Controversial Deals of Tony Blair as Businessman and Middle East Envoy



Tony Blairs’ role as a Peace Envoy in the Middle East draws International Curiosity.

 Since resigning in June 2007, Tony Blair has financially enriched himself more than any previous ex-prime minister. Reporter Peter Oborne reveals some of the sources of his new-found wealth, much of which comes from the Middle East.

On the day Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister, he was appointed the official representative Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East. By January 2009 he had set up Tony Blair Associates (TBA) – his international consultancy – which handles multi-million-pound contracts in the Middle East. It is so secretive we don’t know all the locations in which they do business.

Dispatches shows that at the same time as Blair is visiting Middle East leaders in his Quartet role he is receiving vast sums from some of them. If Blair represented the UK government, the EU, the IMF, the UN or the World Bank, this would not be permitted.

He would also have to declare his financial interests and be absolutely transparent about his financial dealings. But no such stringent rules govern the Quartet envoy.


NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 21:  Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and EU representative Catherine Ashton pose before a meeting of the Quartet of Middle East peace mediators September 21, 2010 in New York.   (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Channel 4 Investigation: Tony Blair could opt to abide by the rules and principles of public life. They were introduced by John Major, and Tony Blair endorsed and strengthened them for all holders of public office – but chooses not to himself.

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  1. Debbie Menon on the 01. Oct, 2011 remarked #

    Tony Blair a Charlatan…lacking any scintilla of humanity

    When he first came to power, young, vigorous, intelligent, compassionate, it was actually possible to feel optimistic.

    I recall Tony Blair a la Barack Obama, possessed great oratorial skills! We know now ofcourse, it seems ridiculous that it wasn’t obvious at the start. But, such was his effortless skill as a dissembler, it was impossible to tell.

    What a clever politician he is. When he drove Britain into war in Iraq against the will of the people he faced a tricky Party Conference. He responded with a superb brainstorming speech, appealing to the hearts of the delegates with his “Africa is a scar on the conscience of the world” and the need to end the misery in “slums of Gaza”. It was a helluva performance, the delegates rose to applaud with a tear in the eye, he had fooled them all, and the killing in Iraq could go on.

    There was, I believe, a seminal moment in his premiership, which came a few months earlier than that speech. He was in Japan , and on camera an aide came over and whispered in his ear that Dr. David Kelly (WMD expert) was dead..Blair physically blanched, he almost staggered, his face for a moment took on a haunted look. Dr. Kelly, was the world’s leading expert on the status of Saddam Hussein’s WMD programme. He knew there were none, and had started to talk to journalists about it. He had to be silenced, so he was murdered, then his body dumped in the woods where he was later found.

    Look at the evidence given at the Hutton cover-up; I mean inquiry. Not the Hutton Report, which was half a gallon of finest British establishment whitewash, but the actual evidence given at the inquiry. At that moment in Japan, the last bit of his soul died. One doesn’t have to be a ‘wild conspiracy theorist’ to recognize that. He is a hollow man. Driven by greed pure and simple.

    Blair has step by pre-determined step dissolved the division between the political state and the corporate state in Britain entirely. The British two party system is now the American one party system and his task is done.

    There isn’t a corporate boardroom in the world that wouldn’t be honored to have his snout in their trough, following in the footsteps of Kissinger as the next generation of amoral robber barons.

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