Abby Martin Interviews Former President Jimmy Carter

Abby Martin Interviews Former President Jimmy Carter


Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter pauses during an interview as he and his wife Rosalynn visit a Habitat for Humanity project in Leogane, Haiti, Monday Nov. 7. The Carters joined volunteers from around the world to build 100 homes in partnership with earthquake-affected families in Haiti during a week-long Habitat for Humanity housing project.Ramon Espinosa / AP
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter says he doesn't see many houses built for poor Haitians following the massive earthquake almost two years ago.

Carter tells The Associated Press that he noticed little such housing after he drove from the international airport to the U.S. ambassador's house in the capital to Leogane, a coastal city that was largely flattened because it was at the epicenter of the January 2010 earthquake.

Joined by 500 volunteers, Carter and his wife Rosalynn are in Haiti for six days to help Habitat for Humanity build 100 homes for families displaced by the earthquake. The project looks to build a total of 500 homes.

Abby Martin returns from her trip to Haiti and goes over her interview with former US President Jimmy Carter and their discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the erosion of the rule of law in the US.

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  1. I worked for Jimmy Carter in the Seattle campaign headquarters in 1975. i would do it again. No soldiers died from combat during Carter's presidency and kids could backpack as Americans in foreign countries AND BE WELCOME. That is a good presidency. No trolls need respond.