Scurrilous Martin Sherman’s Racist Hate Commentary in JPost

Stephen Lendman December 17, 2012 4
Scurrilous Martin Sherman’s Racist Hate Commentary in JPost

"Sherman and JP aren’t exceptions. They reflect the worst of militarized police state occupation. They support it. They display their racist hate openly."

– Stephen Lendman


Editor's Note:  Stephen Lendman has rightfully not wasted too much of his precious time regurgitating and taking apart word for word the racist prescriptions as cited in Martin Sherman's disgraceful op-ed calling for "permanent punishments" to Palestinians; proudly displayed on the JPost website. Stephen Lendman comes with good repute, solid credentials, professional expertise and moral courage, to challenge the likes of Sherman in any venue and  I commend him for doing so in precisely the manner he has. I hope he comments about this on his Radio show. Those who donot know who Sherman is, should know.

I present below another example of inspiration and moral courage, young Owen Jones  :

"As long as there are people with integrity and moral courage in this world, there is still hope"  writes Rima Tarazi, Director, General Union of Palestinian women: "Bless you, Owen Jones" 

What really happened in Gaza 14-22 November 2012 by Owen Jones


Life under occupation for decades: Palestinian workers queue to enter Jerusalem at a Bethlehem checkpoint November 2006. IMAGE: ActiveStills. Homepage image: Emiliana, as photographed by Blake Dunlop.


Scurrilous Martin Sherman’s Racist Hate Commentary in JPost


Martin Sherman

by Stephen Lendman

Israel’s Jerusalem Post (JPost) is notoriously right wing. It publishes hateful anti-Palestinian commentaries.

Martin Sherman held various IDF operational positions.  He was one of Yitzhak Shamir’s ministerial advisors.

He lectures at Tel Aviv University. Students are advised to avoid him.

His anti-Palestinian hatefulness is visceral.

On December 13, Jerusalem Post (JP) gave him op-ed space. He took full advantage. He lashed out viciously against Palestinian rights.

He denounced their UN initiative.

His article is titled: Into the Fray: Ill-considered, inappropriate and inadequate

He said Israel must respond to Palestinians. It must impose “permanent penalties.” They should have “real and lasting” effects. Abrogate Oslo, he suggested. Let the PA “fall apart.”

Attack Palestinian “diplomatic aggression” harshly. Cease “every service and merchandise” provided. “In other words, no water, no electricity, no fuel, no postal services, no communications, no port facilities, no tax collections or remittances” should be supplied.

He barely stopped short of urging stepped-up genocide.

Imagine thoughts this harsh, cruel and lawless. Imagine writing them. Imagine an Israeli broadsheet publishing them.

Know well what Palestinians face. Sherman and JP aren’t exceptions. They reflect the worst of militarized police state occupation. They support it. They display their racist hate openly.

Read the full article here  and scroll down to read  the comments of  Israeli readers, sickening in its self-righteous ignorance and bigotry.

It warrants unrestrained condemnation.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at  Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

Commentator Rex Williams is correct in his assertions: 

Sherman Martin , Executive director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. What a grand title. Another front for racial bigotry.

The really disappointing factor after reading both the article and the comments from Israelis supporting the JPost writer's viewpoint is that there was not one word of interest in a resolution of the question that forced a vote in the UN, 138 to 9 just recently. Not one. I have always considered that the Israel government did not reflect the more rational and realistic thinking of the average Israeli, but this is obviously not so. That to me is the saddest part of this almost fascist attitude to progress in Israel and a resolution of a problem that due to the veto of the US, solely, has enabled 66 UN Resolutions to be ignored over time.

Why is it that for the past sixty years, Israelis have taken all they could extract from a sympathetic world after WWII, a world that supported their efforts, a world that against the better judgment of many set up the area known as the state of Israel and which has now abused their trust and every effort made to assist them with a homeland. When it was time for a level of understanding and some degree of responsible and humane payback for efforts over this period, the state of Israel was and still is found wanting and at the same time, able to tolerate the writings of a man like Sherman. Not just tolerate but actively support.

