Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake — Alan Sabrosky

Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake — Alan Sabrosky


I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone.

by Dr. Alan Sabrosky

Many years ago I read a fascinating discussion of the “tactics of mistake.” This essentially entailed using a target’s prejudices and preconceptions to mislead them as to the origin and intent of the attack, entrapping them in a tactical situation that later worked to the attacker’s strategic advantage.

This is what unfolded in the 9/11 attacks that led us into the matrix of wars and conflicts, present (Afghanistan and Iraq), planned (Iran and Syria) and projected (Jordan and Egypt), that benefit Israel and no other country — although I concede that many private contractors and politicians are doing very well for themselves out of the death and misery of others.

I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone. They needed local help within America (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had it, principally from some alumni of PNAC (the misnamed Project for a New American Century) and their affiliates within and outside of the US Government (USG), who in the 9/11 attacks got the “catalytic event” they needed and craved to take the US to war on Israel’s behalf, only eight months after coming into office.

Genesis of the Deception

That was not how it seemed at first, of course. Lists of names and associations of the alleged hijackers quickly surfaced in official US accounts and mainstream media (MSM) reports, pointing to Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda group, then largely in Afghanistan. Bin Laden denied responsibility, saying in effect that while he thanked Allah that the attacks had occurred, he had not done it, but the US demanded that the Taliban governing Afghanistan turn him over to the US. The Taliban response was reasonable: “Show us the evidence he did it and we’ll give him to you.” But the US brushed it off and attacked. Why? Because it had no convincing evidence, and never would — even on the eve of his public death in 2011, the FBI did not include 9/11 on his internet-based “Most Wanted” charge sheet.

As the war in Afghanistan for very dubious reasons extended into a war in Iraq for even more specious ones, the essential USG view of 9/11 became embedded in the public ethos. The 9/11 Commission Report, despite being handicapped when it was prepared and later revealed to have been deeply flawed, still appeared as the basic reference work on the attacks. Details may have been compromised, but the prevailing view was that 19 Arab hijackers had flown four planes into three buildings and one crash site, and that was the end of it. This was the position taken by the Bush Administration in 2001, and reaffirmed a decade later by the Obama Administration. Politicians of every stripe, most pundits and rafts of Protestant pastors (mainly evangelical) added their endorsements.

Neither I nor most Americans had any particular reason to doubt the veracity of these claims, then or later. Nonetheless, I had strong suspicions that something was very wrong with the official US account of the tragedy only weeks after the incident, while responding to a request from a local journalist for background information. Too much made no sense whatsoever: warnings after the fact when there should have been no warnings, bizarre misbehavior by the alleged hijackers that ran counter to both the mission and their faith, skills required that far exceeded any skills the named hijackers themselves could ever have possessed for the mission, and especially the total absence of any recognition for what they had done from anyone except their supposed victims – something without precedent for actions of the sort that supposedly happened on 9/11. These and similar discontinuities reinforced my suspicion that something in the entire exercise was rotten to the core.

Potentially far more significant than individual musings was the gradual appearance of dissent that eventually crystallized in the so-called “9/11 Truth” movement, which rapidly proliferated into scores of major and many minor organizations and websites dissecting the attacks, the Commission report, the motivations and agendas of assorted elected and appointed officials, and alternatives to the orthodox view. But “9/11 Truthers” have been doing their version of the Maoist “Hundred Flowers” Campaign, throwing out so many different assessments of so many different aspects of so many different issues that the core message has been lost. Nor is it a matter of too little evidence invalidating the USG position on 9/11 being available, but too much to permit a clear focus on what happened (so many trees no one can really see the forest).

Mind you, it isn’t that what has been presented is irrelevant or even necessarily wrong, although some pretty bizarre thesis have been tossed around along with a good deal of thoughtful and balanced work. A substantial segment also have resisted closure under any circumstances – especially when Israel came into the equation in any way – thus keeping the rhetorical pot boiling inconclusively, more than a few for reasons that could not withstand close scrutiny as to their affiliation and motivation.

Critiquing the 9/11 Critique

The real difficulty with much, but not all, of the effort to critique and question the official US position on 9/11 is that the “9/11 Truth” proponents have been unable to communicate their concerns – much less any conclusions – to the general public in any significant way. So much of the discussion is only partially comprehensible to some within the movement, largely unknown to the general US public, and so complicated in all its dimensions to those who do become aware of it that they fail to follow up on the arguments. It is as if critics of the official position on 9/11 have been attempting to try the case in court before they have even gotten an indictment – the analytical equivalent of putting the argumentative cart before the public horse of the need to rethink the issue, thereby creating an evidentiary Gordian Knot of sorts.

This analogy has long struck me as an appropriate way of rethinking our approach to the 9/11 controversy. It is not that the issue isn’t complex – it is, in ever so many ways, and that complexity would have to be addressed at some point, but there is no need to confuse the public with its complexity at the very beginning.

Remember that at least in the US, the evidence and voting requirements are very different in a grand jury which can issue an indictment, than they are in a petit jury that actually tries the case. The latter needs proof of guilt; but the former only needs sufficient indication that a specific crime may have been committed, and that the accused may have done it. That is where we need to go, and where I will take this argument: to focus on those essentials necessary for an indictment in a way that will be understandable and credible to a reasonably intelligent person without requiring them to have the skills of (e.g.) a civil engineer or an aviator.

