Hart : The personification of self-righteousness

Hart : The personification of self-righteousness


Prosor’s self-righteousness is not only in his words as he speaks them, it’s in his eyes and his whole body language.


By Alan Hart

Amb. Ron Prosor

In the song Mack the Knife there’s a line about a body on the sidewalk “oozing” life. Last night there was a body, a living one, oozing self-righteousness. It was not on the sidewalk. It was at the speaker’s podium in the General Assembly. It was that of His Excellency Mr. Ron Prosor, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, presenting lies as truth before the vote, which overwhelmingly recognized Palestine as a non-member observer state.

Peace, he asserted, “is a central value of Israeli society.” He went on: “The bible calls on us, ‘seek peace and pursue it’. Peace fills our art and poetry. It is taught in our schools. It has been the goal of the Israeli people and every Israeli leader since Israel was re-established 64 years ago.”

What crap! (Dictionary definition – “excrement, rubbish, dirt, worthless nonsense”).

But am I being fair to Prosor? There’s a case for saying that I am not and it’s this. The Zionist (not Jewish) states does want peace, has always wanted peace. The problem is that it wants peace on its own terms, terms which require the surrender of the occupied and oppressed Palestinians to Zionism’s will; terms which give the them the choice of accepting a few crumbs from Zionism’s table or being removed from it in a final ethnic cleansing.

Until last night I thought that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was the personification of self-righteousness, but Prosor is above even him in this field. Prosor’s self-righteousness is not only in his words as he speaks them, it’s in his eyes and his whole body language.

The message I got from watching and listening to him was this: “I know I’m a self-righteous son-of-a-bitch, and I know you know I am, but I don’t care. My country is the nuclear-armed superpower of its region. We don’t give a damn about this UN General Assembly. Only the Security Council matters and we – our leaders in Israel and our lobby here in the U.S – have the ability and the means to see to it that every American president vetoes any proposal that comes before the Security Council which is not to our liking.”

But still I found myself applauding Prosor for his performance, especially his concluding assertion that Israel wants peace and the Palestinians are “avoiding” it. Why?

The short answer was put into words by Yehoshafat Harkabi, Israel’s longest serving Director of Military Intelligence. In his book, Israel’s Fateful Hour, published in English in 1986, he wrote:

“No factor endangers Israel’s future more than self-righteousness, which blinds us to reality, prevents a complex understanding of the situation and legitimizes extreme behaviour.”

So I say to Prosor, Netanyahu, Lieberman and others – bring it on. Let’s have more and more of your self-righteousness.


U.N. General Assembly Votes to Recognize the State of Palestine


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Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent who covered wars and conflicts wherever they were taking place in the world and specialized in the Middle East. His Latest book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, is a three-volume epic in its American edition. He blogs on www.alanhart.net and tweets on www.twitter.com/alanauthorRead: Alan Hart's Appeal to the American People


  1. Alan,

    No doubt that Prosor is worse than a worm. However you have been around long enough to have witnessed creating people like this is definitely an American industry which will never be outsourced anytime soon…

  2. Listen to his American counterpart US Ambassador Susan Rice: UN Resolution Can’t Create State Where None Exists.  She is so full of herself, she is ready to burst.


    Direct Quote:

    “Nor does passing a resolution create a state where none exists, or change the reality on the ground. This resolution does not establish that Palestine is a state.” she said.

    “Today’s grand pronouncements will soon fade and the Palestinian people will wake up tomorrow and find that little about their lives have changed,” she said.

  3. That Susan Rice is… PR   ice… less Are these her words and is she bucking for a higher role in the US Anti-Peace brigade known as the Adminstration?  Bit of competition in the US for the top spot, baby. There are many Zionists like you all wanting to win the heart of the Middle East Mass Murderer, Neyanyahu.


    It is Obama's choice. Sorry, that soiunds laughable. I dolubt if he even chooses his breakfast cereal. But you're at least on his list, Susan. Comments like the above score points with Eric Cantor, Liebeman and Schumer, and the holiest of unholies, the AIPAC fraternity.  This is the US, after all. ' We just love extremism, love to hate Palestinians and Arabs of any description en masse and if you can just continue these rants, you may be successful. We just love it'   She is effectively saying, Go fly a kite, UN. We make the rules here. Remeber the veto? We own this joint.