Our Country is in Tatters!

Our Country is in Tatters!


There is no question that our country is in tatters. But, one question does remain:

Is the sun setting or rising on our society?



by J. Speer-Williams


CNN recently reported that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that his department would lift the ban on women serving in combat, marking another significant milestone for equality in our nation.

Leon Panetta lifts ban on combat role for women

Equality to be equally degraded along with men?

US media propaganda these days has gotten so poor as it almost embarrasses me.

Still, there are those who are buying the stilted stuff as if it were opiates they cannot possibly do without.

Some will say, "There is no draft. If women chose to join the Armed Forces, it is their decision. After all, is this a free country or not? Moreover, combat service will help female advancement and pay. Women engaging in combat is not the result of a conspiring government, but some people simply doing what they want to do; they are merely marching to the beat of a different drummer."

I would respond by saying, we should not allow perverse desires to influence, much less, determine national policy, a policy that demeans women and especially men. But degrading our entire country is what this "throw women into combat" policy is all about.

Pentagon opens combat roles for women
Women have an essential role in life, whether they know it or not. It is women who should be helping us from becoming a barbaric society, not helping to bring it about.

Women should not even be in our military, except as hospital staff (doctors, nurses, etc.).

Women should oppose war, except in cases of national emergency, not supporting wars of aggression that pretend to be fought to bring about our defense, when in reality such wars make us ever more vulnerable.

Then there are those who are of such pitiful, pathetic, intellectual and moral ignorance as to claim that some women are physically fit enough for combat, thus justifying it.

In a sense, such viewpoints are to be congratulated, as they are the exact ones the Dark Forces have planned for us, in order to totally defeat civilization.

In her much-talked-about speech,at the Democratic National Convention, President Obama said her most important role is “mom-in-chief.”
Of course, the issue is not whether some women can withstand the rigors of combat, but the ethical issue of women forsaking their traditional roles of being nurturers and educators to become trained killers and torturers. All of this is made far worse in today's theaters of war, wherein American soldiers and Marines are allowed – even encouraged – to wantonly torture and kill innocent civilians.

If our women do not begin to more temper man's bestial instincts, then we will sink into a barbarism, devoid of civilization and culture, exactly as the Dark Forces have planned. The social and political direction of our country comes primarily from women, our leaders, lawmakers, and enforcers, which are all a reflection of our society.

The basic building blocks of a decent, viable society are family units, which are based on educated, sane individuals, largely brought about by women engaged in their traditional roles as nurturers and educators, not in the military, and certainly not in combat.

Our women unknowingly betrayed us all with their massive support of the so-called Women's Lib Movement, which was the beginning of the "Women into Combat" policy.

Please understand, the movements to destroy society always ride on issues that seem necessary, or at least rational, to those who have difficulties thinking for themselves and are unable to see outside the boxes of constant propaganda.

And why would the Controllers want to destroy society" That is a metaphysical question, of which no answer can be proven conclusively. The fact it is being done, however, is provable and obvious to those who understand the mechanics of media propaganda.

There is no question that our country is in tatters. But, one question does remain: Is the sun setting or rising on our society?

The answer is to come from you.

J. (Jack) Speer-Williams: J ack is a former Hollywood producer of live stage shows that featured various movie and TV stars. In Los Angeles for almost a quarter of a century, Jack had a front-row seat in observing the disintegration of the foundations of America society before he retreated to the woods of New Hampshire. A graduate of the University of Florida, where he studied economics.

According to Jack, “Those of us stuck deeply into the engineered left/right paradigm have no desire to be objective, and are thus blinded to all truth that does not reinforce biased opinions. Remedial work in geo-politics will not open the minds of such people, as they are badly in need of spiritual remedies; nevertheless, facts are facts, and some are available to truth-seekers, the subject matter of my writings.”

He can be reached at: jsw4@mac.com


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  1.  I agree that women should not be in military forces killing people, but neither should men. Generously allowing homosexuals, criminals, those with low intelligence and not very big and fit, all in order to fill the ranks which ordinary, privileged, educated or caring people would not choose unless there really was a threat to their country, is just perverse politics.