Israel has an outstanding obligation to show in some small way that it appreciates all that the people of the world have done for them over time. What better way to do so than to resolve this inhumanity to another people, a situation that will certainly be resolved one day, be absolutely assured of that.

Let us hope that Israel sees the error of their ways before they lose the support of the whole of mankind, to their continuing detriment. The support by people everywhere for the principles on which Israel was formed is seriously on the wane. Please accept that fact. Any Israeli that doesn’t recognize that fact is out of touch with reality.



House Demolition in Ad Deirit, South Hebron Hills; November 6th 2012

1 month ago


Israeli army forces 6 families out of their land in Amniyr, South Hebron Hills

1 year ago



  1. Greg Bacon December 18, 2012 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    Why is Apartheid Israel so scared of Palestine becoming part of the UN?
    Is this an admission that Israel is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity and are afraid that Palestine being part of the UN will mean that finally, that some Israeli leaders will have to stand trial?

  2. Anthony Clifton December 19, 2012 at 12:38 am - Reply

    anyone who does not know about the Talmud doesn't know what makes a "Jew" a "Jewish"…
    there are no Hebrew Israelites in the "Jewish" state …of mind
    No One on Earth has to be a "Jewish"
    especially not the –  [GOG & MAGOG] –  Khazar proselytes to Talmudic Judaism…..
    just imagine if all the broadcast time on TV was spent informing Americans about the wonderful NEWS that no one on Earth has to be a "Jewish"..
    so that a first grader could explain the Truth about the "Jewish" narrative….
    Remember Edgar J. Steele –
     "It Wasn't Arabs" ?

  3. Wallace Brand December 2, 2013 at 1:23 pm - Reply

    In 1919 the Arab People and the Jewish People filed competing claims to the political rights, i.e. the right to political self determination in Palestine at the Paris Peace Talks. In 1920 the Principal Allied War Powers decided to recognize the Jews as owing those political rights by adopting the British Balfour Policy word for word.  Under that policy, the political rights would be placed in trust with the British exercising legal dominion over them until the Jews attained a majority population in Palestine and the capability to exercise sovereignty.  The trustee was required to facilitate Jewish immigration.  The Jews gained that majority and capability in 1950 in all except Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and Gaza.  But in 1967 the IDF drove the illegally occupying Jordanians and Egyptians out of those territories and liberated them.  Ever since then the Arab People, by threats of violence and actual violence have tried extortion by threats of force and actual use of force to steal these political rights from the Jewish People.  Fortunately, that extortion has not worked.  In 1950 the Jews gained a population majority in their territory defined by the Green Line.  The Arabs now want to seccede from the Jewish People's state — but Internaltional Law does not support the unilateral seccession of territory from a sovereign state.  When there is a tension under International Law between the right of a "people" to self determination, and the right of a sovereign state to territorial integrity, the rights of the state are given priority because the boundaries of a soverign state have been inviolable ever since the new world order established in 1648 at the Peace of Westphalia.

  4. ChasMark December 3, 2013 at 7:39 am - Reply

    re:  "

    "When there is a tension under International Law between the right of a "people" to self determination, and the right of a sovereign state to territorial integrity, the rights of the state are given priority because the boundaries of a soverign state have been inviolable ever since the new world order established in 1648 at the Peace of Westphalia."

    = = =

    Your high-falutin' diatribe would be meaningful if Israel had declared borders, but it doesn't so it ain't.

    Israel's government lies to its own children and lies on the maps it publishes, attempting to force the belief that no boundaries exist, but wishing does not make it so.

    The children of Israel are probably the most screwed up creatures in the world — some few of them know that they are being lied to by their elders, and know enough to resent it.

    The rest, the majority, react to the deceptive culture that surrounds them by acting out like minor-league biker thugs on their way to the majors.

    There is nothing but tragedy ahead for these brat/thugs.

    That Israel may be peopled by brat/thugs is not my problem — deo volente they'll kill each other off.

    What bothers me is that these brat/thugs abuse Palestinian children, and also that AMERICAN children are propagandized with the lies that are the heart and soul of zionism.

    Turns out the UN Resolution was right after all:  Zionism IS Racism.

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