It is sanction time for Israel

It is sanction time for Israel

Israel fell into a carefully laid trap today by refusing to allow inspections of its weapons of mass destruction facilities. This has opened the door for the only possible response. It is sanction time for the Israelis. Let them reap what they have sown. And let us do what we must do.


By Jim W. Dean


Netanyahu played his role as expected. Straight out of the Talmud, his coalition does not accept demands from the non-Jewish sub-humans. He will bet the farm on the Jewish Lobbies in the main Western countries, that they can bully their host country legislatures to do their bidding. They have a long track record.

If the shoe were on the other foot, the Zios would be screaming to have the facilities bombed, but we won’t do that. The WMD contamination would be a disaster. Even conventional weapons landing just on their nuclear waste sites would create a catastrophe for anyone down wind. It’s the cheap way of making a conventional warhead go nuclear, using the target’s own waste material

In America this is a bipartisan campaign. The Senate Democrats and Republicans passed the new Iran sanctions bill, drafted by Israeli intelligence operatives as usual.

Canada, which is the Mossad’s western hemisphere base, will rubber stamp anything coming out of Tel Aviv. She has slid a long way down the humanity scale since WWII, when their great PM Mackenzie King refused to sign onto a post war plan to ‘depopulate Germany.’

The other Allied leaders wanted to kill off 20 million men, women and children through starvation. Their goal was removing Germany’s need to be an export competitor to earn the needed foreign exchange to buy the food for its population.

When the plan was leaked to a shocked world, the villains pretended it had only been a working paper, when it had actually been a signed mass murder document. Where are the Mackenzie Kings of our day when we need them? Was the Palestinian UN vote a hint that some are coming out of incubation?

This post-war planned crime against humanity, against a defenseless people, was of course never prosecuted. To add to this shame the victor’s court historians have ignored it all these years. Real historians like David Irving were attacked for printing the forbidden truth and made examples of to cower the rest of the sheep. And yes, Jewish lobbies had their fingerprints all over the dirty deed.

But the Israelis have huge amounts of blackmail material collected over decades on most Western leaders and legislators. They certainly will not hesitate to use this to stop any sanctions effort. There will have to be a grass roots effort to clean house. All those who have aided and abetted in Israel’s crimes will need to be sanctioned, also.

There is no point to taking out a repressive leader and leaving the repressive infrastructure in place.

A new leader will be found in a day to carry on the former work. But we do have a template to use on Israel from WWII, the Japanese one.

Israel must not only be de-nuclearized but de-militarized just like Japan was, and for similar reasons. Both wanted growing space, and used their military power to get it. Japan’s target was Asia. For Israel it is every country on the planet.

To militant Israelis we non-Jews are just two-legged farm animals. As their chief rabbi publicly declared, the rest of us are here to serve Jews. The Likud party people really like that part and they are big fans of the rabbi.

Israel has mounted offensive espionage operations across the entire world. The Palestinian UN vote showed that not even the tiny Micronesia countries, including the make-believe ones under water, escaped their targeting for control and dependable UN voting.

Can Israelis actually do this with just their resources in Israel? Of course not. Israeli 5th columns operate everywhere. They are used as a human shield of sorts to deflect any mention of disloyalty as based on anti-Semitism only.

It is an open secret in the Intel community that no Western country will prosecute any Israeli espionage. This is a breach of all of their leadership oaths to defend their country. Of course those countries that reject domination, and do defend their people from the Zios, are considered threats.

So we have the incredible irony of those who sat in judgment at Nuremberg, and hanged people for ‘waging an aggressive war,’ are now breaching their own precedent and demanding immunity out of the barrel of a gun. They dishonor the deaths of all those who lost their live in that conflict. They stain Western civilization and jurisprudence by betraying it.

The Israeli regime also provides us a tried and true sanctions template. Once Israel is ‘officially’ deemed a security threat to all the rest of us… we just build a wall… around the entire country. The difference this time the Army Corp of Engineers will not build it like they did around Gaza, and the American taxpayers pay for it. We will give that honor to Israel’s victims.

The pro-Israeli Diaspora and their friends like the Christian Zionists can pay for it. The latter can use the money they have donated to the WMD Regime to clean it up like a nuclear waste site, which in many respects I believe we will find when the inspectors get in there.

David Ben Gurion Airport will get to see what it is like with no planes coming in or leaving. Yes people, I mean that kind of wall, just like Gaza. If they protest just tell them that Jim Dean said if it was good enough to dish out to the Gazans deemed a threat with no WMD, then it is certainly fair for one Israel that has.

The US will have multiple exposures here, not only for the black projects and billons pumped into Israel while Americans are being third-worlded to pay for it all back at home. We also waved India past the IAEA inspection process, which assured that Pakistan would keep investing in its own nuclear deterrent, which it can ill afford.

Why has America done this? The only feasible reason I can see is a desperate attempt by those behind the military industrial complex to replace the Soviet Cold War with the Neo-China one. The bogeyman drum was being beaten for China, another country endeavoring to build up its defensive capabilities.

Why do more Americans not connect the two dots that making an enemy threat out of anyone wanting to defend themselves is very undemocratic? It is not a difficult hoax to see through.

How many military bases does China have in Canada and Mexico? And how about those Chinese S400 type ground-to-air missiles lining up on our southern border and the ten warhead medium-range missiles being installed ‘to protect Chinese and Mexican interests?

How would Americans react to this? But here is the big question. Why would they act the same way… when it is not happening? Who really is our enemy in such a twisted scenario?