    If the USA considered using diplomacy, negotiations, attempts to understand other points of view, fairness, even learning languages other than US english, they might not need to fill their military with cannon fodder. The needs of all citizens are for freedom, education, health care, housing, safety, a clean environment, none of which is the result of military might making enemies all across the world.  

    • True Rosemerry.


      Jack Speers-Williams writes a downright perceptive and persuasive assessment of Womens roles and the state of affairs in America.


      I agree wholeheartedly. America is not only bankrupt economically, but morally as well. The US Government has lost all its moral capital, in that the entire genre of political class have all been counterfeit from the git go, ruining the country to tatters.


      Jack Speers- Williams has excellent taste in writing. Google him,./.. he produces a wealth of writing much like this latest… well written, thought evoking and provoking, contradictory but the kind of stuff which needs to catch the eye of Joe and Jenny six pack.



      The patient has been sick a long time and its time to cure it of the cancer that permeates the very soul of the country.



  2. Rosemerrt stated " The needs of all citizens are for freedom, education, health care, housing, safety, a clean environment, none of which is the result of military might making enemies all across the world.  
    How true, all worth fighting for, no doubt about it but fighting through the elected Congress (not this one though at present , as it is  too busy supporting the massive funding of a foreign state and another  Israeli-induced war). But a Congress that one day will realise that that the world has passed them by, that the things that Rosemerry wants, like all Americans, is not possible any more as the US money bill hits $17 trillion.
    Bankruptcy, financial you can work your way out of, ( pardon the poor English) but moral has no cure.
    Jack is an evocative writer but who, other than the likes of us, is reading….. and we are already on his side. 

  3.   "Is the sun setting or rising on our society?"    


    I would say that if  the sun is setting on US society and if and when that happens, it should have the capability of rising with a new society with decent values…… if it learns from its mistakes, That is the real question.


    It will rise,  if the will is there, corruption eliminated and the national interest is protected by not spending 53 cents in every dollar for military armaments and forces but pursuing  things  such as health education and quality of life. That’s a start.  


    The database revisited:

    One can just recall the extremes of the McCarthy Senate inquiries in the 1950's. It was directed against Communism. Remember that evil word. They were under the bed, in the government, in the military, stealing secrets, atomic bomb technology, just 50 + years ago. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed on a Saturday  morning in 1953 at Sing Sing Prison for conspiring to pass atomic secrets to Russia in World War II. A major crime in those days, as McCarthy investigated the government, the military, Hollywood and the film industry even the likes of Ed Murrow, a respected journalist, the likes of whom we have not seen since..


    Today, if such an inquiry was still in place, the investigators  would have a field day, not chasing communists, a harmless bunch of misguided idealists, but the public service, the Congress and the Senate, searching out all the members and staffs that have as their mission in life the promotion and support of a foreign state to the absolute and continuing detriment of the US, which, as a result is now a shadow of its former glory.  


    Compare that to the infiltration of Israelis in the US. The Israeli spy Pollard passed on more information to the Israelis who have on-sold it to others for profit, far more than the Rosenberg’s ever did. He is in jail, certainly but Netanyahu knows they will get him out. They are sure of it. Standing by one of their own with a subservient collection of Congress members and how These days McCarthy  wouldn’t be able to copr, so rare  is it for decisions to be taken in the national interest of America. A fertile ground for a patriotic investigation. Now that single factor, that is the corruption of government, Congress and the Senate will be the death knell for the US, nothing else. The tolerance of unpatriotic fifth columnists bringing the country down every day, openly and supported by the Zionist owned media. Clever?  Been going on for decades and tolerated.


    So there is the first change. Root out those who are not patriots. They are killing the country.  Investigate the deficiencies in the Constitution. Freedom of the press but  there is no restriction on their ability to misrepresent the truth every day and they do. One vote, one value but SuperPAC’s can buy a Congress,  and they do Guns to protect your family, suitable in the 18th Century but totally out of place in the 21st Century. People can buy automatic military type weapons by the millions  and they do. And on it goes. The guidelines must be changed to reflect this period of history and not controlled by an archaic document written with good intentions for a country in 1787, 225 years ago.