Peeling Away the Layered Details

There are so many flaws in the official US Government’s position on 9/11 that it is sometimes difficult to know just where to start. For example, the miraculous survival of a passport, used to identify one of the hijackers, which somehow worked its way through the aircraft’s impact, explosion, fire, and an 800-plus foot free-fall to be found by a well-dressed man and given to a New York City police detective at the base of the twin towers is a standout. The superstar-like ability of named pilots to go from the controls of a single-engine propeller-driven light plane to the cockpit of a passenger airliner and do anything except put it into the ground within a minute of turning off the autopilot is another – who would ever have thought that the Microsoft Flight Simulator program was so superlative? And the explanations given for the multiple failures of NORAD (the North American Air Defense Command) to have fighters on all four planes within minutes of their straying off course are individually dubious and collectively preposterous – only in Hollywood would they have any credence, perhaps because that is where they originated.

The debate on these and many other points, and the implications thereof, has been extensive and sometimes ferocious, even if not particularly effective. What is not open to debate, however, is that WTC-7 — the third tower to collapse that day, and the only one not hit by a plane — absolutely was brought down by a controlled demolition, as anyone not trying to shield the attackers knows from a real-time video of its collapse. That is, WTC-7 went straight down into its own footprint in seconds without any visible catastrophic external trauma, which means only some catastrophic internal trauma could have brought it down. And if it had been wired for a controlled demolition, then so were the other towers (WTC-1 and WTC-2) that collapsed. That gives the plane impacts a gruesome cosmetic role, designed explicitly to conceal the true cause of the collapse of the buildings, while shocking the public into something akin to numbness. Collapse of WTC-7

The case of WTC-7 has long been known to critics of the US government position on 9/11. What does not seem to have been fully appreciated, at least at first (this is changing somewhat now), is that it is not merely “an” issue, but the single issue that can be used simply, directly to the American public, and effectively to discredit the US Government’s case, and thus its rationale for so many fallacies and misdeeds: not only needless foreign wars (Afghanistan being a “pump-priming” conflict to get the US into war in the region, and to lay the groundwork for later wars), but a substantial infringement of American civil liberties under the misbegotten “Patriot Act,” the unbelievably widespread acceptance of torture (including a technique openly named “Palestinian Hanging,” which assuredly did not originate in Boston and says something about Israeli habits), and the creation of known and secret prisons and detention centers in various countries.

Second only to the actual controlled demolition of WTC-7, and supplementing the thesis that with or without impacting aircraft the buildings were brought down by other means, is extensive extensive audio-visual evidence on 9/11 while the Twin Towers were still standing from what became “Ground Zero.” This evidence includes real-time clips of secondary explosions at ground level in both WTC-1 and WTC-2 (you can hear the detonations and see smoke and debris billowing out), reports on many networks of those explosions and of strange vans inside and around those buildings prior to the secondary explosions, reports from EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) of the same thing and of people inside and around the lobbies of those buildings who were not emergency personal and were not fleeing the disaster – all of this on 9/11 and widely reported as it happened that same day. 9/11: as it happened on the ground

And a third element, building on the above and adding its own dimension, is the presence of a number of (mostly white) vans owned – as far as can be determined, given the extent to which information on them and the people with them has disappeared from the public record – by an Israeli company (or rather a company owned by an Israeli, to be precise) in New Jersey. Some of these vans were regularly around the World Trade Center itself. But two stand out, and need to be examined in some detail for their significance to be appreciated.

First, Bergen, NJ residents saw five people on a white van filming the attacks and visibly celebrating. They had set up their cameras before the first plane hit. Police arrested them. All were Israelis (now referred to as the “dancing Israelis”). Bomb-sniffing dogs reacted as if they had detected explosives, although officers were unable to find anything. The FBI seized the van for further testing. All five were later released at the instigation of Israeli & American Jewish leaders, some in the US Government. Details are still classified. This incident quickly disappeared from the mainstream media, following a brief mention in the New York Times three days after the attacks, that was not followed up.

A second van was stopped on the approaches to the George Washington Bridge. As CBS’s Dan Rather said in his live report: “Two suspects are in FBI custody after a truckload of explosives were discovered around the George Washington Bridge. That bridge links New York to New Jersey over the Hudson River. Whether the discovery of those explosives had anything to do with other events today is unclear, but the FBI, has two suspects in hand, said the truckload of explosives, enough explosives were in the truck to do great damage to the George Washington Bridge…“ Those suspects –also Israelis — and the incident then seem to have disappeared from the public record and mainstream media “examinations” <sic.> of 9/11, just like discussions of the first van, the secondary explosions at ground level within WTC-1 and WTC-2, and the precipitous collapse into its own footprint of WTC-7.

The combined impact of these and many other factors is both chilling and compelling. Think of it: Secondary explosions at ground level where there should be no secondary explosions. The catastrophic collapse of the 47-story WTC-7 into its own footprint in seconds, without any significant external trauma, where by rights there should have been no collapse. Vans with targeting maps, explosives or traces thereof, cameras pre-positioned to film the World Trade Center, and especially Israelis with those vans where there should have been no Israelis present with any of those things in those places at that time.

