American Democracy — The Funeral Video

American Democracy — The Funeral Video


Editor's note: 9/11 made a huge impact on the American people and the world. Anthony Lawson is someone who does not accept the official 9/11 tales and the Commission's findings. Why he doubts the official story of 9/11 can be heard and watched on his video The Legend of 9/11 — 10 Years On.  He concentrates on the two major 9/11 issues: The Unidentified Planes and The Controlled Demolitions. A well described account about "the most gargantuan lie ever told."

The words of Anthony Lawson in his latest video are tragically accurate again.

Los Angeles Mayor and Democratic Convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa calls for a vote to amend the platform at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012. Photo by Associated Press /Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Once again the interests of Israel take pride of place in American politics. This time at the Democratic Convention recently held in North Carolina, when the Mayor of Los Angeles decided to take it upon his ears, alone, to judge whether or not the delegates agreed with instating or reinstating a contentious piece of party policy which accepted Jerusalem as being the capital of Israel.

It really doesn't matter who wins the upcoming Presidential Election. Either way the American people and the rest of the world will lose.

by Anthony Lawson


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Anthony Lawson (known professionally as Tony Lawson) is a retired international-prize-winning commercials director, cameraman, ad agency creative director and voice over. He used to be known for shooting humorous commercials, but doesn’t find much to laugh about, with the way the world is going, these days. VIEW ANTHONY LAWSON VIDEOS!