Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway?

Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway?


EDITOR'S NOTE: Timely, logical, rational, long overdue, and damned accurate, telling and effective analysis, particularly the undignified cheerleading of the Members of the US Congress for the Israeli Prime Minister, which has diminished their status in the eyes of the American public and the world and a good summary of the situational crisis as a consequence facing the Middle Eastern people who live under the nuclear zionist Israeli threat.


by Anthony Lawson



Dedicated to the long-suffering Palestinians and Iranians who have been sidelined by the United Nations in favour of the Nuclear Apartheid State of Zionist Israel in the most blatant exercise in International Double Standards that our world has ever known.

This video demonstrates that the United States is not a democracy, it is a bribeocracy, largely controlled by Zionists.

But citizens of other nations need not be complacent, for there is much evidence to suggest that the same pressures are being brought to bear on their politicians and officials to support Israel's excesses, and an Internet search will reveal that the first ever European Jewish Parliament held its inaugural meeting early in February, 2012; something that the mainstream media seemed reluctant to publicise.

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Anthony Lawson (known professionally as Tony Lawson) is a retired international-prize-winning commercials director, cameraman, ad agency creative director and voice over. He used to be known for shooting humorous commercials, but doesn’t find much to laugh about, with the way the world is going, these days. VIEW ANTHONY LAWSON VIDEOS!


  1. Each day I read this for my daily chuckle.. you are all so terirfied, so threatened and so pathetic.
    By the way – G*d chose the Jews to hand the Ten Commandments to – hence the  referal to "The Chosen People" We  never chose it and we don't feel superior to anyone. Unlike you of course, you bright yellow losers

  2. the usual overreaching
    Mr Lawson would have a lot more credibility regarding the very few legitimate points he does make if he didn't engage in the usual nonsense we get from this crowd.
    The Mossad's operates by way of deception we are told. Oh how evil, how sinister these Jews are. Memo to Mr Lawson – the Mossad is a spy agency. Is he suggesting that other spy agencies, including those in the Middle East don't operate by deception.
    Mr Lawson would also have us believe that Hezbollah and Iran have no desire to avenge the death of Mugniyah and their scientists, in spite of the fact that they have stated they want to avenge them. If Iran and Hezbollah werent' trying to avenge themt the wouldn't be doing their job. But no, it has to be a Mossad operation. Give us a break.
    Then the "Chosen People" baloney. Muslims think that God chose them to spread his/her word to the world. Religious Muslims think that confers special priviliages on them in their own countries. Why no outrage and demonization of those views?

    • How many times must it be repeated… foreign invaders are a source of violence. Remove them, and the problems go away.

      The chosen people and their lackeys are squatting on Arab and Muslim lands and stealing their resources.

      Give them a break!

  3. Be careful,, Tony… you are offending some tender sensibilities.
    Judging by the attacks though, you must be doing something right!

  4. Well done, Mr. Lawson.
    Got to wondering the other day — zionism is all about creating the "new Jew" out of what Arthur Ruppin and  Jabotinsky called "human material" — predominantly East European Jews. Lithuanians BenZion and thru him Benjamin (Milikovsky) Netanyahu were of that "renovatable" stock.
    But here's the thing:  if Jews were to be made into "new Jews," why did Bibi make such a big deal about Esther, the oldest of the 'old' Jews, and point to Esther as the model and heroine of Judaism?  
    Is zionism fundamentally backward looking, or just irredeemably confused?  Think about it — Abraham came from Ur, which he apparently either hated or was kicked out of for some crime.  To salve his pride at being kicked out of 'paradise' he has a child with a woman whom he then abandons; he prostitutes his own wife to save his hide; he prepares to sacrifice his child.  His children lie, cheat, and steal each other's inheritances and goods; to save their skins, his progeny flees to other countries — Egypt, Persia — where they are extended extraordinary hospitality and where they prosper, and in exchange, Jews kill their hosts!  By the thousands!  And celebrate the slaughter as holidays, to this very day! 

  5.  Another hard-hitting video. The fishy gill and the other supporter of this Zionist menace represent a very warped and paranoid mindset such as shown by the lying Israeli PM.

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