had seen and liked. He also agreed to contact all the other Shin Bet leaders and ask them to consider the project.

The result was sixty to seventy hours of video footage and a hundred total when you include preparation and background interviews. This all got cut down to 96 minutes – an editing process I can personally share with you is a torture for all you have to leave out. I would have made a six-hour television series but then would have lost the film festival circuit.

In his Democracy Now interview Moreh gave some of the credit to good timing. These Shin Bet heads had been struggling for years with the futility of all they had done for ‘security’ not advancing the peace process. They lay much blame on the Israeli political leadership, or I could say the lack thereof. The other shocking revelation is that all felt that the continued occupation was dragging the future on Israel down a dead-end road.

Surprisingly, Dror Moreh was able to keep editorial control over the film. All six interviewees saw the film for the first time at the Jerusalem film festival. None were displeased, and Ayalon even chided Moreh somewhat for not having been tougher on the politicians.

Three settlers had approached Moreh after the Jerusalem premiere and confessed that the film would have them reviewing the logic of their presence on the West Bank. And the head of the Israeli human rights org chided him for not being tough enough on the Shin Bet leaders but acknowledged that getting their historical input, even at this late stage of the game, was a major achievement.

Two films on the occupation have been nominated for Oscars, so one could say a Middle East Spring is taking place there this year. The other one, Five Broken Cameras, is also getting good reviews.

We might finally see a good public airing on the whole occupation history where the Israeli Lobby does not control what mass American audiences get presented, despite the choke hold they have on our American media and Congress. The Chuck Hagel hearings for Secretary of Defense put this grotesquely on display in the Senate, a terrible embarrassment to the country.

Unlike the Shin Bet chiefs who admitted having reservations over some of the things they had done, they accepted responsibility for their part. But they, like all others in war, hope it will end in peace. The bitter pill for the Gatekeepers was that all the suffering has been for nothing because peace was really never the goal for their political class. I have to say here that they should have had better intelligence.

Moreh describes how the Gatekeepers realized that the settlement program was illegal at its inception, and told the political class that they would endanger achieving a future peace… but to no avail. As loyal soldiers they followed their orders.

But maybe they should not have. Israel has really only had one coup, when Sharon and crowd were running a shadow government against Moshe Sharret, and undermined his peace efforts at the time, something Zionist militants are experienced at doing. Sharret’s diaries were a bombshell, and our thanks to his family for publishing them.

All the Gatekeepers had dark visions for the future of Israel. They understand now the purposeful avoidance of peace, partially due to the swing vote the religious parties have who hold themselves above Israeli law, by playing their God trump card when they choose. Moreh describes the lack of separation of church as state as a major impediment to peace.

The ultra-orthodox and the settlers are hated by most Israelis, yet the secular Jews live in denial of the moral and strategic failure of their own political leadership. As I combed through reams of material on this story the analogies here in America kept jumping out, like living in denial, a dark future of continued international conflicts which do not take us to a better place, but a worse one, etc.

John Hagee -- Christians United for Israel, CUFI, the Ugly Face of Hagel’s Opposition

Our own Christian Zionists, the Israel Lobby, all the ‘helpers’ they have bought off or blackmailed, they are not looking back with any regrets about no peace in the Mideast. They also have the denial game down pat, and are trained at blaming one side only, the Arabs. They are smart enough to know better, but corrupt enough to not want to. They are the worst of the worst, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman… the list is long.

Frankly, the Israelis need a coup. They need one badly. We needed a coup when the Bush thugs were in charge.

But they actually pulled their own coup, 9-11 included, and took the country down disaster road, a dual road really as they had financial destruction in play as a backup plan, which worked. They even stole Lee Wanta’s $4.5-trillion wire that came in through China which was supposed to go to the American people for infrastructure rebuilding.

There was some coup preparation done in case they tried another mass terror attack. They tried, but we were lucky Gwenyth Todd stopped one in Bahrain. Hijacking the nukes from Minot Air Force Base as caught in the nick of time. Only parts of these stories have been told, although Press TV has a great documentary interview with Todd, which has been well received here at VT.

Obama found himself in the counter-coup business, pulling the teeth out of some NeoCon shadow operators and rogue elements in the military and other departments who had planned to not have him around for a second term. We hope our own Intel people will tell that story some day.

Revolutions are for overthrowing leaderships who have sold out their people. What makes the Israelis so dangerous is that mass suicide types are historically not too concerned about who they take with them. Our own Christian Zionists are an American version, wanting the world to end so they can gulp down the Kool-Aid and take a ride on the big space ship. I personally consider them a major national security threat to America and I am not shy about saying so, as you might have noticed.

If we do not rip the heart out of the political and financial corruption plaguing us, they are going to rip our hearts out. Remember I said this, this day. That is what they are doing. And they intend to continue… until they are stopped.

Jim W Dean is managing editor at Veterans Today. He has been writing, speaking and doing public relations, television, consulting and now multimedia work for a variety of American heritage, historical, military, veterans and Intel orgs. He has appeared on PBS most recently on the Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates and lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon. His current writing focus is on national security, intelligence, black and psy ops, military/Intel history including personal video archives, and the current wars.


