Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important Than President

Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important Than President


Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important Than President  — Jack Hunter

Ron Paul conceding he won’t be president and Rand Paul supporting the presumptive GOP nominee are but trivial anecdotes to the obvious and ongoing success of the most transformative political movement of our time: The REVOLUTION.

I’m more excited right now about our political future than at any other time in my life. Still, some people aren’t connecting all the dots. Please watch, contemplate and share. This movement moves forward. To Tampa and beyond:


Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney On FOX News

matlarson10 just uploaded a video:


Ron Paul warns Americans of coming economic collapse and possible martial law!

Ron Paul warns of a monetary collapse and ensuing social unrest. He also warns of possible government actions.



Dedicated to Ron Paul and the return of Liberty.

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  1. Millions of us who supported Ron Paul,saw this as the last chance we could give to this fraud we have come to call government. Now those millions have truly realized we will never have a truly free country nor government as long as these criminals of both potties are allowed to control our country.


    There is only one direction to go now,and we either win or we prepare to go to hell together…God Help the few real Americans.

  2. Certainly wouldn't follow this fool, Jack Hunter, off the cliff. Really listen to him. He says absolutely NOTHING. Same garbage as we've heard for decades. Always playing the political games – betting on the come. Campaign for Liberty? Ha!  Campaign for the same Sh$t – different day. Rather, different election year. And what about the delegates who paid hundreds, if not a few thousand, out of pocket to support this so called "strategy" in the name of freedom and liberty?! 
    Jack isn't sayin jack!!!!! Simple as that.