THE AGE – LEUNIG: Just a cartoonist with a moral duty to...

THE AGE – LEUNIG: Just a cartoonist with a moral duty to speak


“The cartoonist’s task is not so much to be balanced as to give balance, particularly in situations of disproportionate power relationships such as we see in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”Michael Leunig


By Debbie Menon


Australia’s The Age has defended the cartoon last week, a cartoon by Michael Leunig,which the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) labelled as “virulent hate-speech”, that have outraged the Melbourne Jewish community.

Leunig’s cartoon last week substitutes German pastor Martin Niemoeller’s famous “First they came for the Jews” statement about the apathy of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power, changing it to “First they came for the Palestinians”.

The cartoon then states: “I did not speak out because if I did, doors would close to me, hateful mail would arrive, bitterness and spiteful condemnations would follow.”

It is time to start stressing that the US is not the only country in which Israel has an illicit and incestuous monopoly on blackmail, political, personal and violent intimidation of press, Industry, politics and business in pursuit of Zionist ambitions and objectives.

German novelist, poet, playwright, illustrator, graphic artist, sculptor and recipient of the 1999 Nobel Prize, Günter Grass, touched the right nerves in his poem,

Günter Grass

What must be said,

Why have I kept silent, held back so long,

on something openly practised in

war games, at the end of which those of us

who survive will at best be footnotes? 

[Read the whole poem here]

A poem which concentrates on Israeli nuclear weapons as the prime danger in the Middle East…and he criticized Germany for selling submarines to Israel which could be used in a “first strike”, he deserved praise, not condemnation.

Nonetheless, he was vilified for discussing Israel’s open secret. “It’s nuclear armed and dangerous. Iran’s also threatened. Millions of lives are at risk…” Grass explained. Denunciation followed.

The chairman of the German parliament’s foreign affairs committee, Ruprecht Polenz, said that Grass “has difficulties whenever he comments on politics and is often wrong”.

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said: “Putting Israel and Iran on the same moral level is not ingenious but absurd”.

The harshest criticism was that Guenter Grass was displaying a sophisticated anti-Semitism. A notorious zionist charge that is thankfully quickly losing its bite.

Nazism did not thrive and survive in Germany in the late thirties and early forties because the National Socialist Party became the majority party, and the majority of “Good Germans” became Nazis. They were not, and they did not!  But, as a minority, Nazis and Nazism still outnumbered the active anti-Nazi people, and overpowered the silent majority who took no stand, and they “won” by default over that large and silent majority who, like Reverend Niemöller, “took no sides in the issue,” and simply wished and prayed to be left to live in peace.

When people in other countries read about the devastation of the (Israel Lobby in America) AIPAC influence in the US, they will tend to regard it as something which is happening “over there” but which does not directly involve them.  When they read something like what Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig has written here, or something which is happening right here in their own front garden, or just across the street, they might have cause to pause and take a closer look at their own politicians, their leaders, their media owners and their connections and intimidating influences in order to begin the process of arresting the problem at home.

More power to Michael Leunig!


When a celebrated Australian like Michael Leunig speaks so eloquently and sensitively about the appalling situation of the Palestinian people, it does give many people pause to consider their own attitudes, long skewed against the Palestinians by decades of demonizing propaganda. Normally a man of few words, Leunig always finds a way of paring down the issues to their core to touch what is human in us.  Today though he gave us more:  today he explained why he cannot be silent in the face of oppression and the systematic destruction of one society by another.  He may have been speaking about his moral duty as a cartoonist, but all people of conscience would have to ask themselves why they have neglected to speak in defense of a people so long maligned and so mercilessly denied justice.  It will be the beginning of the end for those perpetrating the injustices once people discover the human in themselves and refuse to quaver before the worn and age-old catch cries intended to savage reputations and ambitions and focus instead, as Leunig says, “on the plight of the subjugated, the ones most neglected, severely deprived and cruelly afflicted.” writes Sonja Karkar, Editor,

Just a cartoonist with a moral duty to speak

Michael Leunig

 The Age , Australia.

