U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice Skipped Netanyahu Speech

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice Skipped Netanyahu Speech


Neither Hillary Clinton nor Ambassador Rice was in attendance at Netanyahu’s speech.



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the United Nations General Assembly this week, but don’t ask around Washington if you want to hear the highlights: the US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, skipped the Thursday afternoon speech.

Not only did Rice walk out of the General Assembly before Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech amid worsening tensions between the US and Israel, but her behavior fell perfectly in line with the attitude of the rest of the Obama administration as of late. US President Barack Obama had earlier refused a private meeting with the prime minister, and although he asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to listen in on Thursday’s address on behalf of the White House, neither Mrs. Clinton nor Ambassador Rice was in attendance.

In an op-ed published by Fox News this week, reporter Anne Bayefsky writes that Rice “is said to have had more important things to do” than attend Netanyahu’s address.

On-the-air, Fox commentator Greta Van Susteren explained exactly what urgent matters kept the United States’ ambassador from attending.

“Today, our UN ambassador, Susan Rice, did not attend the speech by the prime minister because the speeches went long today. Instead she elected to go to a lunch with foreign ministers, and so she wasn’t present,” Van Susteren explained.

“We had our envoy there and we had our US ambassador to Israel there, but for some reason it would appear to me that in light of the problems we’ve had showing our closeness with this country — she should have been there,” she added.

John Bolton who is the moral savage who brought shame on his country each day that he sat as America’s ambassador (unconfirmed) at the UN and who had told the world that a dead Israeli civilian is worth a whole more in terms of moral outrage than a Lebanese one.
John Bolton, the United States’ ambassador to the UN under former President George W Bush, said he was shocked by Rice’s behavior as well, but isn’t surprised entirely when he considers it with the rest of the Obama administration’s actions during the last three-and-a-half years.

“From the Obama administration point of view, I would have thought she would have attended both the Netanyahu speech and Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority,” Bolton told Van Susteren. “Instead she went to have lunch with Hillary Clinton and the foreign ministers of the five permanent members of the Security Council.”

“Ultimately that’s Hillary Clinton’s call,” Bolton said. If he was still representing the United States, however, he would have probably acted otherwise.

“As I say, I would have recommended being in the hall to have a higher ranking official there,” Bolton quipped. Under this administration, however, he doesn’t necessarily expect anything more.

Under US President Barack Obama, said Bolton, the United States has shown “Utter disdain for both Prime Minister Netanyahu and the state of Israel.”

“It’s simply one more brick in the wall of the case that the president is perfectly prepared to isolate Israel and that he does not hold the US/Israel relationship in the same high regard as every president going back to Harry Truman,” Bolton added, referring to the commander-in-chief who oversaw America from 1945 until 1953.

Earlier in the month, Israeli authorities asked the White House for a personal sit-down with President Obama during Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to the United States. The Obama administration declined, citing scheduling conflicts. The president later appeared on “The View” television program with his wife.

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney confirmed that President Obama made plans to speak with Prime Minister Netanyahu over the phone this week. Earlier in the month, they held an hour-long telephone conversation as "part of their ongoing consultations," the White House said, and on Friday administration spokespeople confirmed that the two are in “full agreement” on preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapon following their latest talk.

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  1. Nutty Yahoo is probably just going to be made into a scapegoat instead of allowing him to be 'King Bibi'. Some other less nutty criminal will take his place.

  2. If I have a gun and you have a gun, it is a fair fight.  If you have nuclear weapon and I have stones, it is not a fair fight.  Israel doesn't pick fights with peoples that can fight back on equal terms.

  3. I am glad they did not attend Bibi's insane speech with cartoon and no mention of Israel's 300 nukes.  It is time for the USA to distance itself from this war monger who has the nerve to interfere in US elections supporting Romney.  Bib is the wrong man for the job.

  4. About time the US ignored  warmonger Netanyahu of Israel. Now stop all weapons and funding to Israel so that the paths may open!