Mitt Romney has ties to Third Largest Voting Machine Company in the...

Mitt Romney has ties to Third Largest Voting Machine Company in the Country


Election Day is less than a week away, and with early voting underway many Americans have questioned the security of the voting process. According to an article by The Christian Science Monitor, e-voting machines are hackable and can be easily manipulated and could potentially alter the outcome of who takes the White House in 2013.

Brad Friedman, investigative reporter for, discusses how vulnerable the election process really is.

Control of the US is too important for elitists to let voters (people not corporations) elect a President

Brad Friedman, told RT, there is zero transparency in this system, democracy is at risk, our elections process is privatized; some of the voting machines have dubious ownerships to say the least; Mitt Romney’s son and some of  his Bain partners and  some of the top donors to his campaign, have now taken over, have now acquired the third largest voting machine company in the country. “Hart Intercivic,”  a company that owns the notoriously faulty electronic voting machines that will count the ballots in swing state Ohio on November 6. Hart machines will also be used elsewhere in the United States.






  1. America is not supposed to be a democracy. It is supposed to be a republic.


    Democracy worldwide deserves to fail because it has never been done correctly in our modern times. To have a true democracy, there should be one vote for each man, woman and child and there should be a vote for each business that is taxed as a company (corporation or partnership, etc.) The votes for children should be cast by  the parents until the children reach the age to be able to cast their own vote. The votes for businesses should be cast by the CEO or owner. At present the system can have one man or one woman vote against the interests of a family with five children. 7 lives are affted by two votes against their interests. Decisions are made that cost businesses a lot of money and the business has no say in the matter.



    Let democracy fail until we have a system where every stakeholder is represented. The total number of possible votes should equal the population plus the number of companies. Votes that are not used should count against each candidate. By doing this we don't see someone who only receives 51% of a very small voter turnout hold power. If the vote turnout is only 40% and one candidate gets 51% of that, only 20.4% of the population think he or she should be in power. The 79.6% are being dictated to by someone who  has no authority to dictate. Let it fail.  

  2. Both the Democrat and Republican parties have conspired with a foreign based entity to corrupt the vote and gain undue and unconstitutional control over the United States, even going so far as to call the US a "colony" of the genetic slag of Britain.


    Such dereliction of duty in the corruptionof the voting process is treasonous and violates federal and state statutes. Treason is punishable by death or extended time in a penitentury. I want to begin the process of cleaning house.

  3. Not only do "THEY" only provide us with TWO PRE-SELECTED Candidates (and block out all other Candidates from any "debate"), but now, these TWO PRE-SELECTED CANDIDATES are either backed by TBTF BANKS, or are a major stakeholder in companies that OWN ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE COMPANIES (that can pre-program vote results), as is the case with Romney.  Obama may or may not have a stake in any voting machine company – but, you can be sure some of his largest campaign donors or other supporters are engaging in vote-rigging as well.

  4. The TBTF (“Too-Big-To-Fail”) Banks, that OWN the so-called ‘Fed’ (“Federal Reserve”) – the ones that gave themselves a HUGE BAILOUT, in 2008, are the primary donors to the Romney Presidential Campaign [and they are the primary launderers of drug money, and Central Bankers funded/created the following: 1) Zionism, 2) the 'Fed', 3) OSS/CIA, 4) Israel, and therefore Mossad]:
    “[Mitt Romney] Top Ten Contributors from Jan 1, 2011 – Oct 28, 2012
    Goldman Sachs $785,990
    U.S. Government $742,880
    Bank of America $696,598
    JPMorgan Chase $635,689
    Morgan Stanley $622,866
    Credit Suisse $517,075
    Deloitte $409,851
    Kirkland & Ellis $393,947
    Wells Fargo $390,996
    Barclays $388,800
    Source: The Daily Bail: Who Bought Your Politician? Check With Our Widget