Any of these matters ought to have been sufficient to stimulate a searching re-examination of the official USG interpretation of 9/11, and especially of the actual or putative role of Al-Qaeda in it. The vans alone pointed away from Al-Qaeda, unless one assumed that Al-Qaeda was an Israeli front, or that Mossad at a minimum had run a parallel and more murderous operation to whatever Al-Qaeda may have done. What is fascinating is how little impact it has had on public awareness of the details of 9/11, much less official US policy based on it. A “cloak of silence” had descended over any official or mainstream media discussions of 9/11 that did not conform to the official interpretation, thereby keeping such dissonance from the general public.

The Cloak of Silence Over 9/11

There have been three elements to the “cloak of silence” covering efforts to expose the failings of the official US position on 9/11 to the public. One is within the Executive Branch. Another is within the Congress. And the third is the mainstream media (MSM).

The first is not at all surprising, as so many of its key members (and especially its so-called “neo-conservatives”) were the authors of the “19 named Arabs in 4 planes” thesis, and its de facto apologists on the professional staff of the 9/11 Commission. Indeed, many of them had a vested personal and professional interest in maintaining the validity of the official position.

A surprising number had been on the strongly pro-Israel Project for a New American Century (PNAC) when it published a report asserting that some “catalytic event” akin to the Pearl Harbor would be needed to move the US in the direction they desired (and which would be of enormous benefit to Israel). The 9/11 attacks gave them their catalytic event, and they visibly capitalized on that opportunity. Many were Jewish, often with dual US-Israeli citizenship and a controlling commitment to Israel. All were Israeli partisans. And it took no great inferential leap to understand that a US consumed with anti-Arab and anti-Muslim rage would inevitably and inexorably do things that would directly or indirectly benefit Israel – which, of course, is precisely what has happened over the past decade.

Overtly more surprising was Congressional acceptance of the official explanation, or rather the lack of searching inquiries into it and the events of 9/11, at least by the Democrats. But in reality, that wasn’t at all surprising. It was not just that Administration officials were essentially “speaking with one voice” on this issue, or that the Republicans in the Senate at least could have kept Democrats from holding hearings, at least in the beginning. It is that while many (especially Democrats) came to question later the war in Iraq, and some more belatedly the war in Afghanistan, there was and remains no discernable legislative effort to delve into the details of 9/11 – and especially the numerous contradictions, inconsistencies and unbelievable aspects in the official explanation. This is a predictable outcome of a substantial lobbying effort by AIPAC (the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) here, “encouraging” Senators and Representatives of both parties to do in this matter what they do best – nothing – and punishing the handful who balked by marginalizing their efforts while in office, and working successfully for their electoral defeat later.

Overlapping these two branches, and a critical element in the Zionist control of the US Government that is sometimes overlooked, is their domination of the political appointment and confirmation process. The White House Personnel Office has been largely dominated by them at least since 1980, and perhaps before, thereby reducing the likelihood that people unfriendly to Israel or unsupportive of its “ways and means” will be nominated in the first place. The vetting of nominees by key organized Jewish groups in the US before they go before the US Senate for their confirmation hearings has also been a fixture of this process for decades, as Ha’aretz (an Israeli newspaper) among many others has pointed out, and forces otherwise excellent nominees to withdraw if said Jewish groups find them to be unsuitable. And the leverage of AIPAC in the US Senate is in this respect crucial: anyone AIPAC wants confirmed will be confirmed, and anyone who manages to reach that point and is not acceptable to AIPAC doesn’t stand a chance.

This is why under both Republicans and Democrats, the staffs in and around the President and the Vice-President, the National Security Council, the State Department and the Defense Department (among others) look the way they do. Many are Jewish and actively Zionist, often with dual US-Israeli citizenship (not that the absence of an Israeli passport matters all that much to the others). Some are Christian Zionists who need no persuading to take the pro-Israel positions they do – I can only shudder to think of the type of a staff and appointments that would come from a president like Michele Bachmann or Mike Huckabee. Others are what the communists used to call “useful idiots,” frequently intelligent people like Condoleeza Rice or John Bolton who have made their own Faustian bargain in the furtherance of their own careers. And the rest of us live with the consequences of all of them, not least of which was 9/11 and the ensuing wars.

But it is the role of the largely Zionist-owned mainstream media (MSM) in allowing the official US government view of 9/11 to go virtually unchallenged that is most fascinating, and has been most effective in letting any possible public debate on 9/11 largely lie fallow. This was contrary to its entire post-Vietnam (and especially post-Pentagon Papers/post-Watergate) ethos, which put investigative journalism on a pedestal and made a fetish of investigating and exposing corporate and government wrong-doing, both for profits and for professional advancement. Remember, that at least since the publication of the so-called “Pentagon Papers” during the Vietnam War, the normal instinct of the MSM is to investigate and to reveal, unless that discloses Israeli misconduct or reflects negatively on Israel, in which case its virtually primeval instinct is to conceal and to protect.

The MSM’s normal inquisitorial impulse was not in evidence in the case of 9/11. This is because critical inquiries into 9/11 have been largely ignored or repressed by the MSM — which would not do that if its largely Zionist ownership did not know, suspect or fear that an exposed evidentiary trail would lead, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly to Israel. Indeed, if the evidentiary trail had seemed to lead to (e.g.) Iran instead of Israel, or if its provenance was even moderately uncertain, the MSM would have vociferously shredded the USG case long ago, and the “9/11 Truth” movement would find its views presented on the front pages of major newspapers and highlighted in favorable TV/radio broadcasts.

