RT’s Abby Martin : Israel’s War on Truth

RT’s Abby Martin : Israel’s War on Truth


RT’s presenter, Abby Martin, highlights the Israeli Military’s deliberate bombing of a media building housing multiple media offices and targeting of journalists, including the RT office in Gaza, during their recent offensive named ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud,’ their audacity to rationalize it and for making veiled threats to RT’s headquarters in Moscow.


by Debbie Menon


Abby Martin is spot on! Don’t count on US  Mainstream Media to inform you of the facts about the ‘Israel-Palestine conflict.’  It is now a well-known fact that observers in US Corporate media express opinions that guarantee them a job, a prestigious position or academic tenure. I call them journalistic prostitutes. Prominent  American (Alternative Media) journalist and Radio Talk host Stephen Lendman, likes to call them media scoundrels. They simply want to have the cake and eat it, too!

Most observers know that the U.S.  is a country today, whose best ‘ally’ Israel and its numerous Lobbies in America, have a monopoly on blackmail, political, personal and violent intimidation of press, industry, politics and business in pursuit of Israel’s ambitions and objectives.

The Israel Lobby — AIPAC  is a hydra that has the reach and the penetration to affect the life and the livelihood of any man or woman in America who earns a living in the political, professional, public or public service sectors.

Simple as that!

We saw it happen not too long ago, to distinguished Americans, to name just a couple:  Amb. Chas Freeman (National Intelligence Council appointment controversy), and Helen Thomas, the Doyen of the White House Press Corp. See:  interview by Paul Jay of  The Real News Network. They were  so intimidated, they practically disappeared from the public eye. Even James Earl Carter, author of Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid has recently dined on crow.

Now, Abby Martin of RT has been covering the ‘Israel-Palestine conflict’ on her compelling show ‘Breaking the Set,’ in which she elucidates the bare facts and hard-truths about the conflict and offers opinions that have made her and her network the target of Israeli government’s ridicule and threats.

I think Abby has surprised them and war is a crime!

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The world should know what these despicable criminals don't want them to know.

Here's some raw footage put together of Israel's wars on the defenseless people of Gaza.



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  1. I have seldom missed a viewing of Ms. Martin's broadcast.  Hers is the finest of an excellent line-up of programs offered by the only true news network available on television.  Abby's commentary on the important events regularly censored from the MSM  "news" is refreshing and up-lifting, much like your print contributions Debbie.  Thank you both AND RT. I should also applaud FreeSpeech and Link for their airing of worthwile programming, despite their bent for overly-left leaning views

  2. What I find hard to understand is this! What has israel and its moronic partizans & lobbiyists got on the world's spineless western leaders that none dares to speak against its abominal behaviour towards the Palestinians.


    I mean hilary clinton went tv talking about the syrian cruelties which it absolutely is and that her nation and govt cannot tolerate abusive powers but then totally ignores the plight of the Palestinians right to live as freely as any normal human being would. I guess she must have a nice tax free fund set up by AIPAC.

  3. Abby Martin is terrific. I can't tell you how many times I felt like throwing a brick at the TV while watching the pre-packaged narratives on CNN, Face the Nation (Bob "the world's biggest suck ass) Schieffer, or Meet the Press. oh boy am I pissed Verizon FIOS in NJ dropped RT. Israel is a terrorist state – how ironic. What would Ann Frank think?

  4. Hi Abbey; i like your political tenacity.
    I do not disagree with most that you state. But I wonder where are you coming from.You have a right to hate corruption and I despise it too. But is it you have an agenda?
    With out sounding like a chauvenistic pig– I think you best asset next to your brain is your beauty.
    Yes your physical beauty.
    Now for all I know you may be into your same sex and I not give a good G-D dam what I think or for that matter you may be straight and still think I am some kins of schmuc,k but I cant help thinking you are one unique sister. And if i were somewhat younger i would be on you like bran on brown rice. Anyway may you have good fortune in your endevours but remind yourself to be careful.
    There are the most cleverist and dangerous wolves swimming in your waters.
    Your truly
    an admirerer

  5. i to love(admire) abby———–she has a very unique style—it appears to me that  RT tells it like it is, which i can't understand seeing the  russians  support it ?   THE JURY RIGGER ! ! !

  6. Regarding the maleficence of Israel, we might ask, as did Yeats in his poem ‘The Second Coming’, …”And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

  7. Ces interventions sont quotidiennes actuellement contre ISRAEL et la guerre à GAZA.

    Et si elle a des raisons objectives de critiquer ainsi; il me semble toutefois qu’elle perd une grande partie de sa crédibilité et des valeurs qu’elle prétend défendre, car elle n’a jamais eu d’interventions contre le régime syrien qui a tué plus de 170.000 de ses propres habitants – ce qui malheureusement en matière de pertes humaines est infinimement plus important.

    Elle prétend critiquer les médias occidentaux qui seraient liés au pouvoir; elle fait exactement pareil