The rank and file Americans are victims in all this. The war costs have been just a tool to transfer wealth to the super rich, and I mean the cash. The troops and factory workers get IOU’s and paper stock certificates. The average Israelis are getting robbed themselves. Even their ‘Holocaust’ funds get looted. At last count a third of Israel’s ‘survivors’ were eating in soup kitchens.

The American version of this looting hustle was taking place on Capitol Hill today with an expert testifying on Iran as a threat to the Caucus region. He was of course surprise – surprise – an Israeli expert, Ariel Cohen.

I took a look at Cohen’s bio at the Heritage Foundation and he has the grooming profile of the classic Israeli asset. Israel has tons of them working out of numerous think tanks here and in Canada. Many have become Mossad hostels of a sort.

His expert testimony was shocking to say the least. I will try not to make you sick by just showing a few points from his conclusions.

“Expand anti-terrorism and drug trafficking cooperation between the US and the three South Caucus states, neutralizing Iranian subversion activities in the region.”

My response: Mr. Cohen, how can you not know that all the drugs coming out of Afghanistan are being shipped out by American and Israeli ‘contractors’ with the three countries you mention getting their cut of the pie? And why did you not address this subversive activity as threat to the region when everyone in the military and intelligence business knows that it is true, including you?

“Uphold the interests of the small Southern Caucasian countries when attempting to construct an effective Iran policy which leads to the elimination of Tehran’s nuclear weapons program.”

Mr. Cohen, you must know the IAEA, Israeli and American Intel have all stated that the Iranians do not have a nuclear weapons program. Why would Iran want to prelude having a nuclear deterrent at some point in the future when they are in range of Israeli nuclear missiles with constant threats of launching a preemptive strike?

Your testimony Mr. Cohen is exactly what I would expect an Israeli agent to deliver at exactly this point in time to justify the Senate sanction vote as addressing a threat, when you are just doing some ‘pre-staging’ work for Israel. It’s an old game what you did today.

But thank you just the same. You have validated all the reasons why Israel also deserves to be sanctioned as a rogue state. You were doing double duty today just like Netanyahu was with his ‘bugger off’ on the WMD inspections.

We now have a long Israeli list to work with, multi-decades of extensive WMD programs, drug trafficking, terrorist operations, destabilizing countries, money laundering, blood diamonds, human trafficking, waging offensive wars, and crimes against humanity. And yes, we know Israeli special operations people were killing US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s in the classified reports.

What would you say sir about you and I working together to write up a joint statement to deliver to the Congressional committee on this threat? I would even be willing to do most of the work. It would be a good change of pace for you.


Jim W Dean is managing editor at Veterans Today. He has been writing, speaking and doing public relations, television, consulting and now multimedia work for a variety of American heritage, historical, military, veterans and Intel orgs. He has appeared on PBS most recently on the Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates and lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon. His current writing focus is on national security, intelligence, black and psy ops, military/Intel history including personal video archives, and the current wars.

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  1. A good article. However, it must be noted that Israel will take everyone down with them if they have to…one of their top military men said so. They will target european cities with their arsenal. The Zionists are phsycopathic murderers and have no concience or regard for concequences.

  2. Excellent article – and thanks for making the effort.


    You mentioned the US and Israeli role in supplying the world's heroin (dope the only reason for any military presence in Afghanistan and Columbia) but the larger prize for the zionists here is nation Capital flows.


    Let me try to explain – Iran is being targetted not because of its (negligible) military threat but because it has threatened to begin a non dollar-denominated oil market . By selling it's Oil (1/3rd of the world's reserves with the lowest extraction costs) in another currency Iran will effectively bypass Wall ST,  which means predatory criminal enterprises such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs as market makers in Crude don't get to rig prices and don't get to extract their illegal tributes anymore. Also with oil becoming available in other non rigged markets the necessity to buy, hold and hedge in dollars dissappears – which is a massive threat to the zionist Fed. If the number of people buying dollars halves then the dollar will no longer be the World's reserve currency – and the US debt will start to look like the true abomination it really is.(and who really wants to hold such a debased and abused currency as the USD anyway?) Every major commodity is currently priced in Dollars and traded through the rigged US markets, consequently most resource exporting countries have their Capital Flows nominated in USD – any potential alternate non USD market  trading oil and commodities would almost certainly spell the end of Dollar hegemony and Dollar dominance and the end of the Zionists meal ticket. That is the primary reason for Iran's imminent destruction – and it will happen – God help them.  

    • Jim Dean's article is one of the best I have read.


      And, the issue of petrodollars and the international trade currently locked onto the US dollar are of vital concern for American economic dominance and, by extension, concern by those who are the real power brokers, the Zionists. US can ill afford having competition in that field.


      A combination of factors might have the potential to challenge the current status quo. China's economic rise, combined with some strategic monetary readjustments, since China owns the lion's share of US dollars in the global trade, is one factor. The other factors include the possible demise of the Saudi regime, and Iran and Iraq's ability to stand their ground against American pressures. Also, India and Russia joining forces and creating an international monetary cartel to challenge the dominance of the American dollar, as well as the Euro. Ultimately, dollar, Euro and the new Yuan-Ruble-Rupi, call it the YRR, might be the trio that would bring some equilibrium to international trade.


      Forgive me, I am just dreaming.



      Kam Zarrabi

  3. I believe Jim W Dean just delivered a beat down to Arial Cohen. I don't believe Mr. Cohen is in a position to take him up on his offer.
    Great article. It appears that the fat lady is being walked out on to the world stage.

    • "It appears that the fat lady is being walked out on to the world stage."
      She is–and I'm surprised, your mom looks pretty good for her age!