    A different and better world then. So if the sun is setting on the US society in 2013, then all we can hope for is that there will be enough decent people in power who have the will to start again and that the 2% of the population  who would have  America as a servile country  to  do their daily bidding  will  have long since left the country, or better still, have been driven out by popular vote.   Nothing else will do, nothing else will save America

  4. More good news from the slime pit that is usa.More sluts with guns, more fat arsed drone driving cowards,more torturing cretins.You win the prize for evil every time.Rot in hell.

    • Hey!  Not all of us wallowing in the slime pit that is the USA are evil.  Some of us desperately want (and try) to change the course we are on, but we are ridiculed, villified and demonized for wanting to bring back ethics and decency.  Have pity on those few of us who love our country too much to give up on it and leave for greener pastures …

      • Too late. You have lost the keys that allow you into the human race.Your grandfathers,who died by the thousand to save us from fascism,would be horrified to find that you are now the fascists.

  5. Quote:Still, there are those who are buying the stilted stuff as if it were opiates they cannot possibly do without.
    I would actually call it crack cocaine for the stupid politically correct schmucks!

  6. This is the beginning of the end for the USA. It cannot recover because the critical mass, to do so, is sorely lacking. Also, we are about to enter a period of global disasters, that will dismantle all world systems and that is a good thing because they are all rotten to the core. There are no "good guys with power" on planet Earth. Evil does not fix evil and so there will be no patch up job. This is a wonderful thing because a new world will emerge after the old is destroyed and there will be no PTB, in the new world. Rejoice.

  7. Yes, as if this was what the nation was waiting for. An agenda adrift. Look at what the tattered sail in chief put on the agenda in his inaugural address:
    Homosexuality. This is job number one for our government. Nevermind that the vast majority is heterosexual. Hetero who?
    Immigration. We are a nation of immigrants, media tells us over and over. Are we? Are we not overwhelmingly a nation of native born? Why insist on only seeing immigrants? Does teevee insist that blacks are Africans? Why the insistence that a nation does not exist, only a global destination for others' ambitions?
    Global warming. Whether you "belive in it" or not, matters not. It is a force for international taxation and control. It is the politics that needs arguing over as much as the science.
    Of course, even the stated agenda is irrelevant as  the world accidentily backs into new generations at war. All the peoples of the world in ruin. All the bankers happy.

  8. Very well written.  This latest social engineering stunt will be very expensive.  As a Vietnam veteran I can tell you first hand you don't want women in combat.  In addition to getting themselves killed, they will get a lotta guys killed trying to save their arse when they get in over their head.  Watching the controlled evolution of the women's movement I have noticed too many women becoming more masculine.  The real purpose of the "movement" was not about equality.  The dark side thrives on conflict at all levels.  If you can destroy the traditional relationship between men/women, you have destroyed the building blocks of our culture.  Almost there.

  9. It is easy to put the horse before the cart…but in usa it is the other way around.


    A few reasons why the world hates the amerikkka we know. In 2005 i went to visit my brother in Florida…i arrived in LA at 2pm, my first contact was a lady, who told me i had the wrong form, no worries got a new one and fixed it up.


    Second contact was customs…well bugger me, i got everything except the finger…when i asked why i got the bullshit about terrorism and checking everyone. I am a middle aged Australian who never been in trouble with anyone.


    Next one was security in the airports. I was black flagged and was checked every time i hit a airport.


    Next was the immigration calling my brothers looking for me. I went on a tour around a few states. They said i wasn't allowed to leave his city. That did it for me, i said my goodbyes and left straight away. 


    That is part of the reasons why they are not liked. I had never done anything wrong, just asked a few questions and get stuck in limbo. But in saying that, most Americans i have met are decent people. Only thing they are guilty of is believing everything they see on tv, most people watch american idol and nascar, they don't realise what happens in the wide world.