That this did not happen quickly becomes clear as one examines the MSM’s approach to 9/11. Its role has been threefold: : (a) disinformation – to affirm, or at least not openly question, the USG case; (b) distraction – to direct attention away from Israel and the PNAC/neo-cons; and (c) doubt – to ignore or ridicule those who question the official US case. What people choose to conceal speaks volumes about the dynamics of the situation, and the end result of MSM actions has been the fabrication of an aura of disbelief and doubt where there should be none.

This process began almost immediately. Dramatic and revealing real-time reports about the details of the attacks appeared on 9/11, including many that did not directly involve the hijacked airliners. Over the next few days, some local papers and stations in the area still were reporting dissonant events (e.g., the van with the “dancing Israelis”). But within a week, most dissonance was gone or relegated to inside pages and their electronic equivalents, especially anything pertaining to WTC-7, whose collapse became a non-event, or the presence of Israelis in the vans and elsewhere, as the US Government’s propaganda machine – aided actively by most of the MSM – went into high gear first against Al-Qaeda and then in support of the invasion of Afghanistan.

The Path to 9/11

The provenance of the 9/11 attacks becomes even clearer once they are examined as a classic exercise in covert operations. Generally speaking, there are three requirements for evaluating the origin and prospects for success of all covert intelligence operations: (a) motivation, (b) expertise, and (c) local support for access to the target and post-attack evasion and escape.

Let us look first at motivation. It is a bitter commentary on how far the US has gone from its strategic requirements and its own principles that so many movements and governments around the world not only dislike and distrust the US, but hate it with a passion and with better cause than I care to think about. I recently came across a remark by a Jesuit priest to the effect that “Every time I hear that Israel is America’s only friend in the Middle East, I remember that before Israel, America had no enemies in the Middle East” – a point well worth remembering.

But the interesting thing about the assorted movements and governments that might have an actual or perceived reason to do harm to the US, is that all but one has had a negative incentive to do that: to punish the US for some actual or assumed failings or misdeeds. The one exception is Israel. It has no negative incentives at all (I exclude some real fringe fanatics), simply because without US aid and diplomatic support, it would find itself in even worse straits than did apartheid-era South Africa, and with better cause. But it is the one state with a positive incentive, if it believed it could get away with it, which is to enrage the American public against Muslims generally and Arabs in particular, and to make the US an active belligerent in the region – spending American lives and treasure in the service of Israel’s interests.

Expertise is different and more diffuse. There are many intelligence and special operations forces in the world with the expertise to wire large urban structures for a controlled demolition. There are many combat engineer units in many countries that could do the same thing. And there are many private firms that specialize in them as well. Yet neither Al-Qaeda as an organization, nor any of its known affiliates – much less the 19 named Arabs supposedly on those four planes – possessed that expertise, or anything even remotely close to it; had they done so, the Green Zone in Baghdad would have been a pile of rubble.

But it is local support that is the crucial determinant. All well-crafted covert operations require some measure of local support, official or unofficial, unless the target area is so irredeemably hostile that none is available. Any domestic or foreign intelligence agency targeting the WTC would absolutely have required it, and Mossad would be better placed than any other to access such support for entry, access, execution and escape.

This is especially true, given the security company overseeing the WTC. CIA and/or Defense Department personnel (which is not the same as the CIA or the Defense Department as organizations) could have had access, but only if that had Israeli endorsement – one does not casually cut open walls, implant explosives, run cables and wire everything together in buildings with state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and 24/7 on-site security. Mossad would have no such need for those niceties, given the ownership of the WTC and the management of the company overseeing its security. Remember that we are not talking about large numbers of people in any case: given time to prepare the three buildings and protection from detection, as few as a dozen could have sufficed, a number small enough to be effectively unnoticed in a large organization.

Retrospect and Prospect

So let us recapitulate the basic conclusions of this analysis. First, the core official US Government position on 9/11 is that any and all aspects of it are directly attributable to 19 named Arabs on 4 planes, conducting a terrorist operation planned and executed by Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda. This position is at best incomplete, and at worst a complete fabrication engineered by those directly or indirectly responsible for what happened on 9/11, and the wars afterward.

Second, Al-Qaeda and many different countries and groups had negative reasons, real or contrived, to want to harm the US. But only Israel and its neoconservative wing in the US had a positive incentive to do so, which was to enrage Americans and make the US an active belligerent against Muslim countries, thereby cementing its bonding to Israel and Israel’s interests.

Third, there is no doubt that fully-loaded civilian airliners, especially with nearly-full fuel loads, impacting the Twin Towers (WTC-1 and WTC-2) would do great damage to those buildings, and might under a chain of extraordinary circumstances precipitate a chain of events leading to their collapse. But there is absolutely no way that those airliners impacting 800-1000 feet above the ground could have produced visible and audible secondary explosions in those buildings at ground level, nor precipitated the collapse of a third building (WTC-7)which was not hit by any aircraft and had no massive external trauma from debris produced by the Twin Towers.

Fourth, Al-Qaeda – and perhaps other groups as well – had the theoretical capability to carry out a simultaneous four-plane hijacking, perhaps flying the aircraft to Cuba (the four 9/11 aircraft should have been able to make a one-way flight there at the beginning of their operational day without difficulty, depending on their actual loads), which would have been spectacular in itself. But neither Al-Qaeda nor any of their affiliates had the expertise and local support necessary to allow them the needed access to any of the buildings at the World Trade Center, cut open the walls and wire them for controlled demolition, and then to escape and evade afterward.