SEVERAL years ago I was invited to speak at Melbourne’s Jewish Museum on the subject of ”The cartoonist as society’s conscience”. I gladly accepted but within a week was informed by the museum that the invitation had been withdrawn because of my views on Israel. Although I had been somewhat critical of aggressive Israeli government policies I had never publicly outlined my broad views on Israel and was puzzled by the cancellation and bemused by the gross irony of being excluded from a discussion about conscience because I had acted with conscience in my work.

Upon reflection I wondered if an internal philosophical disagreement lay behind this peculiar cancellation. Whatever, a door had been closed to me.

I relate this tale as a backdrop to more recent circumstances in which it has been publicly inferred that I am anti-Semitic because of a cartoon I created expressing sad dismay at the plight and suffering of the Palestinians in the recent bombardment of Gaza.

As a cartoonist I am not interested in defending the dominant, the powerful, the well-resourced and the well-armed because such groups are usually not in need of advocacy, moral support or sympathetic understanding; they have already organised sufficient publicity for themselves and prosecute their points of view with great efficiency.

The work of the artist is to express what is repressed or even to speak the unspoken grief of society. And the cartoonist’s task is not so much to be balanced as to give balance, particularly in situations of disproportionate power relationships such as we see in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is a healthy tradition dating back to the court jester and beyond: to be the dissenting protesting voice that speaks when others cannot or will not.

My recent cartoon (“First they came for the Palestinians … “) was a lament based on the famous lines attributed to Pastor Martin Niemoller that neatly highlight the way apathetic or frightened silence in the face of injustice is a dereliction of moral duty. It is interesting to note that Niemoller had been an active Nazi supporter but a decade after the war became a pacifist.

Although greatly valued in contemporary Jewish culture, the poem’s message is universal and eternal; it could apply to any oppressed group, including the Palestinians who, even with their relatively feeble rockets, are so obviously oppressed.

In spite of all the highly organised rhetoric justifying Israel’s actions, the intuitive, heartfelt moral shape of the situation is becoming clearer and more obvious to the world the longer the conflict goes on. When all is said and done, it looks like the Palestinians have been massively robbed and abused, and are engaged in a desperate struggle for survival and liberation. Israel on the other hand would appear to be conducting an imperialistic campaign of oppression supported and substantially armed by the most powerful nation on earth. My cartoonist’s duty and conscience compel me to focus on the plight of the subjugated, the ones most neglected, severely deprived and cruelly afflicted.

I am not against Israel but I am opposed to what I regard as its self-defeating, self-corrupting militarist policy, which is not only excessively homicidal and traumatising but sows the seeds of irreversible hatred and can never bring a lasting peace. One expects more from a prosperous democratic country. It’s as if this young nation Israel has not yet come to maturity; so delinquent, irresponsible and unwise are its actions.

I sense that the Jewish community in this country is itself increasingly divided on the question. I also suspect that the more aggressive Israel supporters fear this moral unease and quiet doubt in their community and are angered by any cartoons or commentary that might encourage such doubt. In spite of what the bullies say, I suspect they are not really upset by any “anti-Semitism” in my cartoons (there is none) but by the possible impact of a cartoon on the doubters. The better the cartoon, the more it must be discredited. What cheaper way to discredit than the toxic smear of anti-Semitism.

I am not sure whether it is legal to publicly call someone an anti-Semite without evidence but it certainly feels like hate talk to me, as well as a damaging thing to say about someone who does not agree with you. That’s often why it is said of course.

At my advanced age, I know I am not an anti-Semite, not even vaguely or remotely, but others would seem to know better as false accusers always do. If only there was some sort of test I could sit for to clarify the situation, but there is no science to this obsessive and vapid denunciation. It’s cynical, it’s bullying and it’s lazy. Stupidly, it’s also a case of the boys who cry wolf.