  1. "Shin Bet heads are assassins.The six men interviewed have decades of blood on their hands. Reflection perhaps seeks redemption."


    "While critical of occupation harshness, they're largely mindless about Palestinian suffering. Only Israel's future matters. It prompted them to speak out."


    "Rolling their eyes, they pass responsibility onto the political leadership." They were part of its disreputable past. They could have acted responsibly.


    "Perhaps fears of Israel's demise motivated them to speak. Doing so may help save the country, they likely feel. Gillon said "We are making the lives of millions miserable."


    On December 30 Haaretz contributor Gideon Levy discussed the film. Shin Bet leaders do dirty work, he said. It affords them "an aura of prestige and esteem."


    "Oh, how we applaud our spooks." Two former Shin Bet heads became cabinet ministers. Another was successful in business. Murder, Inc. rewards its bosses. Doves have no place in Israeli society.


    Read :

    The Gatekeepers: Exposing Israel’s Dark Side




  2. Could there ever be a country, or in this case an illegal state that is so impervious to criticism as is Israel. Nothing fusses them. They have the US by the vitals.   A very firm grip.  


    I suppose that after 66 years, all the Israelis  have their allocated functions in the state apparatus to the ultimate glory of an expanded state, 'from the river to the sea'….kill the Palestinians, cut down  the olive trees, disconnect the drinking water, harrass the people, all in the cause of an  Israeli version of democracy, fair play, humanity and cooperation. And the world stands by, cowed by the US Security Council veto, used and abused in the cause of apartheid and ethnic cleansing.   We haven't learnt much over time. Tyrants have been dealt with over the centuries but on any reckoning, these people are different.


    Besides using all the weapons of war and destruction against an unarmed people they use corruption, bribery and every devious deed possible to get their wishes, supported by the USA. Now there is the big problem. Too busy supporting this Pariah state to see what is happening in their own country. As  Jim Dean stated, " The Chuck Hagel hearings for Secretary of Defense put this (the Israeli Lobby ) grotesquely on display in the Senate, a terrible embarrassment to the country.   Yes, indeed. but the likes of Liebeman, McCain, Cantor, Ros-Lehtinen and others see the repution of the US as little more than collateral damage and past wars, skirmishes, battles and military dalliances have shown the world how unimportant those things are. As  Kissinger about 600,000 Cambodians; Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld about 2 million Iraqis.   As one can see, it means nothing.


    66 years does that. Shin Bet committed heinous crimes,  supported by every Prime Minister and government since those early days.   How can they possibly think that the world is going to let them repeat all those crimes again.    

  3. They are infact barking mad, and I dont see anything that contradicts this, and their agenda is even more insane, the "exuse" to slaughter others are de facto simple murder.
    I was in my Youth almoust I fullblown freind of Israel, hell I even wanted to go the on a Kibbutzh, since I know "jews". All that untill I started to read, what they actualy sayed and did do, only then did it becamed obvious that something was not right at all, infact everything is a lie, they know it and so do I. I am even angry on the fact that THEY them selfs have managed to drag the notion of "jews" into the drain, nobody else.
    My syphaty is long since gone, and the Palestinians is not even mentioned, tells me the rest, infact it tells me all I need to know, they are criminals and covards to the very core, no problem to slaughter people that have no opertunety to retaliate, childern as an ex.
    And I also know that Israel is going down, fell by the very same force that created it, insane people with insane dreams, conducted in insaen ways and on topp of that, THEY demand that we persive them as VICTIMS, well sick f…. I dont.
    I am disapointed, infact my hart bleeds for the inocents, the Palestinian people, the Shepardic jews, the beta Israeli, the economy, all victims of the pack of utterly insane rulers of the lunatic binn in Tel Aviv.
    They are the same people that have wisited my house, 3 weeks ago I hadd someone inside my house, and I know its from them, because my counrtys gov, is crawling for the lunatics form Israels int. com. Well I know it was a warning, but I am not afraid of them.
    No, I am afraid its to late, all thoe this video is "posetiv", but matters nothing, who lisens to toothless barcking dogs anyway, they are just old farts, that have managed to gett something like "morale issue" , but its to late, and I thing they know it to. And in the end, you did it to your self, all the whinings and lies, and Israel will be ruined by the smae people that are "freinds of Israel" insane world.

  4.  Peace sems to be a dirty word, for the USA as well as Israel. Justice is even more distant, as peace on Israeli terms is the only one ever "offered" ie a demilitarised Palestine in its pathetic little separate bits of land (without water or trees) beside the Mighty Democratic Jewish State bristling with US supplied arms and nukes, walls and iron domes, ready to attack all the other "enemies" who happen to be its neighbours.
    Why so many are fooled or bribed into supporting this entity is the eternal question.

  5. Hagel's approval is certainly a victory for moderation of our policies, and a step in a better direction.  However, the neocons and Israel Firsters are not going away.  In order to get our Congress to put American interests ahead of Israel's interests, we need a lobby to counteract AIPAC, and use the tactics they have used which made them so successful for the Israeli government.