Fifth and finally, in addition to being unique in having a positive incentive to make the 9/11 attacks, only Israel had the essential expertise and local support required to bring down the three World Trade Center buildings with controlled demolitions, and the leverage within and around the US Government to let their operatives evade detection, to be released without fanfare if apprehended unexpectedly, and to cloak their actions from public scrutiny – all of which happened on and after 9/11.

People often ask about some new evidence or proof tying 9/11, in whole or in part, to Israel. Now I understand that there can never be absolute proof for some people barring a public confession from one of the Israeli planners or their American supporters, and that, I suspect, we will never obtain – although some of the statements made later in Israel by three of the Israelis arrested in Bergen, NJ filming the burning Twin Towers comes very close to that: One stated categorically that “our purpose was to document the event,” which should leave little doubt that they knew in advance of the attacks, whether or not they themselves personally had any further role in them.

But it is not necessary to have such a confession, any more than it is necessary to have a confession in a criminal court to convict a person of murder, if the other evidence is sufficiently compelling. Here there is a mountain of physical, technical, analytical and circumstantial evidence, far more than any unprejudiced person needs to understand far beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever, that (1) the USG case is fatally flawed, and (2) this was a Mossad-directed operation orchestrated at the highest levels of the Israeli government (because of the target) with local support within the US and elements of the US Government itself.

Given the pervasiveness of Zionist influence in the US government and its intelligence and security agencies (including of course the Defense Department), two broad scenarios are possible. One is that the neo-cons and their cohorts were in the driver’s seat with Israel in the passenger seat with a map and the baggage. The second sees Israel driving with the neo-cons and others handling the map and baggage. But they were both in the same car on the road to and from 9/11. Both were embedded in aspects of the planning and execution of the catastrophe, the wars it spawned and the wars its architects now want us to wage in Israel’s name, linking treason and treachery in tandem no matter where the emphasis is placed.

Unraveling that issue is something to be left for a future investigation, interrogations and trials, followed by punishments appropriate to the magnitude of the crimes for all of the participants. Bringing an awareness of these events to the American public and others abroad in a practical and actionable way is the subject of the final piece in this series: Riposte Against Zionism: Go Tell It To The People.

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Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. He is listed in WHO’S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.). A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky’s teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad.


  1. Thank you once again for yet another insightful, well written, fact filled article. You are truly a patriot and a great American. Please keep up the exceptional work!

  2. Best quote-
    “Every time I hear that Israel is America’s only friend in the Middle East, I remember that before Israel, America had no enemies in the Middle East”.

  3. I agree with most of your article and conclusions, but I have also read that building 7 had a large hole in one side at the base of the building,and the firefighters thought it was unsafe because of this. Also couldn’t the explosions in the basement have been caused by aviation fuel falling down the elevator shafts??

    • Mike, we’ve been over this a dozens of times already. Just Google “Building demolition” and watch some of WTC7 or Building 7 Collapse videos.

      Almost anything is possible, if you postulate the absolutes of possibilities, but your scenario has as many holes in it as that imaginary one you have drilled into the side of Building 7 which for some unknown reason was on fire but still should not have and would not have collapsed as it did unless it had been “pulled” by a previously installed Building Demolition set-up.

      Unless you are not being deliberate, after all of these years, and is probably confusing the missile size hole in the side of the Pentagon with Building 7, which suffered no damage at all except for the fires which suddenly broke out for no seeming reason at all, and then the building 7 collapsed… also for no seeming reason at all… suggest you watch the movies and learn to distinguish planned and finely engineered demolition from accident and natural causes.

  4. I believe that Israel knew in advance of the airline attacks and did not tell the US, knowing that it could further involve America in their war.

    The one question I have is, who was flying the planes and who ordered the attack? It may have been that a bunch of rank amateurs were given a free pass to proceed with the attack, knowing that it fit in with the plans of Israel and those who controlled the US government at the time.

  5. @Richard:
    “who was flying the planes and who ordered the attack?” I think the answer is “nobody” !!!
    Highly skilled “real” pilots say that the manoeuvers exhibited by the airliners border on the humanly impossible,(in the pentagon case, physically impossible)!!!

    So here is your answer :-

    “Recently – by Googling “Israeli drones” — I learned that Israel pioneered the drone and that Israel purveys that cutting edge weaponry throughout the world. As far back as 1982 Israel used drones against Syria”

    • watching the video and kept hearing people say, "secondary explosion . . . the building is wired . . ." etc.
      And the 'Dark Knight Rises' killings came to mind:  I know without a doubt that James Holmes was an 'asset' of the same evildoers who pulled off 9/11.  "Batman"/the Dark Knight is a major hero in the zionist constellation.  "Dark Knight Rises" = the message that zionists are back in charge; the deliberate destruction of the very bright and promising son of a FICO executive sends the message to parents everywhere:  "Do not f*&k with us; we can not only destroy you, we can destroy your children."

  6. I skimmed the article and will read it over slowly, but most of the reasoning is sound.

    We can’t conclude that if Bldg was an engineered take down that WTC 1 & 2 were as well. One can perhaps make this inference, but it’s not a provable conclusion.. ie what happened to Bldg 7 explains WTC 1 & 2.