Over the years it has been implied that I am “a second degree anti-Semite”, “a new-world anti-Semite” and a “latent anti-Semite” as well as a simple old-fashioned common or garden anti-Semite. I now learn to my amazement that to make comparisons between Israeli policy and any Nazi behaviour is in itself an anti-Semitic act. So much for free speech. I say all nations that throw their military weight around, occupying neighbouring lands and treating the residents with callous and humiliating disregard are already sliding towards the dark possibilities in human nature.

My cartoons have also had me labelled a misogynist, a blasphemer, a homophobe, a royalist, a misanthrope and a traitor, to name but a few. I would sum it all up by saying: I am a cartoonist.

Michael Leunig is an Age cartoonist.


  1. Having sent this cartoon and article by a respected cartoonist, around the world, one realises they are a breed of people who seem to be able to cut across the divide and still not be regarded as political. 

    But, of course they are because the commonly used subjects, that is countries and poiticians, are such easy targets even if you only ever address one aspect of their lives, hypocrisy, alive and well, everywhere.


    The introduction to Michael's article talks on having a speech cancelled because of a perceived opinion as to his attitudes. Well, one shouldn't be surprised really as the Zionists have been doing this for years. A form of brainwashing. Do it our way, or not at all.  No contrary opinions welcome, ever. That seems to smack of another era in the 1940's.  


    How refreshing to see an honest, sincere and rational man  in an environment unfamiliar to him where he so succinctly tells it as he sees it, where he would normally only draw it.  Both were commendable.indeed.

    A simple article, but still likely to arouse the ire of that misfit in 2012, the Zionist.

  2. Perhaps Leunig makes a fair point that accusations of anti-semitism are seriously unjustified and unhelpful.


    Yet, even for those totally pro-Palestinian on this issue, Israel is not even close to being in the same ball park as the Nazis.


    Listing examples of the differences in attitude and behaviour seems childishly unnecessary. Because of that vast differnt, equating Israel and Nazis is equally insulting to those who sufferred from the Nazis; and because of its exaggeration, as lamentable as calling every critic of Israel an anti-semite. It goes well beyond the exaggeration which is the common technique of cartoonists and hurtfully and dangerously enters the zone of emotional name calling. And if anything is clear, more emotion is not needed in this debate.

  3. David B,  instead of throwing out that divisive tribal language of Zionists, aka. "pro-Palestinian," try the phrase "pro-human" instead.


    You also say that Leuning "hurtfully and dangerously enters the zone of emotional name calling," but you remained silent while Israeli politicians were threatening Palestinians with a SHOA.

    Of course you have to ignore such Nazi expressions from Israel of the skydaady-appointed "chosen ones" (UberMensch), or you would have no "argument." 

    Israel was funded by Nazi Germany, and it has some of the same practices and laws, including racial purity law forbidding intermarriage.


    The hasbra tactic you are employing (Leunig is okay, but a little over the top and not , unlike poor lil' nuclear Israel, even-handed) appears on almost every online disccussion of this cartoon, btw, as if was a regurgitated talking point from megaphone. Isreal pays students $2000 a year to do online Hasbara, don't they?

  4. Letters in support of Ed Corrigan not being anti-Semitic for criticizing the State of Israel now available on the Internet:


    I received 65 letters of support for my libel law suit from Jewish Organizations, Academics, Rabbis and Activists. I also received a number of excellent letters from publications that had published my work and from a number of other prominent people including a Judge from the Supreme Court in Portugal. The letters are public documents available for all to see at the Toronto Small Claims Court House. However, because these letters when taken together is powerful response to the argument that criticism of Israel is somehow anti-Semitic it was suggested that the collection be posted on the internet. This has now been done. It can be used as a resource and valuable contact list for others facing the same allegation. It may help some people including many who have voiced criticism of Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians and of Zionism itself and wrote letters in my support. It is my suggesting that individuals who are interested in address this issue keep a template letter that can be customized to fit a particular set of circumstances. There are an number of individuals who are presently subject to attacks of this nature and need our help. If you have not heard I won the law suit and obtained a published retraction and a small sum of money as settlement of the claim.


