Michael McFaul Arrives To Advance The Reset In Russia

Michael McFaul Arrives To Advance The Reset In Russia


The President's Special Envoy NED Man


EDITOR'S NOTE: Beautiful lady; good journalist who asks the right kind of questions in the right context and manner.

McFaul, handsome, polished, well-groomed and well-meaning and intentioned dupe… a pawn in a game much larger than his scope of awareness; innocent, probably harmless; hasn't a clue about what is really happening behind the curtains, walking point for Hillary and Barry.

He is totally unarmed, untrained or prepared for the mission they have sent him on.  

RT : The recent appointment of Michael McFaul as US ambassador to Russia was seen by many as Washington showing favor toward the opposition. In a frank conversation with RT McFaul asserted that the US does not finance either the opposition or Putin. Speaking about US anti-missile bases in Europe – a major stumbling block in Russia-US relations – McFaul explained that Russia's "obsession" with a legally binding guarantee is not "rational," but stressed that he sees a way forward through negotiations.


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  1. It is really good to hear from someone with real authority, appointed to speak for the US government, that no one in the world – least of all the Russians – have anything to fear from that same power. Just good intentions from start to finish, using its rich funds to encircle the world with military bases and bombing the hell of those in doubt. Like Korea, South East Asia, just recently obliterating countries like Iraq and Libya, lynching their leaders and now setting its course to crush Iran through Syria (and who knows then Russia all over again, plus China?). Holding Latin America in a tight grip of poverty since almost 200 years, and considering most energy and other natural resources on the entire globe as private American property. Just ask the Occupy Wall Street movement how well that wealth is distributed within this god sent well-meaning power itself. A growing portion of its own plundered people enduring the harsh winter in tent cities and finding shelter in the Las Vegas sewer system, waiting for the “real change” promised by the very president that sent this wise Harvard emissary on his peace mission.