    There is so much dis and mis information out there it is hard to sort out what took place. The actual plane strikes DID not take the towers down. They did weaken the structure and they did start fires which further weakened it. But this seems to be insufficient to cause the collapse which we saw. Perhaps the planes delivered a payload which Could have sufficiently weakened the structure to initiate the collapse we saw… or perhaps there were planted devices up there. There’s lots we don’t know.

    But we DO know from observations that the collapse was a top down event and the was not weakening at the base and this would not contribute to or cause the top down destruction we saw. So what WERE the reason for or the explanations for such observations … at the base? If they are credible reports.. I would guess that the explosions were from pressurized refrigerant gas (freon) in the basement, electrical transformers from the various electrical sub stations in the basement on the mech floors. All of these expulsions WOULD or could do some damage, but not destroy the core columns at the base. CC 501 weighed 56 tons and was made from 5 and 6″ thick steel plate and there is no evidence of these columns being “destroyed by explosive” in any of the post collapse photos. If it wasn’t the columns which were attacked at the base.. then what WAS the purpose for these explosions if they were part of a take down? Perhaps dismantle the fire protection systems?

    Please explain.

  7. The government’s 9-11 story is a childish fable meant for an infantile and gullible population. Airplanes hitting the WTC do not explain the fact the building were, in large part, atomized. Even a mentally challenged person can see building seven was professionally demolished by explosives or some other high tech weapon. Pilots for Truth say after careful study ‘no plane hit the Pentagon’. Everything about flight 77 is a lie. There are thousands’ of inconsistencies in the 9-11 narrative. It boggles the mind. As for the Mossad/Israel/Jewish Lobby angle, read Christopher Bolyan’s revealing book The 9-11 Deception, which you can obtain as free down load on the net.

    All threads point to Israel as the progenitor force behind the September 11 attack, and despite the incredibly stupid assertions by Alex Jones and Lyndon Larouche that the Saudis did 9-11, Israel’s foot prints are all over this operation. Just do the research. Alan Sabrosky is to be commended for speaking the truth about our most vicious enemy.

  8. Debbie and Cold Wind nail it. For further nailing one might read Victor Thorn’s ‘9-11 Evil!’ and ‘9-11 On Trial.’ They prove Israel/Mossad had the biggest hand by far in 9-11.

    Also recommended reading: Michael Hoffman’s ‘Judaism Discovered.’

  9. Thanks for your support as always Kevin. Look forward to the Link to the interview.

    Prior to putting up Alan Sabrosky’s article, I pre-warned the server host to watch for unusual activity. As expected the site went down within 24 hours of posting this piece.

    MCS server host informed:

    “Debbie – Yes there is additional load and you see intermittent request failure – we are seeing attacks from all over the globe – France/ Indonesia/ US/ UK…Working on a fix ”

    Makes you wonder, Who is afraid of 9/11Truth ?

    There is only one entity in the world with the powers and the structure to engage attacks from all over the world. The entity which owns and operates the worldwide infrastructure. Go figger.

    Putting up Alan Sabroskys’ superb analysis might have tumbled the web, or brought on the attack, but that was still the right thing to have done, even if it provoked some severe incoming.

    It is controversy, and a controversial which must be addressed and brought to heel or terms. And, as Alan Sabrosky will tell you, as well as Gordon Duff, the best way to attack stuff like this is head on, at flank speed, and damn the torpedoes. Go for it editors!

    If you have all of your ducks in order, the ship properly battened down, the guns loaded and charged, and Damage Control and Medical laid out and ready, you will survive the torpedoes, and carry the day in battle.

    Alan has done a good job preparing a plan, laying out a course through the minefields, and laying the guns for battle.

    Faint heart never won fair lady, nor battle at sea.

    Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead…–David Farragut, Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864.

  10. Multiple countries have shown their capability in cyber warfare, not just one.

    PC users can contribute by killing the efforts of bot software (which they have yet to remove):
    – turn on your browser I/O pop-up.
    – load 1 page at a time.
    – every time the modem/link indicator lights up without corresponding browser activity, kill the connection.

  11. great artical alan,and if anyon is interrested,check out dr.judy wood, a brilliant woman,”the journal of 911 research and 911 issues” she asks “where did the towers go? the evidence of directed free energy technology on 911!!think about,2/3rdsor more ofboth towers turned to dust,everything,from steel beams to concrete&what was left of 110stories tall buildings on the ground was almost nothing!!!!! do yourselves a favor&check her web site out!!

  12. Let’s cut to the chase here. What is the zionist agenda?

    Are they content to:

    Have Israel live in peace in the ME?

    Do they want to expand into more “biblical terriroty”?

    Do they want to destroy all “gentiles”… christians, Moslems, Hindus, aethiesit? Is there ultimate goal to leave only the jews?

    Is an intirim goal to neutralize their perceived enemies such as Iraq, Iran, Syria and so forth? What does neutralize mean… render them allies or non military threats?

    What is the zionist agenda and how was 911 part of that?

  13. Great work Dr. Sabrosky! My opinion is that if you really want to hurt your enemy, you divide them against eachother, so you can then conquer them both. If these Muslim Extremists really pulled off 911, wouldn’t it be smart to make it look like Israel did it? This Divide & Conquer Stradegy has been done for thousands of years. It’s one of the main lessons in The Art Of War. But the average person in America doesnt think like that. Why would they? Most of us are too busy watching football games and entertainment shows. They are reactive to their environment, not proactive like some that question authority and think logically as well as emotionally. It makes total logical sense that Israeli Mossad, along with others were behind 911.