    Edward C. Corrigan
    Barrister & Solicitor
    Certified Specialist in Citizenship and Immigration
    and Immigration and Refugee Protection
    383 Richmond Street, Suite 902
    London, Ontario, Canada
    N6A 3C4


    (tel) 519-439-4015
    (fax) 519-439-7657
    Toll free 1-800-883-6217


    web site


    Here is a link to the web page from which the PDF file can be viewed or downloaded by anyone:



    Here is a direct link to the PDF file itself:



    alternate link.



  5.  Michael  Leunig is a wonderful cartoonist and a fine and compassionate person. How can anyone,especially at this time,  pretend that any criticism of the cruel, unfair, murderous campaign by a political group in power, supported by the majority in a "democratic state", has anything to do with their claimed chosenness by g-d ?  Religion and a special view of history allows many supporters of Israel to claim they have special rights, rather than accepting that their decisions taken on the basis of power and might , helped by the USA, should be able to be  condemned as those of any normal nation can be.

  6. It is difficult to believe how even Murdoch, through his flagship, The Australian, could have accepted such an article by the Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission (doesn’t it sound grand), a pseudonym for the Israeli Zionist Groupspeak Commission, sayanims working not for Australia in any way, but for Zionists, one and all. But then, Murdoch is one of their greatest supporters, their financial assistance taking him to where he is today.


    Abramovich, using the Goebbels-like delivery and verbage of a well rehearsed Mark Regev press release, which is probably where it originated, allowed his irrational writings to ignore the one single fact that will be the undoing of the state of Israel. No one likes or respects them either. So the very title of Abramovich’s article, that is “Comparing Nazis to Israel is unacceptable” has certainly much more than an element of truth to it with a small change from ‘unacceptable’ to acceptable’. It has become a fascist state, in every way.


    These are the people who are now directing their attention to our parliament with the likes of Danby, Lord High Executioner and spokesman for Israel, Conroy, Gillard and Emerson, stooges for the Netanyahu brigade who through various acts of ‘grace and favour’ such as Gonski, Spigelman and Leibler, well identified of late, are towing the subservient Zionist line, and how.. …Gillard, a non Australian in the real sense based on making decisions in the national interest as opposed to the Zionist interests, being totally compliant to the wishes of other states like the US and Israel, the latest is the acceptance of the US dictates in regards to Syria.


    What price independent Australian thinking? It is safe to say that the article by the dual-passported pseudo-Australian, Abramovich ,will go down in the annals of journalistic history as one of the most outrageous examples of propaganda in any newspaper, anywhere and not a single murmur from the editor of The Australian, which makes it all quite clear where his interests lie as well. Is this a form of chequebook journalism? Hang the moral aspects of such writings, Rupert said to give them a hand when you can. He’s the boss. The shame is on his head as well as the pseudo- Australian, Abramovich. The fact that he was given an easy vehicle to try and humiliate a respected real, honest and sincere Australian, Michael Leunig, makes it even more galling.


    One should note that the Michael Leunig article was published in The Age, one of the few newspapetrs NOT owned by Murdoch or his Zionists, the current estimation that over 90% being owned by 6 Zionist groups with the biggest being Disney. Yes, little Mickey Mouse is now Zionist owned as is most of Hollywood.   Therefore such an independent newspaper is a worthy target for the likes of The Australian. They are competition.  But even so, Ambramovich's  exaggerated, lying claptrap?   Goebbels is alive and well and living  in Australia.

  7. Powerful stuff, commenters all.  


    One looks at the photo of Leunig and sees a man who has a conscience and speaks of it.


    In this day and age as we are surrounded by the likes of Obama, Nato warmongers, Prime Ministers of countries like Canada, Australia, the other Arab states, and of course, the slippery UK it is refreshing to see a person like this cartoonist speaking out.


    Full marks to you, Mr. Leunig. You could buy and sell the list above wothout any effort.