  14. Anybody else out there- also find it hilarious that the U.S, government spent more money investigating the stain on Monica Lewinski's dress, than they spent 'investigating' 9/11?


      Morons will consume whatever their empty minds need. They'll watch the controlled demolition of WTC7, and believe the NIST report that it was the result of the destructive, engineering genius of fire.


  15. So who was in the cockpit of those planes?
    I read that the engine parts revealed the plane that hit the South Tower was a 747 and not a 767, which is what it should have been had it been the plane that was allegedly hijacked.
    Who would volunteer to fly a plane full of fuel into a tower?  Does Mossad have such fanatics to call upon?  Were they "drones" ?

  16. My litigation background causes a couple of facts to stand out not addressed here that I believe are almost if not just as important as the controlled demolition of WTC 7, as well as the two main towers which themselves could not have been melted by jet fuel and would not have gone down within minutes in a perfect inverted V shape charge.


    1: Proof, which was actually present but dissmissed in the 9/11 commission report that there was a massive amount of insider trading on Wall Street relating to airline stocks and insurance and underwriter stocks and other types of stocks relating directly to what could only be foreknowledge of the attacks and the effects on the price of said stocks after the attacks. The proof was not in any way discredited but was considered irrelevant because the individuals and firms which engaged in the insider (informed) trades had no demonstrated links to Al Qaeda (which awkwardly means "table" in Arabic and not "the base.") In other words because the clearly guitly insider traders had no connection with the fabricated fall guys, they were seen as not being connected despite clearly proven gain from clear forknowledge. A 3rd grader could see through this tortured logic.


    2. Thermite in the debri. Speaks for itself.


    3. Zionist judge Hellerstein preventing any day in court for any of the 9/11 plaintiffs and his allowing of the removal of all the structual steel to be sold immediately to an Asian country: a criminal violation of the rules against destruction of evidence.


    4. The fact that two FBI attorneys in Arizona and Wisconsin's careers were basically ruined for alerting the FBI to arabs training in flight schools. Obviously, the cover story being created for the black op could not have attention drawn to it before the attacks.


    5. The Odigo text messages that were sent to every jew who worked in the WTC. None showed up for work, when probably 90% of the employees in the towers were jews. Thats why initial estimates of casualties were in the 50,000 range on the news programs but it turns out a little over 3,000 people (non jews) actually showed up. Jews are a state within a state and the reality is that they truly can keep a secret: that is the main reason they can get away with such an act and is their modus operandi for economic and poltical domination of all the goyim ("cattle") that their "religion" hates and feels deserve extermination. Their level of cohesion is something that does not exist in any other group just like they are unique in their hatred of all other peoples who are not jews.. Their tales of woe and persecution provide them with this paranoid sense of ultra nationalistic cohesion.


    6. The fact that it is well known that the best way to carry out such an attack is to insert it during a time that an identical military exercise is occuring: the military was drilling for precisely this sort of attack, leading to great confusion.


    7. The fact that Silverstein's lease on the WTC was worthless due to the fact that the cost of removing the asbestos would outsrip any possible profit from the lease. The insurance money gained eliminated this loss he knew before hand he would have to sustain and made the head of the AJC a much richer man.


    8. The fact that the awkwardly named Al Qaeda, "The table" has been proven to be an US ally on the ground in the ouster of Ghadaffi. I knew Al Qaeda was a CIA MOSSAD front from day one and now we have proof.


    9. Total Israeli control of all U.S. airport security and military command software.


    10. Lastly, the entire bogus homeland security department and the fact that Israeli citizens do not have to go through TSA security at the airport pursuant to a new federal law. They did it, end of story. There is no non frivolous counter argument. How stupid are we as a people to not grasp this? The average American, whose country was openly and clearly attacked by the Israelis and wall street bankers worships jews; unquestionly accepting the kosher labels on the clorox toilet cleaner, aluminum foil and laundry detergent.. I know Ph.Ds who don't have the slightest clue about any of this. I mean, if they have the power to exact an extortion tax for the rabbinical scam artists on every chemical and metallic non food product made in the country, with their virtual swastikas all over my tin foil and toilet cleaner, it seems as if there is a virtually unlimited power here, and the ability to get away with literally anything and they can really, really keep a secret from all non jews.  They did it, period.

  17. And to think 435 + 100 + 2 of our "leaders" likely know Israel was behind the 9-11 attacks and speak not a word of it. 
    We are screwed.

    • That is simple. They have been threatened with death to themselves and their entire families if they so much as whisper the slightest clue to anyone. The Mossad will find out, and off with their heads!
      That is one of the ways that they are able to control anyone they feel the need for.
      One must remember, these are the most ruthless murderers on the planet. They just don’t care at all! Simple.

  18. This is how a truth teller writes and speaks.

    His language is clear and he panders to no one and the reader or the listener by the time he finishes reading or listening is not confused at all.

  19. Excuse me: Osama Bin Laden died in

    December 2001 (search it, Fox reported it)

    The 2011 event was a fraud & why 30 seals had to be taken out

  20. There are a lot of good comments here and a few bad and even misleading ones. We must be careful not to get bogged down in tangential details and remain focused on what we know to be true; 9/11 was a planned event and Israel was DEEPLY involved. The how and why is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if the bldgs were destroyed by mini-nukes, thermite or whatever. It doesn’t matter if the planes were piloted by humans or remotely controled. It doesn’t matter if Israel’s involvement was primary or secondary. What matters is that we cannot let them get away with it! Think of it for a moment. The biggest attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor happened more than 13 years ago and NOBODY has been brought to trial to face the music. No punishment, no sentence, no guilty verdict rendered by a single court in the land! And billions of dollars worth of military and economic aid to Israel continues unabated. If we let them get away with this they can and will get away with ANYTHING!

    • Unfortunately, they can and will. Many of the American people suffer from a condition known as Cognitive Dissonance.
      They absolutely, CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH!
      Land of the brave. I cannot help but to laugh whenever I hear this spin!
      One of the most destructive, damaging, mind altering devices ever developed by man that makes it all possible is the TV. It should be known as one of the single most dangerous technologies on the face of the planet.

  21. Wow! Great post, Goyz In the Hood; you surely did it; nailed it magnificently. You deserve an A++++++++++++++++++++ for that post. A top-notch attorney couldn’t top that one; uhhh, maybe a William Jennings Bryan could have matched it; but, he’s been dead for just about a century now. The logic of your presentation is spot on, man. Great job.

  22. Hey, it is just cowboys and Indians all over again. Did Israel hand out any blankets to their neighbors recently? Muslims are mostly God fearing good people. Why the fuss?

  23. You don’t need to be a physics professor to know that, quite simply, fire does not ever nor will ever melt structural steel with jet fuel which is essentially kerosene. A fire will never become hotter than its fuel source and a fuel starved fire will normally billow black smoke. For anyone to refute the fact that fires did not bring down all three WTC towers, has simply not spent any measurable amount of time researching it. Incidentally, WTC-7 would have been one of the tallest buildings in almost every other major city in America and for its desertion of the NY skyline and to not be noticed by Nah Yawkahs after 911 is a media whitewash like no other. One would think people would ask about it and its whereabouts but not a peep. How could people not notice the 3rd missing tower? Oh, I remember, it disappears and reappears. Remember the early BBC report explaining the Soloman Brothers building having collapsed when it was still standing tall with every structural beam of steel still in tact? Talk about a screwup! I notice the firefighter with the bloody nose in this piece too. Has anyone else who saw this video in whole form noticed that that man with the bloody nose kept slapping his radio to try to get it to work? There is evidence that the mayor scumbag Guliani was deliberately not getting them newer or updated radios and those radios may have contributed to the deaths of many firefighters that perished on 911. He’s despicable but not as smart as Kissinger and his Associates. Almost as despicable as Lucifer Kisenger

    • Actually the radios weren’t working because the dancing Israelis first mission that day was to place jammers in appropriate places. I believe some of them were recovered.

  24. condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance. Albert Einstein. If the NIST report is all the information you’re using the form your opinion then you have a lot of research to do

  25. What America needs to wake up and realize is this is a spiritual battle with a parasitic enemy that has permeated our society like a nefarious poison, ruining everything Christlike that defined the founder’s concept of America as a nation of truth and justice.

    This odious evil has overtaken our political system, our financial system, our military and security agencies, mainstream Christian evangelism, our media, entertainment, sports, and any significant industry, infusing everything it touches with greed, avarice, corruption and favoritism for it’s own cancerous furtherance.

    These are the Kenites, descendants of Cain whose father was the Serpent himself. Jesus told you all who they were in John 8:44

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

    The damage this eternally malignant evil has already done is so catastrophic it may already be too late to reclaim America from it’s slimy grasp! WAKE UP!!!!




    We are WAY PAST being hogtied by political correctness and the fear of being called an “anti semite”, the fruit of this tree is POISON and you need to tell everyone you know to STOP EATING IT.

  26. Great credentials and outstanding writing from anybody who has yet to figure the ultimate treachery in the matter, a responsibility which necessarily belongs to a court of law. Fortunately, honest and competent researchers and writers on this matter have made justice simple enough to pen a comic book. Don Fox, Jeff Prager, Dr. Ed Ward, MD,, Jeff Smith, Alan Sabrosky and Editors at Veterans Today, et al have assembled enough evidence, circumstantial and material to provide quite a bank of facts correctly pinning responsibility for the WTC take down and pentagon attacks. Fukushima and the WTCs and Deepwater Horizon were all built and taken down by the same international cabal then and now pushing the manifold CJ ‘End Times’ pageantry to aggrandize papal bullshit. Massive immigrations of naive Muslims facilitated by Vatican activity and influence indicate an upcoming effort to exterminate all protestants and nonbelievers as practiced in communist Russia, communist China, and more recently Africa and the middle east. Reference to the histories and subject matter of the Vatican and Islam I find disturbing. The European banker elite and similarly obsolete royal European genetic slag need their toys taken away from them, retroactive. Somebody really screwed up making nuclear power available to them. I see ZERO activity along these lines. No face so ugly is worth saving.

  27. What don’t you see as truth in the Paul Andrew Mitchell Executive Review of The United States Coast guard report on What Hit the Pentagon on 9-11-2001. For the systems that took down the WTC towers, I am a witness, not a theorist. As of 1970 when I finished my report. The Banker/developers for the WTCs, Fukushima, and the Deepwater Horizon project were one and the same. Hint hint. Have you ever seen a kid explain to his grandmother where he got the pile of shoplifted candy on his bed, and the way he had to talk to escape holy hell from grandma? This is my last post on your site if I receive no response. I am a man of little faith.